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The Project M From Four Wheel Campers Might Be the Best Truck Bed Camper Yet


The Project M topper from Four Wheel Campers is the most affordable solution to camping in the back of your truck. However, the most exciting part about this camper is that it is lightweight. 

The issue with most of these camper additions to pickup trucks is that they add a lot of weight at the back; therefore, upsetting the handling manners of the vehicle. 

We believe that this camper is different. Let’s have a look.

 How Does It Attach?

Project M Camper


The reason the Project M is affordable and light is that it’s not actually a pure camper. It is a pickup truck bed topper. The whole structure sits on the rails of your pickup truck bed and the floor is the actual bed of your truck. 

This saves material which converts to price and weight. Of course, when installing the camper you can opt to get the pickup truck bed lined in Bedrug carpet to make everything feel more comfortable and cozy. 

Since this sits on the rails of the truck you can still use your pickup bed to haul stuff when not camping. 

What Does the Project M Offer?

Inside a Project M Camper


The Project M can come as complicated or as simple as you want it to. There are many optional accessories to choose from, but if you want, you can get it with the bare minimum and upgrade as you go. 

The whole structure can be hosed down if needed. 

When driving on the road the camper is folded down providing better aerodynamics while also allowing you to get into low car parks. 

As soon as you arrive at camp setting it up is as simple as lifting the two ends with the help of gas struts. 

The basic structure has some windows that can be unzipped to open. The canvas on top is a triple layer setup to prevent heat and cold from entering the area where you sleep and, on the roof, you will also find two fans.

Mounting rails both in and out of the camper are available and they make mounting gear or anything else you might want a breeze.  The basic bed structure comes with the camper, but you can choose if you will be going with a Four Wheel Camper mattress or your own.

The whole sleeping setup is mounted on a slide-out aluminum panel; therefore, the only thing you need to do to get ready for sleep is pull out the bed. 

Gaskets and Berug carpet have been added in places where dust can enter the sleeping area; so, you won’t have to worry about a dusty bed.

Power Setup

Project M From Four Wheel Campers


Inside the Project M, you will also find a battery setup with 160w of solar on the roof. The power system offers a USB, 12v, and inverter to charge phones and laptops or run a fridge.

Is the Project M Removable?

Project M


The best part about this is that you can add jacks on each corner to remove the camper with ease. So, if you want to use your truck like a normal truck for most days you can simply remove the camper. 

What’s the Price? 

Project M Camper with Surfboards


Pricing for this topper is $10,000 which isn’t exactly cheap, but it is a much better price than what’s on the market right now. 

If you need an affordable setup that won’t add much weight to your truck and can be removed easily then the Project M is the way to go! 

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