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Upgrading Your 4WD Seats

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As lovers of adventure, we tend to make plenty of upgrades to our 4x4s, from wheels and tires to engine and cosmetic modifications. When was the last time you heard someone upgrade the seats of their 4WD though? In the sports car world seats are a common modification; however, in the 4WD scene, very few people change them. 

In today’s article, we are going over the reasons why upgrading your 4WD seats can make a huge difference on those long days on the tracks. 

Upgraded Seats Provide More Lateral Support

SUV driving in Africa

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Aftermarket seats have bigger side bolsters which help you stay in your seat when being thrown around on a bumpy track. This can even be considered as a safety improvement as your mind focuses on driving rather than staying in the seat. 

Bigger side bolsters are also very helpful when going around corners. Sure, you won’t be taking any turns quickly in a 4WD; however, because such vehicles have plenty of body roll, having seats that can support you in the corners will make for a much more pleasant driving experience. 

Good quality seats will offer adjustable bolstering to ensure that everyone feels comfortable without getting squeezed or feeling unsupported.

Upgrading Your 4WD Seats Means Adjustable Lumbar Support

SUV driving up a rocky road

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There are plenty of vehicles that do offer seats with adjustable lumbar support; however, they usually don’t feel that comfortable as they use rods inside the seat to alter the support they provide. 

Good quality aftermarket seats can be adjusted using air – you simply grab the little squeeze device and inflate the seats to your preferred lumbar support setting. 

Anyone with back problems will appreciate the value of good lumbar support on long driving days as it can turn a painful trip into an enjoyable few hours on the road. 

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Adjustable Thigh Support is a Big Advantage

SUV in the mountains

photo by arinahabich via iStock

Some aftermarket seats can even provide thigh support by offering an adjustable base that can be made shorter or longer depending on your needs. 

Upgrading Your 4WD Seats: What Happens to Your Side Airbags?

Your 4WD Seats What Happens to Your Side Airbags

photo by zkolra via iStock

If you have a newer vehicle, chances are that your seats have built-in airbags on the sides to prevent injuries on side impacts. Recaro seats offer all of this adjustability in a seat that has side airbags built into it to ensure you stay comfortable without compromising the safety of your vehicle.

What Brand Should I Go For?

people in an open-top 4x4

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Aftermarket seats are not something you can go cheap on as you are better off with the factory seat you currently have in your 4×4. Two common aftermarket seat brands for 4x4s are Stratos and Recaro. Both of them will not disappoint; therefore, the choice is on you.

Regardless of what you choose, aftermarket seats can make a huge difference on your experience off-road. They may be the difference between taking that long journey or staying at home because of the back pain you might experience on the road. The best part though is that aftermarket seats are an accessory that will be used every time you get into your 4WD – even if you are only driving down to the shops. 

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