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Toyota 4Runner Rooftop Tent: 3 Great Options

Image Credit: SMRT Tent

The Toyota 4Runner is one of the most famous SUVs in the overland and off-roading world. 

With a simple lift, tires, and a rooftop tent, it can take you to some amazing areas in comfort. 

To help get you ready for your next adventure, we’ve got a Toyota 4Runner rooftop tent guide for anyone who would love to take their 4Runner sleeping setup to the next level. 

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A Good Toyota 4Runner Rooftop Tent Option – TMBK 3 Person

TMBK 3 Person Rooftop Tent

Image Credit: Amazon

The first option on our Toyota 4Runner roof top tent guide is more budget-friendly. At $1000 it isn’t cheap, but it is a more affordable option when compared to others on the market. 

The TMBK may be affordable but is still well made due to its marine-grade 600D Rip-Stop Polyester waterproof body and 420D polyester waterproof rain fly. 

In case you wondered, both fabric types mentioned above are a very good choice as they remain flexible and durable. It may not be the toughest option out there, but for the price, it is tough to beat.  

TMBK 3 Person Rooftop Tent 2

Image Credit: Amazon

Included with the tent is a high-density foam mattress with a cover and an insulated base, stainless steel hardware, and a transportation cover. You also get aluminum poles, aluminum crossbars for mounting purposes, tie-downs, an adjustable ladder, and some other bits and pieces. The package includes everything you need to use the tent straight away.

When closed, the tent comes in at 57” x 49.5” x 11.5” and when open, 56.5” x 94.5” x 50.25”. The sleeping footprint is 94.5”x 55.25”.

As is the case with most rooftop tents, this one will fit straight onto any roof rack without the need for drilling. 

Due to Its softshell design, it is a bit bulkier and heavier (108lbs); however, as a budget option, this is a great Toyota 4Runner rooftop tent. 

A Better Toyota 4Runner Rooftop Tent Option – Thule Tepui Explorer

Thule Tepui Explorer Rooftop tent

Image Credit: Amazon

The next Toyota 4Runner rooftop tent choice comes from Thule. Thule is one of the leading roof rack manufacturers with a great reputation for quality; therefore, you can expect great products from them. 

The Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 offers sleeping for two, is constructed from coated 600 denier and a 260g poly-cotton blend, and all fabric used is UV resistant.

Thanks to large mesh panels you will have plenty of ventilation while sleeping inside the Thule roof tent. 

Image Credit: Amazon

Just like TMBK, included with the tent is a high-density foam mattress for added comfort. 

Being a two-person tent, its dimensions are a bit smaller than those of the TMBK. Closed, it comes in at 43”x 50” x 10”, and open, its dimensions are 84”x 50” x 44”.

This is also a softshell rooftop tent; therefore, it still is on the heavier side at 105lbs. However, the quality and customer support offered by Thule make it a worthwhile option as a Toyota 4Runner rooftop tent.

The Best Toyota 4Runner Rooftop Tent Option – SMRT Tent The Softshell Tent


Image Credit: SMRT Tent

Of all the three options mentioned above, this one is our best pick for a Toyota 4Runner Rooftop tent. 

The SMRT The Softshell offers a lightweight design and universal mounting capabilities. It is sized to sleep a family of 4 people. You get tons of durability, too, thanks to 320 g ripstop poly-cotton canvas that is seamed and polyurethane-coated for waterproofing and UV protection.

The tent windows feature SBS zippers with pull rope ends while the rainfly is made from 420-denier oxford ripstop polyester fabric with waterproof PVC coating.


Image Credit: SMRT Tent

The travel cover is 650-denier PVC-coated fabric to ensure it can withstand the hot sun, cold weather, and sharp branches on the trail. 

To save weight and add strength the base of the tent is constructed from honeycomb and is covered with a 1mm coated aluminum diamond plate.

SMRT Tent inside

Image Credit: SMRT Tent

This tent also offers a better mattress that is rated as ultra-high density made from EPS foam. It is 2.5 inches thick and is wider than a queen and longer than a king.

Finally, a double reinforced mounting rack provides strength and rigidity while stainless steel hinges and hardware offer longevity and corrosion resistance.

The tent’s packed size is 64.5”x 48”x 14” and its weight is 128 lbs. This is the heaviest tent of them all but also the largest. If you have a big group or you simply like to stretch out and have extra space to yourself, this is definitely the way to go! 

Toyota 4Runner Rooftop Tent Final Thoughts

Rooftop Tent

 Photo by Oleksander Filon via iStock

Out of all three tents, the SMRT Softshell tent offers the most space and best quality at the price of some added weight. 

If you have the budget and do not mind the bigger size, this is a great option for your Toyota 4Runner. However, if you need something cheaper or smaller, the other two options mentioned will also work great. 

If you have any further questions regarding purchasing a Toyota 4Runner Rooftop Tent or for any other off-roading or overlanding-related topics visit the forum section of our page.

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