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This is Why You Need a Shovel Survival Tool in Your Truck

Overlanders! Be prepared when you depart the highway and hit the trail next time. Not all off-roading trips are going to be a breeze, and trouble could come knocking at any time.

To be prepared for trouble on your adventures, you should have a shovel survival tool in your off-roading kit.

There are different types of survival tool kits available, each with different construction and purpose. But, whatever the design and construction, a shovel survival tool must be versatile enough to get you out of tricky situations while providing you with years of reliable service.

A prime example of this kind of tool is the MAX Toolkit by Forrest Tool Company. I have one of these kits, and it’s proven invaluable to me for my overlanding and off-roading adventures. In today’s article, I’d like to share why a shovel survival tool like this is so essential.

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What is a Shovel Survival Tool – The Nitty Gritty of Basic Overlanding Tools

forrest tool 5

A modern shovel survival tool is a handy and versatile tool that’s made of lightweight and durable material. It ought to serve you a variety of situations and adventures, too, be it camping, recovering a stuck vehicle, and many situations in between.

If you have a quality survival tool like the MAX toolkit, you will set yourself up for success. Get a look at the MAX toolkit in the video below by Freely Roaming:

A quality shovel survival tool like the MAX Toolkit comes with a host of handy devices:

  • Hudson Bay Ax Head
  • Shovel
  • Broad Pick
  • Pick
  • Mattock Blade
  • Rake & Hoe
  • Combination McLeod

A lightweight handle and lock pins are also included in the kit, along with a beautiful and durable carrying case.

forrest tool company max ax with sheath

This Overlanding shovel tool kit is highly robust, made of tempered 1060 carbon steel that can withstand unprecedented stress without bending or rusting. This kind of build quality is just what you want in a tool that will see a lot of use in a lot of challenging situations.

The MAX Toolkit comes with a long polyglass handle, which is shock-absorbing and doesn’t break like other materials. Like the rest of the kit’s components, it’s built to last. There is a reason this MAX toolkit is used by the U.S military and is ANSI certified, for obvious reasons and purposes!

Common Uses of the Shovel Survival Tool – An Adventurer’s Tool of Choice

forrest tool 1

A shovel survival tool like this does far more for you than help you dig holes. Instead, with a robust collection of accessories, the MAX Toolkit from Forrest Tool Company is a jack-of-all-trades around camp.

  • Rescue – If you like to hit off-road trails and explore the wilderness, having a recovery tool like the MAX Toolkit is essential. You can use the shovel to dig out of mud, sand or snow. You can also use the ax to remove downed trees that block the trail. With a tool like this, the potential uses are virtually endless!
  • Firemaking – You can use the MAX Toolkit’s shovel to dig a nice, big fire pit, cut wood with the ax, and get a nice campfire going for everyone to enjoy.
  • Fire safety – Having a rake, hoe, and shovel handy can help you maintain a safe fire environment.
  • Cutting and clearing – Use this sturdy shovel survival tool to clear debris in your path, whether you’re setting up camp, driving on rough two-tracks, or somewhere in between.

Of course, this is just a partial list of what you might do with the MAX Toolkit. With the functionality of a kit like this, you can go on off-roading and overlanding adventures with the confidence that you have the tools you’ll need, all in one compact kit.

What to Look for in a Quality Shovel Survival Tool

forrest tool broad pick

When looking for a shovel survival tool, you must keep these considerations in mind while making your final decision:


The most important thing to consider is the material of the shovel survival tool, as it defines its long-term durability and performance. Carbon steel is considered to be the sturdiest option, and is a quite lightweight and very durable material.


forrest tool max ax close-up

The length and material of the handle play a very important role in the usage and durability of a shovel survival tool. A long handle made of polyglass is a desirable option given its strength, light weight, and the comfortable feel in your hands as you work.


Off-roading and overlanding gear needs to be portable, so when shopping for a shovel survival tool, look for something like the MAX Toolkit that offers multiple functions in one package. What’s more, a tool that has a carrying case to keep various accessories organized is a big bonus.


Forrest Tool Company Max Axe With Bag

Go for a shovel survival tool that’s all-in-one, rather than a shovel alone with a handle. Having all the possibilities merged into one package is much better than carrying everything separately.

As I mentioned earlier, I have the MAX Tooklit, so I can attest first-hand that it exemplifies all of the qualities listed above. Forrest Tool Company has devised a hard-working, reliable, and supremely functional tool that has completely changed how I prepare camp.

When you head off-road, space is at a premium, so you don’t want to take big, clunky tools with you. The MAX Toolkit helps you save space without having to sacrifice the gear you take with you. As far as my tools go, this is the first one that gets put in my truck before I head out. I don’t go anywhere without my MAX Toolkit – and neither should you!

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