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The Perfect Lexus – Meet the LX J201

The LX and GX models of the Lexus line-up have always been a go-to platform to build an overlanding rig out of; however, the design of these vehicles did bring some limitations when it came to ground clearance and approach and departure angles. 

Just like many of us, the engineers at Lexus got a bit bored during the pandemic and ended up with a baby – at least that’s what they call it. That baby is the beefed-up LX J201 of which the name sounds like a fighter jet, doesn’t it? 

LX J201 Engine 

LX J201 driving in a river

You might think that under the hood of the LX J201 you would find the normal 5.7 liter V8 but you’d be wrong – well, kind of wrong. Yes, the 5.7 liter V8 is still there; however, it has been breathed on – literally. A supercharger now takes it up to 550hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. 

This Lexus Has Had Bar Work 

rear half of a Lexus

Upfront, you will find a CBI off-road bumper that is specifically crafted to fit the look of this vehicle while also incorporating a winch. The design of the Lexus is not simple; therefore, you can imagine how difficult it was to build a bumper that would maintain the factory look. 

The back is also protected by a CBI steel bumper with a tire carrier and dual jerry cans. A small ladder can also be found behind the spare wheel with the cool addition of a J201 imprint.

The underbody of the LX J201 is protected with the help of CBI skid plates – a great accessory for the occasions in which ground clearance isn’t enough. 

Lexus driving on a mountain

The rock sliders also come from CBI. Their design incorporates the look of the sidestep along with the steel construction of the rock slider. Therefore, the slider can easily be used as a step without worrying about sliding off. 

The roof rack is divided into two compartments – the front part is empty and meant to be used for storage and the rear has two MAXTRAX compartments which keep your recovery boards out of the sun and rain. 

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LX J201 Suspension and Other Upgrades

LX J201 Suspension

Suspension components come from Icon but have been Lexus branded. Upper and lower control arms are upgraded to provide increased wheel travel and strength. 

Mud terrain general grabbers provide the grip needed to get this heavy truck up any obstacle while the TJM snorkel feeds the tuned engine the clean and dry air it needs. 

Dual air compressors to power the front and rear ARB lockers and any other accessories you might carry with you have been included in the package.

Man loading a LX J201

So, a lifted, twin locked, 550 horsepower LX on mud tires – I mean, it can’t be bad off-road, can it? It sure isn’t bad off-road, what’s bad about it is that it’s never going into production. Toyota and Lexus have been playing it safe for the past years and I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to be putting anything this crazy into the market anytime soon. 

So, if you happen to have the money for an LX and the spare cash to turn it into a beast like this one – I hope I have given you some inspiration. If this isn’t realistic – well, we can still dream, can’t we? 

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