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The Hummer EV is an All-Electric Supertruck

This one isn’t aimed towards the minimalists out there – in fact, the exact opposite is true. Journalists got the first hands-on with the all-new EV Hummer and although it’s excessive in every single way, I do like it. 

I’ll just say that the EV Hummer truck will demolish a 911 Turbo from a few years back in a race from 0-60. 

Don’t get fooled into thinking the new Hummer has lost all interest in being a good off-roader though. There is some clever tech under there – let’s have a look. 

Hummer EV Size

wide angle of hummer ev in desert with mountains in the background
General Motors

You are probably wondering how big this thing actually is. Well, to give you a rough idea, the wheelbase is 126 inches on the SUV and 135 inches on the truck. 

You wouldn’t expect it to be small though, I mean it still is a Hummer. 

Exterior Treatment

Hummer EV in a show room
General Motors

On the outside, the designers have done a great job of combining the classic Hummer lines along with the futuristic characteristics of modern vehicles. For example, the headlights show how much charge is available in the batteries – that’s pretty cool.

close-up of exterior of a Hummer EV
General Motors

When it comes to wheels and tires, there are plenty of choices to go for. Some include street-oriented 22-inch wheels wrapped around some 35-inch tall A/T tires and some others an 18-inch wheel with 35-inch mud tires. 

Close-up of wheel and tire
General Motors

Hummer EV Interior

Dashboard of Hummer EV
General Motors

The interior has an old-school rugged look combined with modern technology in the form of huge screens with advanced motion graphics. A form of autonomous driving called supercruise is also available; although, it still requires the driver’s attention. 

Cargo volume with the second-row seats folded down is 82 cubic feet. 

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What’s the Range Like?

Hummer EV driving on a dirt road in the mountains
General Motors

All batteries are stored under the cabin floor and because the truck version is slightly longer it has more batteries and a range of 350 miles. The SUV is shorter; therefore, fewer batteries are available which brings mileage down to just over 300. 

Quick charge can provide 100 miles of range in just 10-15 minutes. You also have the option to charge another vehicle from your own if needed. 

Drivetrain on the EV Hummer

Drivetrain on the EV Hummer
General Motors

The most interesting news about the new Hummer are perhaps those of power. The SUV will get 830hp and the truck 1000hp – electric vehicles might not have the V8 rumble, but they open up a whole different world of possibilities. 

Wonder how fast this thing actually is? Well, for the SUV 0-60 happens in just 3.5 seconds, and for the truck a mind-blowing 3.0 seconds flat. The world has gone mad.

The Hummer will also get a cool feature called crab walk. This will allow the car to drive sideways or go around tight bends when off-road with the help of rear-wheel steering. 

There are 2 motors with reduction gears available at the rear end and one upfront. Inside the cabin, you will find front and rear diff lock buttons – these do not work like the traditional ones though. The diff lock buttons will tell the vehicle to keep both motors spinning at the same speed to simulate the effects of a proper locking diff. 

This Truck Comes With an Independent Air Suspension

Independent Air Suspension of EV Hummer
General Motors

As expected, independent air suspension can be found on all four corners. Ground clearance is at 10.1 inches when in normal ride height and 16 inches in fully extended off-road mode.  

We have no information on payload and towing capacity but because of the air suspension and power numbers, I would expect some impressive figures. 

Hummer EV Price

EV Hummer in cityscape
General Motors

The version presented in the press release will start at $105k – that’s very steep. I kind of expected it though, there is plenty of technology available. 

The new Hummer will hit the road in 2023 and later in the same year some cheaper versions starting at $80k will also be available. 

As expected, the off-road package is an optional extra and will increase the price tag even more.

It is hard to tell towards which market the EV Hummer is aimed for. Technology that will increase off-road capabilities along with proper wheels and tires for off-roading are available. However, I am not sure how many people will take their $80k (starting price) truck off-roading. 

The most likely buyers of the new Hummer are probably those in the richer neighborhoods of the city in which for some reason school runs always require an SUV. I guess they have  bad roads. Bummer. 

What do you think about the new Hummer? 

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