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The Eagle Might Be the Best (and Easiest) Camping Setup Yet

I was recently at Overland West, where I had the opportunity to explore the expo, meet lots of awesome people, and take a close-up look at innovative camping and overlanding products. It’s such a fun time to meet other industry professionals and see the unique products companies are bringing to the overlanding market.

Though I was impressed by a lot of the gear I saw at the expo, at the top of the list has to be one of the most unique camping setups I’ve ever seen…The Eagle by Overland Eagle. In short, The Eagle is the world’s first hitch-mounted outdoor setup. It provides everything from space for cooking to chairs for lounging to tables for your drinks, all in a single, compact, hitch-mounted box.

But, what is this thing, and how does it work? Let’s find out!

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What is The Eagle?

overland eagle on campervan

As I mentioned above, the gist of this product is pretty simple…

The Eagle attaches to your vehicle’s hitch receiver, allowing you to bring a complete outdoor setup without taking up precious space inside your rig. When space is at a premium, utilizing other parts of your vehicle for your gear is a must.

But for many folks, towing a trailer has become necessary because they just don’t have the space to bring along everything they need for their outdoor adventures. The Eagle helps negate a trailer by including multiple elements you’d otherwise need to pack inside your vehicle or tow behind, such as:

  • Seating for four
  • Three tables
  • A built-in BBQ
  • USB charge ports and 12-volt power
  • Ambient lighting under each seat

All this is included in a compact 48 x 32” space. Yet, when it’s fully extended, The Eagle offers 18 feet of lounging and cooking space. Not bad, right?!

The Easiest Camping Setup You’ll Find

what is the overland eagle

There’s no doubt The Eagle is one of the best camping setups out there. Not only does it have a long list of features (discussed below), but it’s also incredibly easy to set up.

For starters, it’s already right there on your hitch, waiting to be expanded when you get to camp. There’s no digging through the back of your SUV, crawling up to look through your cargo box, or unpacking a trailer to find your gear. Instead, all you have to do is take the Eagle’s cover off and start unfolding!

The Eagle’s two lift-assist gas shocks help you unfold it in a matter of seconds (and fold it back up when it’s time to hit the road). The articulating arms, which have solid billet aluminum pivot joints, easily swing out to expand the footprint of The Eagle, while the adjustable jacks stabilize the unit and ensure stability, even if you’re on an uneven surface.

Overland Eagle even makes adding or removing the unit from your vehicle’s hitch easy with attachable wheels! It honestly could not be easier to add a robust camping setup to your vehicle.

The Eagle Camping Setup Features

overland eagle on truck

Aside from an ingenious design that takes convenience and functionality to a whole other level, The Eagle provides all sorts of features that make your camping setup more comfortable, too.

A good example of this is the inclusion of up to four seats that give you and your camping buddies a supportive spot to relax after a long day of adventuring. Each seat swivels, too, so you can easily turn one way or another to have a conversation or check out nature’s wonders. And since The Eagle can be set up in a number of ways – from a linear line to a half circle – the swivel seats are even more handy for adapting your seating to the moment.

A Comfortable Place to Sit

overland eagle chairs

The Eagle has a trick up its sleeve regarding the seating, too. If you’re like me, you often stay up late chatting with your buddies when you’re camping. Yet, when you do that, finding your way around camp can be challenging without lanterns or other kinds of lighting.

But, each chair has ambient lighting below it, that way you can easily see where your seat is. Better still, you can see where everyone else is, too, and prevent running into one another without the blinding light of a lantern or other light source.

Overland Eagle 12v Power

On top of all that, The Eagle makes charging your devices a breeze. This unit comes with built-in 12-volt power and USB charging ports so you can charge your phone, tablet, and other electronics right by your side. Add your favorite cooler and an umbrella, and you’ll have a truly do-it-all camping setup!

This Camping Setup Features Tables and a BBQ, Too

overland eagle camping setup

Another feature that makes this camping setup a comfortable place to hang out is the inclusion of three tables. Each table is made from highly durable Baltic birch, which offers excellent weather resistance, so you have a spot for your drink or dinner without worrying about how the elements will affect it.

The Eagle includes a BBQ grill for easy dinner preparation. The grill is to the right side of the unit, so if you get a hankering for a burger while driving, you can pull over, deploy the grill side of The Eagle, and have lunch roadside.

What’s more, the grill is next to one of the Baltic birch tables mentioned earlier, so you have a ready-made workspace for prepping food and having utensils at your fingertips. Then, when your meal is ready, you can have a seat and chow down in total comfort! Not bad for a camping setup that weighs just 200 pounds, right?!

Convenience and Functionality Redefined

overland eagle on suv

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like hitting the road and getting out in nature for a fun camping trip. But to do so, you have to spend hours and hours getting your gear together – which is definitely not fun.

But with something like The Eagle from Overland Eagle, you can get a big chunk of your packing done in one fell swoop. Roll The Eagle up to your hitch using the attachable wheels, pop in the receiver pin, plug The Eagle into your vehicle’s 7-pin plug, and voila – your camping setup is ready to go!

The more convenient it is to camp, the more likely you are to go (and more often, too). Combined with the sheer functionality of the The Eagle (which comes with a five-year limited warranty, by the way), I’d say this is the ideal camping setup for trips long and short, near and far!

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