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The CyberLandr is a Camper Unlike Any Other

When I think of the most unusual campers of all time, I think of the old Top Gear episode in which Jeremy, Richard, and James made campers out of a Citroen, a Land Rover, and a Lotus, respectively:

Granted, these campers weren’t exactly usable. But they certainly were strange.

Well, a new camper was just unveiled that is both strange and usable! It’s called the CyberLandr.

So what the heck is the CyberLandr? Let’s find out!

CyberLandr is an Add-On for the Tesla Cybertruck

The episode of Top Gear that I referred to above was all about the boys building campers that were capable of going more than 12 miles per hour on the highway. Part of their challenge was to help eliminate the long lines of traffic that form behind slow caravans on the motorways in the summer.

Well, CyberLandr seems to be borne of the same challenge. They wanted to offer Cybertruck owners the capability of camping without having to tow anything and without diminishing the performance of the Cybertruck.

This add-on for the Cybertruck disappears into the bed of the truck when not in use. The camper can collapse so far that the truck’s tonneau cover and tailgate can both close.

Not only does this eliminate the terrible aerodynamic drag that campers create, but it also lowers the center of gravity of the truck. This is to say nothing of the fact that without all that wind drag, the range of the Cybertruck is minimally affected.

On top of that, without a trailer behind you, you can explore some seriously rugged terrain without worry of what’s going to happen to your camper, and then on your way home, you can drive through for coffee or a snack with ease!

Learn More:

So What’s Inside the CyberLandr?

CyberLandr Kitchen

This thing comes with all the amenities you want in a camper…

You get a kitchen and a bath, a bedroom and a living room that you can take anywhere without all the fuss and muss of prepping like you do with a normal camper.

The kitchen has five square feet of porcelain countertops, a refrigerator, an invisible induction cooktop, and a large sink with a touchless voice-controlled faucet.

The bathroom has a one-piece tile floor with radiant heat, a dry-flush toilet (which means there’s no black water tank to mess with) with a self-cleaning bowl, and a recirculating shower with a filter that allows you to take longer showers. Speaking of filtering, there’s a four-stage water filtration system that includes UV filtration. This enables you to top off the water tanks by drawing water from any clear water source, like lakes or streams.

In the bedroom space, you’ll find two seats that fold down into a queen-sized bed. The bed is actually elevated at countertop height, which allows someone to sleep underneath the bed as well.

The living room has two freestanding chairs that can be placed wherever you like – including outside. This space also has pivoting tables that allow you to use them for dining or as an office space. There is a 32-inch 4K UHD smart TV that can pull double-duty as your computer monitor. Additionally, the surround sound system adds some thump to the beat of your favorite song and movie soundtrack.

There’s Tons of Extras Too

The CyberLandr comes with a built-in alarm system and 360-degree exterior lighting that senses motion. On the inside, you can control the lighting and climate control with your voice, or if you prefer, via an app.

You get high-tech windows that offer electrochromic dimming for privacy while still allowing light inside, too. It also comes with independent power, water and sewer, and internet access via SpaceX’s Starlink satellite.

And since the CyberLandr has a huge 500-watt solar panel on its back, it helps charge the Cybertruck’s battery pack and replenish the 30 kWh of power it uses from the truck’s batteries.

Is the CyberLandr the Future?

CyberLandr features

If you ask me, electric vehicles like the Cybertruck are definitely the future. And while the CyberLandr is quite small – and therefore not a great fit for large families – I do envision a future in which RVs and campers have the kind of features available in the CyberLandr.

Nothing is worse than dealing with black water tanks, so I would be stoked to have a camper that doesn’t have one. The StarLink internet, electrochromic windows, built-in security, and modular floor plan are all nice additions that I think we’ll eventually see in more traditional campers as well.

Not only does this kind of setup enable you to grab your stuff and go camping at a moment’s notice, but it’s also a nice setup for weekend soccer tournaments or days at the beach with your kids.

Of course, it comes at a price – the CyberLandr is $49,995 in addition to the price of the Cybertruck, which starts at $39,900 for the base model. There is a promotion running at the moment that can significantly reduce the cost of the CyberLandr, though.

But, hey, for this kind of luxury and the ability to always have your camper with you and ready to go, it might be a small price to pay!

Get all the details on the CyberLandr here.

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