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Space Trailers Stolen: Public Help Requested

stolen space trailers may 2024

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and you see these trailers, please call 833-538-0029 immediately! A reward is offered for information that leads to the arrest of the perpetrators or finding these trailers.

Today, May 14, 2024, a flatbed carrying three Space Trailers was stolen in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our friends from Space Trailers were in route to Overland West when the theft occurred.

stolen space trailers may 14 2024

Pictured above is the flatbed with three distinctive Space Trailers on top. These trailers were made by hard-working Americans traveling to an expo to showcase their ingenuity, creativity, and hard work. Needless to say, the theft of these trailers is a tremendous loss for this family-run business.

As stated above, please call the number provided if you see these trailers!