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Second Wind Trailers User Review (Lafayette, California)

With the explosion in popularity of camping and overlanding the last couple of years, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the best trailers on the market.

And while we get hands-on experience with many trailers so we can give you an inside look at some of the options that are available, there’s nothing quite like getting the details about a trailer straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

That’s what this new series of articles is all about…

You’ll get the inside scoop on the best feature, how the trailer has changed the overlanding experience for its owner, and much more.

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So, in this edition of our trailer user reviews, you’ll learn about the Whisper teardrop trailer from Second Wind Trailers. As you can see in the images (which were provided by the owner and are used with permission), this is a true teardrop trailer with an awesome retro design. Let’s get to the review!

Table of Contents

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About the Owners

4WD: Tell Us a Little About Yourself

JO: My name is Julian Orozco. I live in Lafayette, California. My wife and I were one of the first few customers to purchase a trailer from Second Wind Trailers. We’ve been very happy with the trailer and Nathan [the owner of Second Wind Trailers].

Second Wind Trailers Whisper User Review

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4WD: There are many trailer options on the market, what made you go with a Second Wind trailer?

JO: Great service and a good price!

4WD: How has owning this trailer changed the way you camp? 

JO: It’s night and day. We used to camp with a tent and a blow up mattress. Now we sleep soundly and comfortably on a memory foam mattress inside our trailer.

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4WD: What is your favorite feature about this trailer?

JO: The ease of setup. We can get to a location late and literally jump in the trailer and go right to bed.

4WD: How often are you camping?

JO: We camp about 10+ trips a year.

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4WD: We all go camping for different reasons, what is yours?

JO: The love of nature!

4WD: What vehicle are you towing your trailer with?

JO: A 2019 Subaru Outback

4WD: If you could describe this trailer in one word, what would that word be?

JO: We named our trailer Betsy, and the word we’d describe her with is glorious!

About Second Wind Trailers

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Second Wind Trailers got its start in 2014 creating vintage-feeling teardrops. The goal of Second Wind Trailers is to help you enjoy the great outdoors while offering the convenience and comfort of home in an impeccably designed and built trailer.

Today, Second Wind Trailers offers two models – Whisper and Freedom – both of which are hand-built to provide you with the utmost camping and overlanding experience. The folks at Second Wind Trailers, along with the fine craftspeople they’ve partnered with, use their skills and talents to create a truly special trailer for off-grid adventures.

These trailers are designed and built here in the USA to the highest of standards. As a family-owned business, it’s important to the Second Wind Trailers team to deliver the best possible product that will last you for years and years to come – and it shows!

Learn more about Second Wind Trailers.

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