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Rock Slide Engineering Step Slider Review

When you’re building your off-road or overlanding rig, you might have a lift and large tires that make entry and exit of the vehicle a little tough. So, what do you do? You add a set of step sliders to assist in getting in and out of your vehicle. But what you don’t want is for your steps to reduce ground clearance or otherwise hinder your vehicle’s ability to get up and over obstacles. The solution to this problem is simple – install steps that lower when you open the door and raise up when the door is shut. More than that, you want tough, durable steps that can take a beating as you off-road or overland. And for that, the perfect solution is Rock Slide Engineering’s Step Sliders.

Step Slider Specs

Rock Slide USA Review I have a 2020 Jeep Gladiator, and my Step Sliders are custom-fit for this particular rig. They come as a set – one for the driver’s side and another for the passenger’s side. They require a bolt-on install, which is great because there is zero drilling required (more on the install in a minute…). The Step Sliders have a textured black powder coating, which looks fantastic with the gray, black, and red color scheme of my truck. Get a little mud on them and they look even better! rock slide engineering step sliders The coolest part of these steps, though, is that they are incorporated into a legitimate rock slider. This means you get the advantage of having a step to get in and out of your vehicle, plus the advantage of having sliders for mild to moderate trails. The key here is “mild to moderate.” You will need additional protection if you’re tackling the likes of the

Rubicon Trail or any trail above a Class 5. But for typical weekend off-roading where things don’t get too crazy, these step sliders will do the trick. sliders for 4x4s Here are some additional down-and-dirty specs for the Step Sliders:

  • Rated for 650 pounds
  • 11-gauge steel construction
  • Sealed motor for crossing bodies of water
  • Plug-and-play electrics
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Additionally, there is an optional light kit as well as an optional 7-gauge skid system if you want to beef up the capabilities of the Step Sliders even further.

Installing the Step Sliders

Rock Slide Engineering Steps As I mentioned a moment ago, these steps are about as easy as it comes in terms of installation… The steps arrived in a well-protected box so they didn’t get damaged in transit. This isn’t always something you can expect when ordering parts online, but Rock Slide Engineering clearly took the time to ensure my steps were protected for the journey. The installation materials for these step sliders were neatly packaged and easy to keep track of, partly because there simply isn’t much you need! The rails attach to the Jeep using three brackets on either side. Each bracket uses four bolts to attach the steps to the brackets. There are eight additional bolts that are used to get the slider up nice and tight against the frame of your rig. Again, there is zero drilling required as these steps utilize the factory holes. Wiring for the steps is also a breeze. Rock Slide Engineering sends you the complete wiring harnesses that are cut to the appropriate length, so it’s a matter of mere minutes to get these things wired up.

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How Do Rock Slide Engineering Step Sliders Look?

Best steps for lifted trucks If you ask me, these steps look like a million bucks. They are beautifully made and you can tell that care was taken not just in the manufacture of the steps, but also in the design. I love the clean lines of the Rock Slide Engineering Step Sliders – they look fantastic with the angular look of the Gladiator. Honestly, I think they look like something that could have come with the Jeep right from the factory because they follow the lines of the Jeep beautifully. They integrate into the overall look of the Jeep that well.

These Steps Work Beautifully

rock slide USA review In addition to their excellent construction and good looks, the Step Sliders work like a charm each and every time. When you open the door, there’s no delay in the step deploying. In fact, the first time I opened the door after installing the steps, I was a little taken aback at just how quickly the step was down and in position for me to use. After closing the door, the step slides back up into place (after a couple-second delay) and integrates seamlessly with the slider. I’ve had my Jeep in hot and cold, snow and sand, and everything in between, and the steps have worked perfectly. And while I haven’t gotten into too many wild off-road situations with the Jeep yet, the sliders have done their duty to perfection in the few instances I’ve needed them. On-road or off, these suckers are impressive!

Rock Slide Engineering Step Slider Pros & Cons

steps for 4x4 The pros of these steps are pretty obvious:

  • Killer good looks
  • Superb construction
  • Top-shelf functionality for accessing the vehicle and protecting it from obstacles
  • Easy install
  • Plug-and-play electrics

top retractable steps It’s much tougher to come up with cons for these step sliders, though… Some folks will say that the price, which is higher than other options on the market, is a con. But as with so many things, you get what you pay for. I’d rather spend a little more money for this level of craftsmanship and functionality than save a few bucks for something that doesn’t look as good or perform as well. So, in the end, I couldn’t be happier with my RSE Step Sliders. They have exceeded my expectations for quality and functionality for sure. This was the perfect addition to my Jeep and they would be a nice addition to your rig as well! Head over to Rock Slide Engineering to see what products they have for your specific rig.

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