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Off Grid Camping Essentials

Photo by stellalevi via iStock

Camping is an exciting and rewarding way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse ourselves in nature. And while there are many different styles of camping, off grid camping (camping without access to electrical or water hookups) is, without a doubt, our favorite!

However, it also requires extra preparation and consideration to ensure you have everything you need to stay comfortable and safe in the backcountry. Lucky for you, in this article, we share the off grid camping essentials you absolutely must have for your next trip. We cover everything from rechargeable batteries to water storage, heaters, and solar panels.

Whether you are a seasoned camper looking to take your skills to the next level, or a first-timer planning your first off grid adventure, this guide will help you have a memorable and cozy camping experience. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in and discover our four favorite off grid camping essentials for 2023!

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Off Grid Camping Essentials: Upgrade Your RV Batteries

ultimatron 1

On any RV or Overlanding trip, having a trustworthy and reliable battery is one of the most important off grid camping essentials. Unfortunately, many RVs and campers come equipped with below-average ones. That’s why you must take matters into your own hands and upgrade your off grid batteries!

With that in mind, we recommend investing in a couple of Ultimatron Lithium Batteries by Planar Heaters. Each one has an operating voltage range of 10-14.6V and a nominal voltage rating of 2.8V. Moreover, they have 100Ah (amp hours) and a lifespan of approximately 3000 – 5000 charging cycles. 

The advantages of upgrading to lithium batteries over AGM batteries include their depth of discharge, higher power output, and lighter, more compact size. The Ultimatron batteries also come with a built-in heater and a five-year warranty. If you want to learn more about them, here’s our full Ultimatron Lithium Battery Review

Check out the video above on our 4wdTALK YouTube Channel for a closer look at lithium vs AGM batteries for Overlanding.




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Off Grid Camping Essentials: Bring Extra Water

heavy-duty water jug from BTR Outfitters

Whenever you go exploring, water is arguably your most crucial resource. And while we are happy to share that nobody has ever kicked the bucket from carrying too much water, unfortunately, plenty of people have due to a lack of water.

The best way to stay hydrated in the backcountry is to plan ahead and stock up before you head out, especially if you are traveling to an area where water may be scarce. Having said that, this heavy-duty water jug from BTR Outfitters is one of our top off grid camping essentials.

It has 20 liters (5.3 gallons) of carrying capacity, is made from food-grade plastic, and is 100% BPA-free. Furthermore, it has a removable plastic tap at the bottom and an easy-to-use fill-up hole on the top. You can replace the plastic tap with a top-of-the-line brass tap for more durability. 

Learn More: 

Off Grid Camping Essentials: Have a Backup Heating Option

Diesel Heater next to an SUV in the snow

One of the most unpleasant feelings when camping is being cold. If you can’t stay warm, it can completely ruin what would otherwise be a wonderful camping experience – trust us, it’s happened to us. That’s why a dependable heater is one of the most important off grid camping essentials.

Our go-to camping heater is Planar Heaters 4kw portable diesel heater. It runs on diesel or kerosene and 12v DC power. Efficiency is one of its strongest features, as it burns only 3-4 liters of fuel per eight hours. Additionally, it can operate at altitudes of up to 8,200 feet (2,500 meters). 

Other notable features of this portable heater by Planar Heaters include its silencer, air intake filter, and lightweight size. The silencer means it won’t keep you up if you run it during the night. The air intake filter provides cleaner air. And at only 33 pounds, anyone can lift it. It’s a perfect option for RVs, vans, tents, boats, and more! 

Check out the video above on our 4wdTALK YouTube Channel for an in-depth review of the Planar Heaters 4kw portable diesel heater




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3000 Large Capacity Hand Crank Solar Camping Lantern

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MARBERO 88Wh Portable Power Station 24000mAh Camping Solar Generator 

Off Grid Camping Essentials: Invest in Solar for Reliable Power Generation

Sunflare Solar Power

Another off grid camping essential is solar panels. Going solar allows you to go wherever and whenever you want and still have electricity. Not all solar panels are made equally, though. And after trying multiple different setups, we can proudly say that the best ones we’ve tried are the Sunflare XPLOR solar panels

They come in three sizes: the 105-watt weekend model, the 126-watt adventure model, and the 180-watt expedition model. You can choose the right one for your vehicle, needs, and budget with all those options. Also, every model comes backed by a 25-year warranty. 

What makes XPLOR solar panels unique are their state-of-the-art designs. They manage to simultaneously be light, flexible, and tough while powering all your gear for days. On top of that, their double-sided adhesive layout means they are super easy to install and can be placed anywhere – even directly on a rooftop tent!

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

Final Thoughts

Young couple traveling with their motor home standing by the sea with arms raised

Photo by MarioGuti via iStock

Off grid camping can be a truly rewarding experience, allowing you to disconnect from the modern world and get lost in nature. However, at the same time, it’s critical to be prepared when heading into the wilderness. And the easiest way to do that is to buy the right off grid camping essentials.

They will make your camping trip more enjoyable and, more importantly, keep you safe. A good battery will run your appliances and electronics for days. Spare water jugs will ensure you don’t run out of water. An effective heater will keep you warm on cold and chilly nights. And solar panels will make you completely self-sufficient. 

Lastly, we want to mention the importance of always practicing the “Leave No Trace” principles when camping. This includes respecting nature, staying on designated trails, and packing out all your trash. With that said, it’s time to grab your camping gear, throw it into your off grid vehicle, and head into the great outdoors!

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