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MORRFlate TenSix Air Compressor Review

When you head out on an overlanding or off-roading adventure, one of the most essential tools you need to bring with you is a reliable air compressor. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to cut through the noise to know which portable air compressor offers the reliability you want at a price you can afford.

I’ve used many air compressors over the years, most recently Viair 440P. It’s been a great compressor for my needs and has been a champ out on the trails. However, I’m always looking for new and innovative products that offer better functionality, and I have to say that I’ve found it in the MORRFlate TenSix portable air compressor.

I’ve had this compressor for a couple of months now and have been field-testing it in all sorts of conditions. Today, I’ll share my thoughts about this compressor so you can make a more informed decision about whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash. Let’s get to it!

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MORRFlate TenSix Air Compressor Review: Specs & Features

morrflate tensix and mega quad in use

Let’s start by getting familiar with the MORRFlate TenSix…

It’s just 14 x 7 x 9″ in size, meaning it takes up very little space in your rig and is super portable. It offers 12v, 90-amp peak power and approximately 50 amps of power while running. As an added bonus, its eye-catching, bright green color makes it easy to see when airing up or airing down tires at night.

It has a USA standard air fitting with a universal coupler that works with 1/4-inch industrial, Aro, or Auto fittings. Likewise, there are threaded filter caps so you can mount the unit in any direction or orientation (other than upside down, of course!).

morrflate tensix in use

In terms of performance, the MORRFlate TenSix (or as I like to call it, the “mean green machine,” offers a 10.6 CFM dual-cylinder compressor at 0 PSI with an output of 6.5 CFM at 30 psi. The unit is rated to 150 psi and comes with a psi cutoff switch (80 psi when on and 120 psi when off). There’s also a thermal cutoff switch.

The MORRFlate TenSix features a 50 percent duty cycle, meaning it provides power for half of the total time cycle. For example, the TenSix’s duty cycle is 20 minutes, so you can get pressurized air for ten-minute intervals, giving you plenty of time to air up or air down your tires. The unit also comes with a carrying bag with accessory pockets to keep everything neat, tidy, and organized.




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MORRFlate Mega Quad Hose Kit

morrflate kit

One of the specs that jumps out at you about the MORRFlate TenSix is that it’s rated for 10.6 CFM. Other compressors are typically about half that.

Typically, you can’t take advantage of those levels of CFM anyway because regular tire valve stems limit airflow to about 2 CFM. In other words, it doesn’t much matter if your air compressor offers higher CFM because you can’t fully utilize that output when you air up tires one at a time.

You can circumvent this problem by pairing the MORRFlate TenSix with the MORRFlate Mega Quad Hose Kit. This combination allows you to inflate, deflate or equalize the pressure in up to six tires at the same time.

morrflate mega quad on jeep

Not only does this system save you the hassle of independently airing up or down each tire individually, but it also allows you to move air from one tire to another. Heck, you can even run different PSI up front and in back!

The ability to quickly and efficiently manage the air pressure in all your tires simultaneously is a game-changer. MORRFlate enables you to get the job done quickly, so you can spend less time messing around with your tires and more time enjoying yourself on the trail.

MORRFlate TenSix Air Compressor Review: Using It in the Field

In the video above, you can see me putting the MORRFlate TenSix air compressor into action. As you’ll see, I take the TenSix, the Mega Quad Kit, and my 2020 Jeep Gladiator out and deflate the tires, re-inflate them, time the whole process, and give you my thoughts about the performance of this setup.

Below are a few notes that build a clearer picture of the MORRFlate TenSix review.

In my testing, the compressor was louder than the 70-75 dB MORRFlate suggests. It was over 90 dB at about one foot away but fell to the 70-75 dB range when I was about ten feet away. But, honestly, if it’s a little louder than suggested but performs as well as it does, it’s a good tradeoff in my book!

The unit did get pretty hot – over 200 degrees – but that’s pretty standard. MORRFlate includes gloves with the TenSix, though, so you can safely operate the equipment without burning your hands.

morrflate tensix mega quad with jeep

As noted earlier, the combination of the MORRFlate TenSix and Mega Quad Kit minimizes the time you need to air up or air down your tires. MORRFlate suggests that you’ll spend 58 percent less time airing up your tires and up to a 400 percent decrease in the time needed to air down.

In fact, you can air up four 35-inch tires from 12 psi to 30 psi in less than five minutes. In my testing, this rig inflated my tires from 9 psi to 41 psi in well under eight minutes. What’s not to like about that?! It’s that kind of performance that makes the MORRFlate TenSix and Mega Quad Kit so impressive.

In theory, the combination of the TenSix and Mega Quad Kit also allows you to use up to 12 CFM without risking bottlenecks or back pressures that make the compressor work harder to do its job. This helps protect against premature failure and gives you a longer-lasting product that you can rely on in the field.

Another bonus of the TenSix and Mega Quad Kit combination is that it works with vehicles with up to a 200″ wheelbase. So, if you need to air up or air down the tires on your Sprinter van, this kit will get the job done!

So, what are the pros and cons of the MORRFlate TenSix air compressor?

Pros of the MORRFlate TenSix

morrflate tensix air compressor scorecard

  • Excellent power
  • Astonishingly fast inflate and deflate times
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Really easy to use
  • Great value for the money

Cons of the MORRFlate TenSix

Aside from operating more loudly than I was expecting, I didn’t find anything to complain about with the MORRFlate TenSix or the Mega Quad Kit. Like I noted earlier, I’ll take a louder compressor that gets the job done fast over a quiet one that takes forever any day of the week!

With far more pros than cons, it’s safe to say that this MORRFlate TenSix air compressor review is a big thumb’s up. It’s such a big thumb’s up, in fact, that it’s replaced my beloved Viair 440P. I’ve been a Viair user for years and years and never thought I’d replace it, but that just speaks to the quality of the TenSix – it simply does the job better!

If you’re looking for great value, excellent performance, and a ton of time savings, look no further than the MORRFlate TenSix!

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