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Make Your Adventures Easier With Nomad Vanz

In my opinion, the biggest barriers faced by many people when deciding to start overlanding are night comfort, safety, and privacy. These are all inherent challenges one should overcome when camping the traditional way. 

If you have the money and are willing to stay on the less challenging trails, then there is a solution that will make camping as comfortable and enjoyable as being home. 

Camper vans have been around for many decades; however, with the increasing popularity of overlanding, van outfitting companies have been emerging by the day. 

One of the best is Nomad Vanz and today we will be having a look at their insane creations!

Nomad Vanz Exterior

Camping van with open doors
Nomad Vanz

These vans are meant to be used; so, on the outside, you will find raptor coated bumpers and spotlights for night off-roading. For the shorter people out there power steps are also available. 

The choice of a 4WD van exists; therefore, the proper tires to complement the 4WD system must be fitted. The legendary BF Goodrich KO2s can be opted to ensure maximum grip no matter the terrain.  

Underbody protection is also available to prevent crucial parts such as the oil pan from getting damaged out on difficult trails. 

Interior of the Van

Camper van with a bike parked in the forest
Nomad Vanz

For the mountain bikers out there the option to install a bike repair stand on the rear door is available. The van also offers fork mounts to carry the bike and the ample amounts of storage space and running water will help you store parts while repairing or cleaning the bike and yourself after a muddy ride! 

The rest of the interior is tailored to an adventurer’s needs. Nomad Vanz pays great attention to detail while also making sure the interior of their vans feels like home. 

As soon as you enter the van you will find a shower drain; so, if you want to take a shower inside the van you can. Outdoor showers are also possible due to the shower neck being mounted right next to the door.

Electric outlet inside a Nomad Vanz
Nomad Vanz

The kitchen has a freezer that is built into the cabinet, a fridge, and a sink – Everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Kitchen of a Nomad Vanz
Nomad Vanz

The bed uses a folding design which means it won’t be taking most of the space available during the day. To set up the bed you just have to unfold the wooden piece that will hold the 4-piece mattress and spread the mattresses on it. 

Bed in a camper van
Nomad Vanz

Electricity and heating are nothing you should worry about as both are controlled by a very sophisticated system. 

Electricity and heating controls of a Nomad Vanz
Nomad Vanz

Nomad Vanz do a great job of outfitting these vans to make any adventure as comfortable as possible. As with anything, we get what we pay for; so, if you want to get yourself one of these vans you will need to spend upwards of $200,000. Or you could build one yourself if you are handy with tools. 

Furthermore, these vans won’t be able to keep up with proper off-road vehicles when the going gets tough; therefore, you will first need to assess the type of terrain you will be predominantly driving on. 

If you have the money and are only planning on undertaking mild trails, then one of these vans will make any adventure enjoyable! 

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