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Is This the Ideal Off-Grid Power Generator?

Managing to survive miles away from civilization for multiple days is both relaxing and challenging. 

In most cases, the biggest barrier to off-grid overlanding is power. How can you run all your electrical devices for days on end in the middle of nowhere?

An off-grid power generator may be the answer!

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The Issue with Off-Grid Power

alp propane generator

Traveling off-grid usually means spending many days away from civilization. Just getting to your destination may take two to four days of driving. 

Because of this, we many times face issues with power as rechargeable battery packs can run out. 

Granted, you can charge them using solar or the vehicle, but there is no guarantee there will be sun, and you may not be driving for a couple of days once at your destination. 

Here is where a propane-powered generator comes in handy – if you have propane, you will also have power. 

Our Off-Grid Power Generator of Choice


To ensure your trip remains relaxing, you need a generator that is quiet and reliable, and the ALP 1000-watt propane generator is the perfect candidate. 

The first benefit of the ALP generator as an off-grid power source is that it is ECO friendly. For your money, you get a product that is EPA and CARB approved, which we believe is important when being in nature. 

One of the reasons we are out there is to breathe fresh air; therefore, an off-grid power generator that runs cleanly is a must.


The ALP 1000 is also good on fuel with a 60hr run time on a 20lb tank and a 3hr run time on a 1lb tank.

Keep in mind that the above ratings can change depending on load, altitude, and even ambient temperature. 

In case you need more power, you can pair two ALP generators to double the power during your camp. 

Green ALP Generator

Along with the above, you also get other features such as an ultra-bright emergency LED light, multiple charging ports, pure sine-wave technology, 1-year limited warranty, and low oil auto shut off to protect the motor if it ever runs low on oil.

The features of this unit make it a usable generator both for off-grid camping or just normal weekend camping trips. 

The ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator is Portable and Quiet


Just like any item we take on adventures, an off-grid power generator needs to be portable.

With a weight of just 30lb and an ergonomic handle, we can reassure you that handling this generator is a breeze. 

It can easily be stored in your car or be carried around camp. The last thing you want is to haul a huge generator that you can barely lift off the ground.

One of the biggest drawbacks of generators that use internal combustion to produce power is noise. 

The ALP 1000 manages to score a rating of 52dBA – a great number for a generator of this type.

So, regardless of your location, generator noise will not be an issue.

Pairing the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator With a Solar Generator is the Perfect Duo


We believe that combining a great propane generator with a solar-powered one for your camping trips is the perfect combination. 

The idea here is that during the day, you can use the propane generator to power all your camp needs and even charge the solar generator. 

When nighttime comes around and you want to enjoy the calmness, use the completely silent solar generator. 

This helps ease the load both from the propane and solar-powered units. 

It also helps use fewer propane bottles which means having more space inside your truck for gear while also being as friendly as possible to the environment. 

For overland trips that will involve spending many days away from civilization, this may be the best solution. 

Off-Grid Power Generator – Final Thoughts


An off-grid power generator needs to be reliable, powerful, and quiet – a big ask from something that relies on internal combustion.

The engineers at ALP have nailed it with their 1000-watt generator, and our experience with it has been nothing but positive. 

Performance is quiet, clean, and the whole unit portable. 

If you have any questions on the ALP 1000-watt propane generator or any other off-grid power generator, head over to the forum section of our page. 

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