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Introducing SasquatchXC: The Ultimate Overlanding Trailer

SasquatchXC Highland 60

I don’t know about you, but when I head out on an overlanding trip, I want things to be as comfortable and functional as possible. I also want a trailer with plenty of storage, a place to cook, and the off-road chops to allow me to get way off-grid.

The trouble is, finding overlanding trailers that tick all those boxes can be tough. That’s why SasquatchXC is so unique – you get a trailer with unparalleled features wrapped in a lightweight, rugged package that gives you loads of bang for your buck.

It’s this combination of features that first drew me to SXC as the perfect solution for overlanding adventures. Let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of what sets this company apart from the rest!

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The “Why” of SasquatchXC

sasquatch campers founders

Photo by Scott DW Smith

First things first – it’s important to understand a little background about SXC to get a sense of why these campers are the height of functionality.

The team behind these campers isn’t just skilled craftspeople; they’re also seasoned outdoor adventurers. Their trailers are based on their outdoor experiences on and off the trail, which benefits the end-user.

There’s no guessing game here, either. SXC’sCampers have the specific features and options they do because the folks building them know first-hand what an off-road adventure trailer can and should be. The fact that the founders are professionally trained engineers helps, too!

sasquatchxc founders rafting

But more than that, being experienced in the outdoors helps inform a great product. A good example of this is the company founder’s background in whitewater rafting. You can’t get more rough and tumble than rafting, and those experiences informed some of the decisions with SXC’s Highland 60 model.

sasquatch campers highland 60

For example, this trailer has tons of tie-down points for your gear—something essential when transporting gear(or any other type of gear) on a raft during long expedition trips. There’s storage everywhere you look, too, which is ideal for bringing the gear you need and keeping it organized on your trip.

sasquatchxc rafting

There’s something to be said about the unforgiving nature of whitewater rafting as well. Just like your raft (and your body!) can take a beating from the rapids, your trailer should be able to take the punches of the jostles and bumps of off-road travel.

Headquartered in the heart of the San Juan Mountains at more than 9,000 feet above sea level,  Sasqu is the essence of what off-road overlanding adventures should be. With millions of acres to play, explore, and test, it’s no wonder these campers are the full package for your adventure needs!

Unique Features of SasquatchXC

sasquatch campers 8

SasquatchXC Highland 60

SXC offers two models – the aforementioned Highland 60 and the Smuggler Cargo Camper. A unique feature shared by both trailers is an incredible amount of storage.

The Highland 60 comes in at an industry-leading 70 cubic feet of storage while the Smuggler also leads its class with 90 cubic feet of storage. In both cases, you get ample interior and exterior options for keeping your gear organized.

The Highland 60 storage breakdown is as follows:

  • Kitchen Cabinets: 11 cubic feet
  • Interior Cabinets: 9 cubic feet
  • Interior Overhead Storage: 6.2 cubic feet
  • Sidebox Cabinets: 20 cubic feet
  • Tongue Box: 15.7 cubic feet

Sasquatch Smuggler With Rooftop Tent

The Smuggler by SasquatchXC

The Smuggler, meanwhile, ups the game with an additional 20 cubic feet of space distributed amongst the following areas:

  • Kitchen Cabinets: 11 cubic feet
  • Interior Cargo Area: 53 cubic feet
  • Sidebox Cabinets: 15 cubic feet
  • Tongue box: 11 cubic feet

There’s also a custom-designed aluminum roof rack with four T-track crossbars to secure gear. And with room for storage underneath the roof rack, there’s no shortage of space!

So, whether you need space inside the cabin for your clothes and bedding, an area to keep your cooking utensils within easy reach, or outdoor storage space for recovery gear, these trailers have it! But don’t think that these trailers are big or unwieldy because they have so much storage…

sasquatch campers highland 60 passenger side

SasquatchXC Highland 60

Instead, the SXC team offers another unique feature – lightweight aluminum construction that keeps the weight of these trailers at a minimum. Where other companies build their trailers with aluminum bodies and heavy steel frames, SasquatchXC opts to use aluminum for both. Aluminum is far lighter than steel, and with a powder coating to enhance its durability (and the backing of a lifetime warranty), you can enjoy a lightweight trailer that doesn’t require a big truck to tow it.

In fact, these trailers are some of the lightest in their class. The Highland 60, for example, tips the scales at 1,900 pounds dry – not bad at all for a trailer with enclosed sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and so much storage. The Smuggler is even lighter at 1,500 pounds dry!

sasquatch campers smuggler driver's side

SaquatchXC Smuggler

The lightweight construction combined with supreme off-road capabilities is what truly set these trailers apart, though.

The Highland 60 has a 38-degree departure angle, 22 inches of ground clearance, and a track width of 76 inches. The Smuggler offers the same departure angle and ground clearance, but offers a slimmer track at 64 inches. In both cases, you get a  coil over independent suspension system that’s built specifically for SXC’sCampers. Add in a 360-degree coupler, 32.5-inch BF Goodrich AT KO2 tires, and an ARK XO 500 or 750 extreme off-road tongue jack, and these trailers are ready to party off-road!

I could go on and on about the specs and features that the SXC team has stuffed into these trailers, but for now, this quick overview should whet your appetite. You can explore both trailer models in more depth on the SasquatchXC website, and we’ll have lots of content here on 4WDTalk in the coming months that dives deeper into each of these trailers.

Benefits of Having a Camper Built by SasquatchXC

sasquatch campers 5

SasquatchXC Highland 60

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of an SXC Camper is the made-in-the-USA build quality. I’ve seen my fair share of trailers over the years, and only a few are in the upper echelon when it comes to their design and construction. The Highland 60 and Smuggler are both in that upper crust, thanks to their impeccable design, rugged materials, and an attention to detail that’s rare in the off-road trailer market.

Secondly, as described above, these trailers are fully capable off-road and offer all the storage space you need while still being lightweight. This gives you the benefit of getting away from RV parks and tourists and exploring the backcountry without sacrificing having the gear you need for a comfortable trip.

A third benefit SXC offers is innovative features that make your outdoor experience all the better. This also ties back to the attention to detail I mentioned a moment ago…

sasquatch campers smuggler profile

The Smuggler by SasquatchXC

For example, The Highland 60 and Smuggler both come with four custom-made aluminum side boxes, each with independently controlled LED lighting, so you can easily grab what you need after dark. But these boxes also feature weatherstripping and sealed compression latches to keep the elements out. When you’re traveling down wet, muddy, or snowy trails or camping in the rain or snow, having sealed storage to keep your gear dry is a huge benefit.

Another example of SXC’ innovation is the optional Squatch Box. On the one hand, this box is a custom-designed storage space that fits right under the roof rack on the Highland 60 and Smuggler models. But, on the other hand, it can hold two solar panels for keeping your batteries topped off. It also hides a custom-made fold-up camp table that frees up additional storage space that would otherwise be used for a roll-up style or folding table.

These are just two of many examples of innovative features you can benefit from with a camper built by SXC. But they’re indicative of what you can expect when you join the Sasquatch family – unique, innovative, functional features that make your outdoor adventures all the better.

Outdoor Adventures Require a Trailer That’s Up to the Task

best expedition trailers of 2024 sasquatch

Investing in an adventure trailer is a big deal. You want something that offers the features and amenities you need while also offering long-term durability and functionality. Finding a trailer with that combination of goodies can be hard, though.

Yet, SasquatchXC offers not one, but two such trailers…

Getting out and exploring our big, beautiful world requires you to have a spirit of exploration; you have to be up to the task. But your gear has to be up to the task, too. Campers built by SXC fit the bill in more ways than one!

Again, stay tuned for more features on SasquatchXC to learn even more about these impeccable trailers. In the meantime, explore the Highland 60 and Smuggler, and get excited to transform your outdoor experience!

A quick heads-up: If you snag something through our affiliate links or check out our sponsored content, we might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. But fear not, we’re all about recommending stuff we’re truly stoked about!

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