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Hyundai Santa Cruz Accessories and Features Revealed

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup has been receiving plenty of attention for the past few months and I can see why. Hyundai has managed to create a vehicle that offers space, utilitarian styling, and some off-road capabilities in a somewhat affordable package.  Just like all vehicles on the market, there are plenty of Hyundai Santa Cruz accessories that can be added to make it even more appealing.

Hyundai hasn’t released these accessories for sale on their site yet, so to get a taste of what they look like, check out the video above by TFLnow. Let’s take a closer look at these accessories and a unique feature that sets the Santa Cruz apart from the competition. 

Hyundai Santa Cruz Accessories: Sidesteps

Hyundai Santa Cruz Accessories Sidesteps If you want to access the roof of your Santa Cruz often then you can option the vehicle with side steps. The best thing about these sidesteps is that they are made from steel; therefore, they can protect the door sills when off-road.  They are also rated at 400 pounds of load capacity, so you won’t be having any issues standing on them.  Some molding to protect the doors from scratches is also offered and can be seen directly above the sidesteps. 

Hyundai Santa Cruz Accessories: Roof Rails / Crossbars

Hyundai Santa Cruz Hyundai Santa Cruz accessories also include some crossbars for the roof rails which are rated at 165 pounds – perfect for a couple of bikes or a light storage box; however, they won’t be strong enough to hold a rooftop tent with 2 people inside.

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Hyundai Santa Cruz Accessories: Bed Extender

Hyundai Santa Cruz Accessories Bed Extender As far as pickup truck beds go, the one offered on the Santa Cruz is on the smaller side. However, a cage that mounts on the tailgate can be added to serve as a bed extender without worrying that your cargo will come flying off the back.  The bed extender can also fold into the bed allowing the tailgate to close in case you do not need it anymore. In the bed area, we can also find the unique feature the Santa Cruz is equipped with. Let me start by addressing the issue this feature solves. Have you ever felt the need to put something in the bed of your pickup, but it was raining, and you didn’t want all your cargo to get wet? I am pretty sure you have.  Hyundai decided that it is time to address this issue and has given the Santa Cruz a sliding bed cover that will help keep your cargo safe and dry. Therefore, the next time you go to the airport to pick up some friends their language won’t get wet. 

Is the Santa Cruz a Proper Utility Vehicle That Will Fit the Needs of People Who Love Adventure? 

Is the Santa Cruz a Proper Utility Vehicle That Will Fit the Needs of People Who Love Adventure I would say it is, but it all depends on the type of driving and activities you will be doing. For someone who loves skiing or mountain biking and needs an all-wheel-drive car to access snowy roads or dirt roads, then the AWD Santa Cruz offers enough cargo space and capability.  If you are the kind of person whose adventures consist of tough tracks and multi-day expeditions, you will be better off with a proper pickup with solid axles and a low-range transfer case.  So, even though there are a lot of Hyundai Santa Cruz accessories you can get to make it even more functional, it still isn’t a hard-core off-roader…and that’s okay!

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