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How to Stay Clean When Out Camping

 photo by FluxFactory via iStock

Finding a way to keep clean at camp won’t just make your adventure more enjoyable, it may also bring along family members who might not have joined otherwise. 

Let’s face it, keeping clean at camp isn’t the easiest thing. So, today we are going through some tips that will help you stay clean while camping out in the wilderness.

Fire, Water, and Steel

Steel pot with lid on an open campfire

 photo by Kovshutin Denis via iStock

A steel bucket placed right on top of the fire will provide warm water to do the dishes or clean yourself. Dip a towel inside the warm water and then use the wet side to get clean. There are a few things that can beat getting cleaned up after a long day in the wilderness. 

How to Stay Clean When Out Camping: Pocket Shower or Other Portable Showers

Man Staying Clean When Out Camping by using a pocket shower

 photo by ArtistGNDphotography via iStock

These are typically strong bags that can get filled with about 10 liters of water. The idea is that you hang them on a tall enough tree and open the plug underneath which lets water out at low but adequate pressure. These usually work very well if all you need is a quick shower. 

Use Bio-Safe Soap and Shampoo

Stay Clean When Out Camping with biosafe soaps

 photo by Andzo Janovich via iStock

When having a shower out in nature you cannot use any shampoo or soap you want. That’s because the chemicals inside them can contaminate the soil and rivers. Specific bio-safe shampoos made to be used outdoors exist for this exact reason. So, use those. 

A Must-Have for Camp…Baby Wipes

hand getting a baby wipe from its package

 photo by Gogosvm via iStock

Baby wipes can be used to get cleaned anywhere at any time. They are cheap, convenient, and effective. The fragrance-free ones can even be used to clean the dishes. 

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How to Stay Clean When Out Camping: Do Not Underestimate the Power of Nature

young woman using a clothes line to dry clothing items to Stay Clean When Out Camping

 photo by ArtistGNDphotography via iStock

On a warm summer’s day using your precious water might be a waste. If you are in an area with plenty of rivers, camp next to one and go for a quick swim there. I am not sure you can have a more refreshing shower than that. Make sure the river has no crocs though – that’s also important. 

Rivers can also be very useful when it comes to washing your clothes; so, when the opportunity arises, take it.

Bring Flip Flops With You

Flip flops outside of a tent

 photo by sandsun via iStock

Flip flops will ensure you have something to wear when popping out of the tent for a short period of time. Boots or normal shoes are a fuss to wear and walking barefoot will result in a lot of dirt and sand in your sleeping bag. 

All-in-One First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits And Fire Extinguishers

First aid kits include hygiene wipes that will help you clean out any wounds acquired from adventuring. An all-in-one first aid kit will be able to cover most small incidents; so, it’s good practice to carry one.

The best option would be to carry multiple first aid kits with each one of them focusing on a different emergency scenario. However, that can get expensive; so, taking the budget route and sticking with the all in one kit will be adequate.  

Have Dedicated Sleep Clothes

woman enjoying coffee in the opening of her tent

 photo by Solovyova via iStock

The clothes we wear when out off-roading in the wilderness get filthy quick. Having a dedicated pair of sleep clothes will ensure you go to bed feeling clean and comfortable – especially if you’ve managed to have a shower before.

The tips mentioned above will help you feel a bit more comfortable and cleaner at camp and hopefully convince another family member to join along for the trip. 

What do you guys think? Are there any further tips that can help stay clean and comfortable when camping? 

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