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How to Maximize Teardrop Trailer Storage Space

Camping in a teardrop trailer is a popular way to enjoy the great outdoors while still maintaining some of the comforts of home. These compact trailers are designed to be lightweight and easy to tow, making them a favorite of campers who want to be able to set up camp quickly and easily. 

However, one challenge that many teardrop trailer campers face is the limited storage space that comes with these small trailers. Without proper planning and organization, it can be easy to run out of space for your gear, food, and other essential items.

Fortunately, there are many creative solutions and storage ideas that can help you maximize the available space in your teardrop trailer. From choosing a trailer with ample storage to using packing cubes and adding external storage options, there are many ways to make the most of your space. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best tips and tricks for maximizing teardrop trailer storage space so you can enjoy your camping trips with all the gear and supplies you need.

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Get a Teardrop With Ample Storage 

Teardrop trailer rock crawling

When it comes to teardrop trailers, not all models are created equal in terms of storage space. If you’re in the market for a new teardrop trailer, it’s important to choose one with ample storage space to meet your needs. So-Cal Teardrops is one company that offers several models with excellent storage options, including their 510 XS.

The 510 XS is designed for off-road adventures and features a sturdy 2″x3″-.120 wall steel tubing frame, heavy-duty Old Man Emu leaf springs, 10″ electric brakes, and 9-way adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shocks. The cabin is built with a reinforced rib system to withstand the extra forces that come with traveling off-road. 

So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS with hood open

The trailer also features a front storage box, two 5-gallon gas/water can holders and a galley with a 2-burner Partner Steel propane stove mounted on a sliding drawer. Inside the cabin, you’ll find a full-size 4″ thick queen-size trifold mattress, LED cabin lights, a 12v outlet, a USB port, cubbies, shelves, and cupholders.

Even without adding any options, the 510 XS is well-equipped for most trips. However, So-Cal Teardrops also offers customization options to ensure that each trailer meets the individual needs and wants of its customers.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer adventure, a teardrop trailer like this with ample storage and loads of amenities can make all the difference in your camping experience!




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Teardrop Trailer Storage: Organize Your Clothes

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Organizing your clothes is an essential step in maximizing storage space in your teardrop trailer. One easy and effective way to do this is by using packing cubes. In our opinion, there is one set that is a great option for organizing your clothing and keeping everything compressed and neat.

These lightweight, durable packing cubes come in different sizes to fit your needs and protect your clothing from wrinkles, stains, and dirt. You can assign one to each member of your family for the perfect family travel organizer. 

The see-through mesh makes it easy for security personnel to check your bag contents, and they help you pack more clothes in less space, saving you time and maximizing luggage space. By using packing cubes, you can easily find what you need, minimize clutter, and maximize storage space in your teardrop trailer.

Teardrop Trailer Storage: Keep Your Shoes Outside 

scipio annex so-cal teardrops

Keeping your shoes outside is a great way to maximize storage space and keep your trailer clean. Adding a Scipio Annex to your So-Cal Teardrops trailer is an affordable way to create a small outdoor space where you can take off your shoes before entering the trailer. 

The Scipio Annex includes three walls with one window and a storage bag. It’s an excellent solution for keeping your shoes dry and out of the elements, and it gives you additional space to store items so everything isn’t crammed into the trailer. Adding an extra window to the Scipio Annex is also an option, and it’s an easy way to bring in more light and ventilation. 

Teardrop Trailer Storage: Use as Many Surfaces for Storage as Possible

roof basket so-cal teardrops

When it comes to maximizing storage space in your teardrop trailer, it’s important to use as many surfaces as possible. Adding external storage options like roof baskets, under-mattress storage compartments, and front storage boxes on the tongue of the trailer can all help create additional storage space.

So-Cal Teardrops offers several options for external storage. Their roof basket is a rugged, aerodynamic gear basket that’s perfect for hauling firewood or any other “dirty” items you don’t want inside the trailer. It bolts directly to the teardrop with SoCal’s Stainless Steel Roof Rack Brackets and Towers (sold separately) and weighs approximately 75 lbs.

underbed storage so-cal teardrops

An under-bed storage compartment is a durable option for stowing extra blankets, cold weather gear, emergency supplies, and more. Accessible by folding the mattress up and opening the hatch door, it’s a great way to keep your essentials out of sight and free up space inside the cabin.

front storage box so-cal teardrops

Finally, the front storage box option is a spacious option for storing larger items and keeping them easily accessible. Available in a polished/powder-coated aluminum diamond deck, or granite coat steel, the storage box features a stainless steel locking latch and measures 16″ deep, 20″ tall, 36″ wide (back), and 21″ wide (front).

So, clearly, despite teardrop trailers being quite small, there are all kinds of ways you can store and organize your gear. Who needs a huge trailer with all these storage options?!

If you’re ready to upgrade your camping experience, do your due diligence and invest in a trailer that offers the storage options you need to be comfortable on your adventures. For my money, it doesn’t get much better than So-Cal Teardrops – check them out today!

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