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How to Improve Your Off-Roading Skills

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Off-roading might look straightforward but it isn’t. Different variables such as line choice, throttle, and steering inputs can be the difference between overcoming an obstacle or getting stuck.

Improving our skills is something we all want to do; however, skill development takes time. Thankfully, there are a few ways that will speed up your skill learning and will have you tackling tough tracks in no time!

In today’s article we’ll explore some of these specific skills. 

Heading Out With Your Mates

two suvs driving in the desert

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If you have mates with more experience than you, then this is a great opportunity to head out with them and learn a few things. This may be the fastest way of improving because you know the person; therefore, you improve while having fun. If your mates are just getting into off-roading then this is a great opportunity to learn from each other. 

Be careful though. If you have a very experienced mate, and you follow his convoy on a trip, you may end up on a track that is way out of your comfort zone. So, to avoid such a situation always make sure that the track that you are planning on driving is doable. If not, arrange a different trip that is within your skillset.

Improve Your Off-Roading Skills: Try 4WD Training

Improve Your Off-Roading Skills on an empty dirt road

photo by siur via iStock

4WD training can be had from companies that hire trained professionals that are qualified to teach you the skill of off-roading. With this type of training, you will learn the proper way to perform a recovery, which line to choose depending on the section of track you are driving, and how to drive on different terrain.

In most cases, half of the training is theoretical and the other half practical. However, because of the large amounts of students, it is many times impossible to get a hands-on experience with all the activities available. For example, four people might be performing a recovery and the rest will be standing there watching, when the next activity comes you will swap over.

Such training facilities will provide great theoretical knowledge but may not give the hands-on experience needed. 

Learn More:


4WD Tag-Along Tours

group of SUVs in a desert

photo by FotografiaBasica via iStock

These types of tours involve a main guide that you will join on an adventure. The guide is responsible for taking you down the track and pinpointing points of interest. They will also help if anything were to go wrong. Such tours help you gain experience while having fun being part of a group. 

They can be expensive though, and you cannot leave the convoy if you want to explore areas around that look interesting.  

Improve Your Off-Roading Skills: Legitimate 4WD Clubs

off roading near the mountains

photo by Iri_sha via iStock

These are groups of people who have the same interest as you – off-roading. Because they are verified clubs, they have to follow certain guidelines which means they won’t be doing anything wrong.

These clubs can involve people who generally love off-roading or people who drive the same car as you. In both cases there is a lot to learn. If you join a vehicle-based club expect to learn a lot about your specific vehicle. 

4WD Groups 

Improve Your Off-Roading Skills by joining 4WD Groups 

photo by MarinaGold via iStock

These are groups of people that can be found on Facebook or on forums. They can also be vehicle-based or off-roading related in general.

The benefit of these is that they are easy to join, and events can be organized at any time. The one drawback is that they do not have guidelines that they have to follow; therefore, they may not stick to the rules. Also, make sure what types of tracks they are driving; they might be too difficult for you or your vehicle. 

Improve Your Off-Roading Skills: DIY learning

suv off-roading

photo by molchanovdmitry via iStock

Use the methods above in conjunction with research at home. The videos available online are endless and your phone or computer can teach you much more than you can imagine regardless of where you are. 

We hope that the points mentioned above will help speed up your skill learning phase and get you out on your dream tracks in no time! What do you think? Have we left anything behind?

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