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How Simple Can a 4WD Touring and Camping Setup Get?

photo by Grigorenko via iStock

Off-roading and overlanding are great things, they get people out in nature – away from their screens and everyday problems. Being outside with your vehicle can be relaxing; however, there is a common misconception that to do so your vehicle and camping setups must consist of the latest products and gadgets. 

That’s far from the truth. The only thing you need to enjoy nature is your truck and a few simple and cheap necessities that will make your life easier on the road. Let’s discuss 4WD touring and camping setups and see just how simple they can be.

What Should You Do to Your 4×4?

close up of 4x4 tire

photo by molchanovdmitry via iStock

The answer to this one is tires – the only thing you need to go out adventuring is a good set of all-terrain tires. Upgrading your tires will increase grip when off-road and will also reduce punctures; therefore, making your life far easier when off-road. 

Any other modifications are there to increase capabilities and the days one can spend out. For short and easy trips that will still get you out in nature all you need is tires. 

4WD Touring and Camping Setup: Recovery gear

Recovery gear for WD Touring and Camping Setup

photo by Daria Nipot via iStock

Nature can be unpredictable, the day before you might have been driving in dust and the next in deep mud. Because of that, you need some sort of recovery gear in case you get yourself in a sticky situation. Some good-quality traction boards, rated recovery points, and a snatch strap are all you need to keep yourself going on the beaten path. 

Going on adventures with friends can also help keep the costs down as having other vehicles eliminates the need for a winch. 

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Cooking Essentials

a pan on a camp stove with a tent in the background

photo by Noppharat05081977 via iStock

In talking about 4WD touring and camping setups, a simple camp stove, the frying pans you have at home, and a couple of water jerry cans can go a long way. 

Cook that well-deserved camp meal and then use the water from the jerry cans to do the dishes. You could even clean yourself out of the jerrycans. 

4WD Touring and Camping: Your Camp Setup

woman next to a tent looking out over a sunset

photo by AscentXmedia via iStock

All you need here is a cheap tent, a sleeping bag and a mattress to avoid spending all the money you’ve saved on the chiropractor. 

If your vehicle is large enough you can even build yourself a simple sleeping set up in the back made from wood and a mattress. This kind of setup beats the tent any day of the week as it’s much more comfortable. 

You can also pick up some cheap lights and a foldable table and chair to have a small space to hang around before sleep. 

An icebox should also be enough to keep food and drinks cool for the day.

You’ll Need a Way of Charging Your Electronics

electronics charger on a log

photo by Diy13 via iStock

A few power banks or a small portable power station are all you need to keep your phone and camera charged for a couple of days. 

4WD Touring and Camping Setup: How Long are You Going to Be Out? 

Tent glowing under the stars at night in the woods

photo by anatoliy_gleb via iStock

Of course, with the simplest camping setup, the days you can spend out won’t be many. But the point of this is to get you out exploring while you slowly upgrade your vehicle and camping gear for more remote and longer adventures.

Remember, it’s not the gear you have but the company and good times acquired along the way!

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