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Goal Zero Skylight: Portable Area Light Review

When you think of clean power solutions like portable power stations, Goal Zero is one of the first companies that come to mind.

Over the years, Goal Zero has established itself as an industry leader, creating a host of consumer power solutions like solar panels alongside its line of power stations. Well, now you can add the Goal Zero Skylight, a portable area light, to the list of the company’s goodies.

The Goal Zero Skylight is a brand-new product, and in this review, I’ll give you the blow-by-blow of its specs, features, uses, and more. Let’s get to it!

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Goal Zero Skylight Specs and Features

goal zero skylight at camp


Let’s start with the most important spec – the Goal Zero Skylight light output…

With up to 6000 lumens and the ability to shed light 300 feet, this portable area light can illuminate a whopping 70,000 square feet. This isn’t your grandpa’s tabletop camping lantern; instead, it’s a high-powered customizable light that relies on renewable energy for virtually endless use.

Customizable is the keyword here. On the one hand, the Goal Zero Skylight has a telescopic stand that allows you to raise or lower the light from four feet up to 12 feet. On the other hand, the Skylight has four brightness settings (which you can select from the included wired remote) for dialing in the perfect amount of light for the situation:

  • Low – 400 lumens
  • Medium – 1,350 lumens
  • High – 3,500 lumens
  • Boost – 6,000 lumens

goal zero skylight overhead

Something I particularly like is the color temperature – the Skylight offers light at 3250K, which is a soft, warm light that isn’t harsh on your eyes. Each of the six light petals on the unit is adjustable, too, so you can also customize the direction the light emits. For example, you can position each petal to shine light straight down, adjust some to cast their light further afield, or some combination thereof up to 180 degrees.

Setup is simple, too…

goal zero skylight setup 2

Just unscrew the lid on the Skylight’s carrying case, remove the light, and adjust the light petals as needed. Then, detach the cable clip from the cable, rotate the hook to release it, and extend the Skylight’s tripod legs until they lock.

Next, secure the tripod’s feet to the ground and raise the pole to the desired height. As you raise the light, the cord is pulled through the pole. Voila – you’re done!

At 14 pounds, the Skylight is a lightweight, highly portable light. Even in its included case, the unit is still just 17.9 pounds!

Goal Zero Skylight Build Quality and Durability

goal zero skylight petals

As you’d expect of a Goal Zero product, the Skylight is beautifully designed and durably made to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

It has an IPX4 water-resistant rating, so you can illuminate camp, even when it’s snowing or raining. On top of that, the Skylight comes with a protective carrying case made of hard plastic that ensures the light is safe from harm while you’re traveling from point A to point B.

Whether the Skylight is in the belly of your trailer, in the bed of your truck, or kicking around in the floorboard behind your seat, it’ll stand up to the use and abuse of outdoor adventure after outdoor adventure!

How Long Will the Goal Zero Skylight Run?

goal zero skylight 3

Using its own battery, the Skylight will run for up to eight hours on the lowest brightness setting. Plug it into a Goal Zero Yeti 1000X power station, and you can get 250 hours of runtime on the lowest brightness setting.

Better still, if you pair the Skylight with a larger Goal Zero power station, the length of time you can run the light extends even further!

In other words, this lighting system gives you long-lasting illumination no matter if you’re using it on its own or in tandem with a Goal Zero power station. And that’s just what you want – long-lasting lighting that requires little to no oversight from you. Just unpack the light, set it up, turn it on, and you’ll have the light you need for hours and hours on end!

Goal Zero Skylight Uses

goal zero skylight 2


As an overlanding enthusiast, the Skylight will spend most of its time illuminating camp. But this isn’t a one-trick pony; instead, the Goal Zero Skylight can be used in any number of situations:

  • Backyard BBQs
  • Tailgating
  • Added illumination in the garage or driveway when working on my truck or trailer
  • Emergency lighting during power outages

Heck, the Goal Zero Skylight is so bright, customizable, and portable, its uses are virtually limitless. But that’s the point, right?! An easy-to-use, portable light is just what the doctor ordered for outdoor adventurers like me. It’s a nice bonus that I can use it in so many other situations, too.

Goal Zero Yeti-Ready Gear

goal zero skylight setup

The Goal Zero Skylight is the first in its upcoming Yeti-Ready lineup of gear. Each Yeti-Ready product integrates perfectly with Goal Zero’s Yeti power stations to give you a fast and easy setup for using the Skylight and other upcoming products.

By marrying the Yeti-Ready accessories to the Yeti lineup of power stations, Goal Zero has developed a suite of products that will make outdoor adventures and everyday life easier and more productive. If the Skylight’s unique range of features is any indication, Goal Zero’s Yeti-Ready lineup will be something to behold. I, for one, can’t wait for this ecosystem to unfold!

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