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Four Ways to Make the Rustic Mountain Overland Patrol XC Even Better

Image Credit: Rustic Mountain Overland

A great overland adventure demands not just spirit but also the right trailer. The Rustic Mountain Overland’s Patrol XC emerges as a formidable ally in this quest, crafted to navigate the untamed wild with ease. This rugged trailer is a base model that defies expectations, offering a sturdy foundation for overlanding enthusiasts to build their perfect mobile base camp.

While the base model already packs a punch with its robust features, we explore additional upgrades that bring out the best in this already impressive trailer. These enhancements are about customizing the Patrol XC to your specific needs, ensuring it becomes an integral part of your overland adventures.

Today, we delve into the ways to enhance the Patrol XC, making it even more suited to your adventurous lifestyle. Join us as we take a closer look at the Patrol XC and uncover the potential upgrades that can transform this exceptional trailer.

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A Quick Tour of the RMO Patrol XC

Rustic Mountain Overland Patrol XC Tent Open

Image Credit: Rustic Mountain Overland

The Rustic Mountain Overland Patrol XC boasts features that blend durability with functionality, making it an ideal choice for rugged expeditions. Let’s take a closer look at its specifications and features.

Outfitted with 31″ AT tires mounted on 15″ wheels, the Patrol XC is designed to tackle challenging terrains with ease. The inclusion of the Timbren HD 2200LB axleless suspension system is a testament to its capability, providing stability and smooth handling even on rough trails. Its textured powder coating adds a layer of durability, protecting it from the elements.

Further enhancing its utility, the Patrol XC features a front cargo basket and a custom 16″ tall roof rack, offering ample space for your gear. The tilting lid and rear tailgate are not just conveniences; they are strategic design elements that enhance access and storage flexibility. The Lock-N-Roll hitch is a noteworthy addition, ensuring secure and versatile towing connections for various off-road conditions.

The Patrol XC base is already more than a trailer; it’s a rugged companion that promises reliability and functionality for all your overlanding adventures. Its well-thought-out design and sturdy build set the stage for a host of possible upgrades and customizations, making it a suitable base for any overland enthusiast looking to tailor their gear to their specific needs.

Add a Patrol XC Spare Tire & Mount

Rustic Mountain Overland Patrol XC Spare Tire Mount

Image Credit: Rustic Mountain Overland

When venturing into remote terrains, the unexpected is part of the adventure. That’s why equipping the Rustic Mountain Overland Patrol XC with a spare tire and mount is not just an upgrade; it’s a strategic move for uninterrupted exploration. Being prepared for tire issues is essential, especially in off-road environments where help might not be readily available.

Rustic Mountain Overland’s solution for this necessity comes in the form of a robust spare tire and mount. The chosen BF Goodrich KO2 All-Terrain tire, measuring 31×10.5×15, is renowned for its resilience and adaptability across different landscapes. This tire choice ensures that even in the toughest conditions, your Patrol XC is always ready to roll.

The customization options in fitting the spare tire mount are a plus, accommodating standard sizes like 5×4.5 and 6×5.5, with provisions for unique requirements upon request. This flexibility aligns with the Patrol XC’s ethos of adaptability and preparedness for any off-road situation.

A Tongue Box Slide on the Patrol XC Makes Life Easier

Rustic Mountain Overland Tongue Box Slide On The Patrol XC

Image Credit: Rustic Mountain Overland

Elevating the functionality of the Patrol XC, a Tongue Box Slide from Tembo Tusk specifically designed to fit its dimensions is a smart addition. This custom-built slide effortlessly adapts to the Patrol XC’s tongue box, enhancing access and organization. The smooth gliding mechanism makes loading and unloading of storage items, or even a combined fridge/galley setup, remarkably convenient.

The integration of the Tongue Box Slide aligns seamlessly with the Patrol XC’s design, maintaining its sleek aesthetic while amplifying its practicality. This upgrade is particularly useful for overlanders who prioritize efficiency and ease in their setup. The slide’s design ensures that every item is easily reachable, transforming the tongue box into a more functional and accessible space.

The added convenience of this slide transforms the Patrol XC from a robust trailer into a more user-friendly, versatile overlanding companion. Its addition is not just about ease of access; it’s about refining your overlanding experience, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

A Custom Liner for the Patrol XC Adds Form and Function

Rustic Mountain Overland Patrol XC Custom Liner

Image Credit: Rustic Mountain Overland

This custom liner not only adds a layer of protection to the trailer but also enhances its overall look, blending form with function. The non-slip, skid-resistant decking material is meticulously designed to endure the harshest of climates, offering a reliable and durable surface for all your outdoor activities. 

The liner’s water-repellent and UV-resistant properties make it a practical upgrade for the Patrol XC, ensuring longevity and maintaining its pristine condition despite constant exposure to the elements. More than just a visual upgrade, the custom liner improves safety by providing a stable, slip-resistant surface. This is especially beneficial when loading and unloading gear, reducing the risk of slips or falls. 

A Patrol XC Tongue Box Rack Adds Storage Space

Rustic Mountain Overland Patrol XC Tongue Box Rack

Image Credit: Rustic Mountain Overland

Maximizing storage space is essential for any overlanding adventure, and the Patrol XC Tongue Box Rack presents an ingenious solution. This custom-designed rack, tailored to fit perfectly atop the Patrol XC’s tongue box, offers a new dimension of storage efficiency. The steel construction promises durability and robustness, assuring that your gear remains secure, regardless of the terrain you traverse.

The rack’s thoughtful design provides an ideal platform for strapping down additional outdoor equipment, from camping essentials to recovery gear. This external storage option not only frees up valuable space inside the trailer but also keeps your gear easily accessible. Whether you’re storing bulky items or need quick access to frequently used gear, the tongue box rack simplifies organization and accessibility.

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