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First Look at the Jeep Grand Wagoneer

What is so different between the Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Wagoneer that a separate article can be written for each one? They look the same after all – or do they? 

You will be surprised to know that they don’t look the same, nor do they have the same engine or interior. The keen-eyed will be able to spot the difference, for those with presbyopia – I’ll explain. 

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Engine

jeep grand wagoneer engine
Fiat Chrysler

I am not sure about you, but as soon as I saw images of the Grand Wagoneer, I was expecting some kind of EcoDiesel in there. Turns out I was completely wrong. Under the hood lives a 6.4L Hemi V8 with over 470HP. Sounds appealing – and expensive. 

Price and Exterior Design

Wagoneer driving on open road
Fiat Chrysler

Expensive it is – prices start at $87k and go all the way up to $103k. I have a feeling that these things will depreciate like crazy though.

At this price and size, its main competitors are the Lincoln Navigator and the Cadillac Escalade. 

Exterior-wise I believe the Jeep looks much better with its sharp lines and boxy design.  

The Grand Wagoneer gets some trim differences that make it look slightly more premium than the normal Wagoneer. These include a lot more chrome, black roof, fancier looking LEDs, a different hood, power-retractable running boards and larger fender flares to make sure you scrape all the walls you drive by. 

Wheel options on both vehicles range from 18-22 inches.

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Jeep Grand Wagoneer Interior

Dashboard of Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Fiat Chrysler

The interior is extremely luxurious having everything you want and much more than you need. An absurd amount of screens can be optioned – seven to be precise – the main one being 12.1 inches and controls the infotainment system. 

Underneath the main screen, you will find a slightly smaller one for the climate control and massaging seats. Optional screens include one in front of the passenger and two behind the headrests for second-row seating entertainment. 

Front seats of the Wagoneer
Fiat Chrysler

At the back, you will also find captain’s chairs with a huge center console and a 10.25-inch screen in the middle with settings for both climate control and heated or ventilated seats.

full interior of the wagoneer
Fiat Chrysler

3rd-row seating can accommodate three adults; however, entertainment is limited compared to the front with some modest air vents and USB ports. At least you’ll be able to endlessly scroll through Instagram as the rest of the passengers enjoy a great movie. 

Just like in the normal Wagoneer, boot space is more than enough, even with the 3rd-row seats up. 

Cargo space of the Jeep Wagoneer
Fiat Chrysler

Oh, and the front armrest is a giant freezer – you can cancel that Dometic order. 

The dashboard is unique to the Grand Wagoneer and the leather nicer. Exclusive optional extras include four-zone climate control, 24-way power seats, McIntosh audio system, and the extensive number of screens mentioned above. 

Drive Modes 

jeep grand wagoneer drive modes
Fiat Chrysler

As is the case with the normal Wagoneer, terrain response settings include mud/sand, rocks, snow, auto, and sport. 

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Suspension and Frame

jeep grand wagoneer suspension and frame
Fiat Chrysler

Similarly to its cheaper sibling, the Grand Wagoneer uses Independent air suspension on all four corners. A traditional body-on-frame design with a proper transfer case is also implemented. 

Strangely, towing capacity is slightly lower than the less powerful Wagoneer at 9,860 pounds. Towing is not just down to power, but you would expect the more expensive version to be as good or even better than its cheaper counterpart. 

Anyhow, 9,860 is still a huge number so no complaints here. 


The Grand Wagoneer is an appealing vehicle – there is no doubt about that. I can’t stop imagining how it would look on 18-inch wheels with some big mud tires under it and a Turtleback trailer in tow. 

Just like the normal Wagoneer, I believe it will have off-road potential due to the design of the frame, suspension, and drivetrain.

Sadly, we do not have any information on how these vehicles perform both on and off-road but I suspect their driving characteristics will be very similar to those of a Range Rover. 

What do you think? Would you be down for some touring in a Grand Wagoneer? 

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