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Everything You DON’T Get with a Brand-New Jeep Wrangler Willys Sport


Jeep Wranglers come at a premium and that’s mainly down to their reputation, image, and history. So, anyone who wants a brand-new Wrangler but doesn’t fancy spending a fortune to get it will have to look at the more affordable trim levels.   A great choice is the Wrangler Willys Sport; however, you would be surprised to see what creature comforts are not included with this package. Does the lack of tech introduce problems when it comes to using the vehicle for overlanding? Today we find out. 

 How Affordable is The Wrangler Willys Sport?

Wrangler Willys Sport


The Wrangler lineup starts at $29,000 with the Sport and goes all the way to $80,000 for a fully-loaded Rubicon with the V8 engine. The Willys Sport comes at a more sensible $35,000.  This Wrangler is a base model with the Willys package added which provides off-road wheels and tires, rock sliders, and a limited-slip diff.   The Willys package might add some off-road accessories but inside it still is bare bones.

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So, What Do You NOT Get?

Jeep Wrangler Willys Sport


Let’s start from the key, on which you won’t find any buttons; therefore, you do not get any remote controls for locking or unlocking the doors or remote start. Remote start? What even is remote start?! You don’t get that on the Wrangler Willys Sport either. To unlock the doors, you must do it the old-fashioned way, get the key, put in the lock, and turn it. If you were born after the year 2000 you might want to Google how to do this.  Another feature that 2000s kids might not know how to use are manual windows. Yes, the Willys sport doesn’t even have electric windows. If you want to get some fresh air you first need to exercise that arm.   The Wrangler Willys Sport surely has power mirrors, I hear you say. Well, no it doesn’t. It doesn’t even have a lever to adjust them from inside the car. All adjustments are made by pushing on the corners of the mirror until they are at the exact angle you need them.  Brand-New Jeep Wrangler Willys Sport


The most interesting thing that is an optional extra on this Jeep is the AC. I may be incorrect, but this must be the last vehicle on the market with AC as an optional extra.   For no extra cost, you can get the Wrangler Willys Sport with the basic soft top which offers the kind of security and safety you would find in a 10 dollar tent. So, if you want your belongings to be in the car when you come out of the supermarket go for the hardtop.   The base engine available is the 3.6L V6 which in a two-door as stripped down as this I would imagine has more than enough power. Interestingly, the transmission you get at no extra cost is a manual – I would definitely enjoy the combination of the light 2 door, the V6 and a manual.   Now let’s be honest, 35k for a car with roll-down windows is a bit steep… However, there’s something about the Wrangler Willys Sport that makes me want it. It may be the fact that it is as simple as the legendary off-roaders of the past used to be. Happened to get stuck in a river and now the whole truck is full of water? Well, with the Willys just like in the old days you will have no issues because there is nothing electrical down there to break.   You also won’t feel terrible for every scratch you put in it because it didn’t cost you a fortune and the best part is that with all that money you’ve saved with the Wrangler Willys Sport you can easily make it more capable than a Rubicon down the road.   What do you guys think? Do you see the point in the Willys or is it just another overpriced Wrangler?

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