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Ever Dreamed of Walking on Water? The Sherp has You Covered…Well, Kind Of

Fancy an off roader but your day-to-day Jeeps and Toyotas aren’t capable enough? Has the middle-aged crisis hit harder than you thought?  Well, it might be time to turn your attention towards the Sherp. 

Sherp is an international company headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. They are the people responsible for the madness that is the Sherp.

What is the Sherp you wonder?

sherp ever dreamed of walking on water

According to them, it is an “amphibian all-terrain vehicle that can move on any surface and overcome the most difficult natural obstacles” and trust me… that’s true. 

What Makes the Sherp Tick?

sherp what makes this insane machine tick

Its amphibious abilities are down to those massive 5-foot-tall tires. They provide the buoyancy needed to keep the Sherp afloat. However, that’s not their only job…

These are called paddle tires, and if you look closely you will notice the paddle-like protrusions that help propel the Sherp in water. 

sherp it can inflate its tires through exhaust gasses

Engines range from 3 – 4 cylinder diesels with 75HP at most. So, if you’re looking for something fast, I am sorry to disappoint – the Sherp won’t cut it with a 25MPH top speed.  

What it will do perfectly fine though, is keep you warm while sleeping inside it. You see, it has an integrated diesel heater that runs from the main tank to keep you warm. The heat can also be channeled to the engine bay making starting that diesel up on those cold mornings a breeze.

sherp what makes this insance machine tick 3

You might be thinking that this will waste your precious diesel… wrong. It barely uses any – and even if it did, the Sherp can carry 75 Gallons of diesel. How? Well, there is no sane way of saying this – each hub can hold up to 15.3 gallons of diesel. Some even use them for drinking water (before they put diesel in). 

Did I mention that it will sleep four? Call it a wherever-location-you-want-amphibious-hotel – sounds appealing!

Epic Adventures With a Lot of Mates Await

sherp epic adventures

It can sleep four but can carry eight. Imagine cruising down a river in the middle of nowhere with seven of your best mates along for the ride – I would imagine that won’t end up well, it sure will be fun though. 

It Can Inflate Its Tires Through Exhaust Gasses

sherp it can inflate its tires through exhaust gasses

Those 5-foot-tall tires can only be inflated to 3 PSI and the Sherp, being the well thought through machine that it is, can inflate or deflate them on the go. With the flip of a switch, the tire valves open letting air out. Inflation doesn’t happen through a compressor as normal but through exhaust gasses. When you want to air up, the Sherp will pump exhaust gasses inside the tire. I know it’s weird, but why carry the added weight of an air compressor? 

As you would imagine, it comes with aluminum bead locks; however, for extreme rock crawling, it’s recommended to upgrade to the steel ones. 

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It Doesn’t Use Conventional Springs and Shocks

sherp it doesn't use conventional springs or shocks

In fact, it doesn’t use anything. The only thing that keeps your spine in one piece is those massive tires. That must mean the Sherp has an awful ride. But no, it doesn’t. Everything you drive over gets absorbed by its enormous side walls – remember, this runs 3 PSI max. People who have experienced it say it rides far better than a normal off-roader. 

Plenty of Storage Compartments 

sherp plenty of storage compartments

There’s no shortage of compartments to store your gear in the Sherp. They can be found both in the floor and the roof. Its walls are covered in molle to hang all your light gear and two cases are available as optional extras – if positioned closely together they can double as a bed. 

The Sherp takes traveling down the beaten path very seriously. Everything on it is there for a reason. Whether you are part of a rescue team, an oil worker or just a badass dude who wants a new toy, look no further than Sherp.

What do you think? Is there anything more capable than a Sherp?

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