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Escapod Topo2 Review

The world of camping and outdoor exploration has seen a rise in popularity of teardrop trailers. Practical, compact, and built for all kinds of terrain, they offer the right balance between the spirit of adventure and the comfort of a home away from home.

Today, we’re turning our attention to the Escapod Topo2, a standout in the teardrop trailer market. We will dive deep into what this trailer offers and examine every nook and cranny to provide a comprehensive review.

Whether you’re a veteran of backwoods trails or just considering your first off-road excursion, this review is for you. We’ll look at the Topo2’s exterior features, explore its interior comforts, and run through all its unique options.

So, sit tight, and let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the Escapod Topo2. It’s not just about where you can go but also about where you can comfortably stay. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s roll on.

Table of Contents

Escapod Topo2 Review: Exterior Specs

Escapod Topo2 Exterior Specs

Right off the bat, the Escapod Topo2 commands attention with its rugged and distinctive exterior. Its dimensions, 13.5 feet in length, 84 inches in width, and 80.5 inches in height, offer a balance between size and convenience. 

The Topo2’s practical features continue with a ground clearance of 23 inches. This generous clearance ensures you can comfortably traverse various terrains, even those off the beaten path, without worrying about damage. It’s a testament to the Topo2’s design, built for adventure, yet considerate of the realities of off-road exploration.

Escapod Topo2 frontThe trailer’s robustness extends to its wheel and suspension setup. The 31″ Tires and 16″ Wheels (265/75R16) are ready to handle everything from smooth highways to rocky trails. Despite being spacious enough for your camping requirements, the Topo2 remains compact, and at a dry weight of just 1920 lbs, it’s easily towable by most vehicles. 

The exterior of the Topo2 isn’t just about rugged endurance, though. It houses a well-equipped galley kitchen, complete with a full-size sink and a 2-burner cooktop stove. Add in the convenience of an outdoor shower, and you’ve got an outdoor living setup that combines practicality with a touch of luxury.




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Escapod Topo2 Review: Interior Features

Escapod Topo2 Interior Features

When you enter the Escapod Topo2, you’re immediately embraced by a friendly, homey space. The smart design marries practical features with comfort, making this more than just a camping trailer. The interior, made from high-density polyethylene and lightweight honeycomb composite, promises both sturdiness and a welcoming atmosphere.

The sleeping area stands out, proving that the Topo2 is in a league of its own. At the end of a day brimming with adventure, you’ll appreciate the true queen-sized 6″ memory foam mattress. Details like the angled birch headboard make this space perfect for winding down, reading a book, or simply relaxing.

Escapod Topo2 InteriorThe Topo2 optimizes its interior space. You’ll notice the generous 42 ½ inches of headroom, which moves away from the idea of compact camping quarters to offer you comfort. It’s not just about ample room to move around, though. There’s plenty of storage, with almost 8 cubic feet in cabinet space and an extra 5 cubic feet behind the headboard for all your camping gear.

One clever feature is the heated mudroom at each entry door. This 4.5” x 32” space is a practical solution for storing and removing dirty boots, helping keep the interior clean. Rounding off the Topo2’s interior is the spectacular Stargazer window. At 2.5’ x 5’, it provides a clear night sky view, but it’s not just about the view. The window also lets in fresh air, enhancing cabin comfort and ventilation.

Escapod Topo2 Review: Options

Escapod Topo2 Options

The Escapod Topo2 excels in flexibility with numerous customizations for your personal camping style. For instance, the standard YETI 75 cooler can be upgraded to a 63 qt ARB Fridge/Freezer, providing more food storage space. A 100 amp hour VPR 4EVER lithium battery is standard, but a 140W solar panel is available for longer off-grid adventures. 

In terms of lighting, the Topo2 offers dimmable LED lighting throughout, with an optional red light setting to minimize disturbance to wildlife and reduce light pollution. As for ventilation, the standard four-speed MaxxAir exhaust fan can be enhanced with the Truma Combi Eco Plus system, offering integrated forced-air heating and instant hot water to the sink, making the trailer a comfortable home in all seasons.

Escapod Topo2 table

Going beyond the essential options, the Topo2 allows for various add-ons that truly let you customize your travel experience. Whether it’s a galley package, rock rails, or a sanitation station, the Topo2 has options to suit your needs. Each accessory is thoughtfully designed to enhance your camping experience, proving that the Escapod Topo2 isn’t just a camping trailer; it’s a fully customizable home on wheels.

What Makes the Topo2 So Unique? 

Escapod Topo2 back

At its core, the Escapod Topo2 is a pioneer in camper trailer design, owing its uniqueness to a thoughtfully designed structure. The body is constructed from a single-piece composite fiberglass shell, housing an eco-friendly PET core made from recycled milk cartons. This composition results in a robust, sturdy structure that retains an eye-catching sleek appearance.

A standout feature is the proprietary Freeride Suspension System, providing 5″ of independent travel per side. This system equips the Topo2 to tackle rough terrains smoothly while also providing a comfortable ride on paved roads. 

The frame of the Topo2 is another marvel. Crafted from laser-cut 2×1-inch tube steel, then hot-dip galvanized, it ensures durability for years. It’s designed to accommodate various bolt-on options, such as rock rails, steps, and extra receiver tubes, enhancing its customization potential.


Where Can I Buy an Escapod Topo2?

If you’re ready to purchase your very own Escapod Topo2, the place to head to is BTR Outfitters. As an authorized seller, BTR Outfitters ensures you’ll get an authentic Escapod Topo2 built to the highest standards. They offer full customer service, from helping you customize your Topo2 to offering after-sales support. With BTR Outfitters, your dream of owning an Escapod Topo2 can become a reality.

Where are Escapods built?

Every Escapod Topo2 is proudly built in the USA. Escapod’s manufacturing team, made up of skilled craftsmen, puts every Topo2 together by hand, ensuring every detail is checked for quality. This process ensures that your Escapod Topo2 isn’t just a trailer off a production line but a carefully crafted piece of engineering designed to provide countless memorable outdoor adventures.

How Much is an Escapod Topo2?

The price of an Escapod Topo2 can vary depending on the options and accessories you add to your camper. However, considering the standard features and build quality of the Topo2, it’s an investment in quality, comfort, and countless adventures. For the most accurate pricing information, please check with BTR Outfitters.

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