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Camp Chef Pro60X First Impressions

Just about two months ago, I got a Camp Chef Woodwind 24 WiFi grill for my backyard. It was the first Camp Chef grill I ever got, and as I discussed here, first impressions were off the charts.

In fact, I was so impressed with the Woodwind 24 WiFi that I got a second Camp Chef grill – this time, it was the Pro60X.

So why get two grills?

As awesome as the Woodwind 24 WiFi is, it’s far too big to take with me on my camping and overlanding trips. That’s where the Pro60X comes in…

So, is the Pro60X an impressive grill like its big brother the Woodwind 24 WiFi? Let’s find out!

Camp Chef Pro60X Specs & Features

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First things first…let’s discuss the basic specs and features you get with the Pro60X.

  • Dual 30,000 BTU burners
  • Matchless ignition
  • 14″ x 32″ cooking grate
  • Three-sided windscreen
  • Folding side shelves
  • Adjustable leg levelers for accommodating uneven ground
  • Weighs 48.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 37″ x 11″ x 16″

Additionally, the Pro60X has a steel handle to make transporting the grill from Point A to Point B easier. This grill is also compatible with any 30″ or 60″ Camp Chef accessories (more on that in a moment).

Camp Chef Pro60X First Impressions


In breaking down some of these specs and features, we can begin to see the benefit of having a grill like this.

For starters, it’s highly portable yet super powerful – having 60,000 BTUs of total power isn’t too shabby for campsite cooking!

The large 14″ x 32″ cooking grate is perfect for whipping up burgers for the whole crew or having room for various items to cook at once, like eggs, hash browns, and bacon for breakfast. With all those BTUs, you can do anything from boiling to simmering to grilling and pretty much anything else you can think of!


The way the grill is designed is also perfect for camp cooking – the windscreen does a good job of keeping the grill’s flame going (in most situations, anyway), the folding side shelves offer excellent prep space, and the adjustable legs are a godsend for getting a nice, level cooking surface, even when the ground isn’t level.


Additionally, the legs are wonderfully sturdy – sometimes you’ll find that freestanding grills like this have flimsy legs. This is not the case with the Pro60X.

The P60X is pretty easy to set up and take down, too. Whether you’ve been driving on an off-road trail all day or were in the car for a quick drive to the campground, the last thing you want to do is spend all night setting up your grill to cook. In just a few minutes, you can have this bad boy ready to party and get your meal cooking.

Of course, build quality is important when you’re investing several hundred dollars in a piece of equipment, and true to form, Camp Chef built this grill to withstand the rigors of cooking in the field. Every component feels well-made from the legs to the windscreen to the stove. Again, this rig weighs nearly 50 pounds, so there’s lots of steel and metal components that make it a beefy grill.

Best Features of This Grill

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There are quite a few things that have impressed me about the Camp Chef Pro60X:

  • Insane BTU output
  • Big cooking surface
  • Fold-down side tables are a Godsend for food prep
  • Well-built
  • Compatible with Camp Chef accessories

One of the main reasons I wanted this grill is because I can use the same accessories as I do on my Woodwind 24 WiFi Sidekick Sear.

I have the Camp Chef Artisan 14″ Pizza Oven, so I can use it on the Sidekick Sear on my Woodwind 24 WiFi in the backyard, then take it with me on camping trips and cook up some campground pizza on the Pro60X. Having that kind of utility and functionality is awesome (and it’s nice not to have to buy separate accessories, too!).

In fact, I took the Pro60X and the 14″ pizza oven on a recent trip to Death Valley and made four pizzas for our group of about 20 people. The grill and pizza oven worked to perfection to bake the pizzas (which were Death Valley themed with a little heat – spicy sausage and jalapeños, among other ingredients).

Worst Features of the Camp Chef Pro60X

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If I’m going to nitpick, I’ll say that the worst thing about this grill is its size. Yes, it’s way smaller than my Woodwind 24 WiFi, but it’s still a big grill.

Fortunately, I have a truck with a camper shell plus my Turtleback Expedition Trailer with storage compartments, so I’m not hurting for storage space. That means that the size of this grill isn’t a huge factor for me. However, it might be too big and bulky for some camping and overlanding setups, like if you travel in a small camper van.

It’s worth mentioning that I found the grill pretty resistant to wind in most situations, but there were times when the breeze was just right and crept around the windscreen and caused me some temperature consistency problems. This wasn’t a huge issue though.

The biggest bummer really has nothing to do with Camp Chef. The grill comes in a nice canvas bag, which unfortunately had holes rubbed in the fabric on the trip to Death Valley. As it turns out, the texture of the spray liner in my truck bed worked like sandpaper on the fabric. Again, this isn’t Camp Chef’s fault – I need to figure out a way to protect the bag (and the other two bags of mine that were damaged).

So, overall, there are a couple of small “cons” with this grill, but by and large, my first impressions are very, very positive.

Camp Chef Pro60X Price


If you fancy a Camp Chef Pro60X of your own, you can pick one up for about $300. There are also Camp Chef Pro60X bundles, like the Camp Chef Guy’s Pro60X bundle that comes with some hand-picked goodies from Guy Fieri. That bundle is on sale at the time of this writing for $450.

While there might be some sticker shock with this grill, I’ve found in the first month or so of using it that it is worth every penny. But that’s how most things are, right? You get what you pay for, and with the Pro60X, you get a well-made, high-powered grill with loads of features that make camp cooking a breeze.

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