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California Strikes Again – Now With the Cheapest EV Pickup

Japan was the pioneer of the small, reliable, and economical car. But California seems to be the pioneer of the electric car – they are cranking out EV manufacturers by the day over there. 

The most recent one to emerge is the Alpha Motor Corporation. On offer, their Alpha Wolf is the cheapest EV pickup truck America has ever seen. 

Want to get your hands on one and go overlanding? I do too, let’s dive a little deeper.

Cheapest EV Pickup Drivetrain

Power port on Alpha Wolf Truck
Alpha Motor Corporation

Buyers can choose between a dual-motor 4WD setup or a single motor front-wheel-drive setup. There is no additional information regarding how the 4WD system will work and if it will have any kind of low-range gearing. 

There will also be a choice between two different battery sizes, one is a 75KWH and the other an 85KWH. This probably explains the variance between 250 and 275 miles of range. Not bad for a pickup truck that is on the cheaper side of the market. 

A rapid charger, battery cooler and battery heater are also available which is good to know – it shows that the engineers haven’t cut corners for the sake of pricing. 

Acceleration from 0-60 happens in a very respectable 6.2 seconds – this retro-styled pick-up will destroy plenty of quickish sedans from a few years ago. 

Alpha Wolf Towing Capacity

Alpha Wolf EV Pick-up
Alpha Motor Corporation

Even though electric vehicles have insane amounts of torque, towing with them might not be the best idea based on the technology and infrastructure of today. The available range will take a plunge and that can get annoying on long journeys. 

The alpha wolf can tow 3000 pounds which isn’t much – this is a small truck though; so, the numbers are adequate. 

Cheapest EV Pickup Exterior

Front View of Alpha Wolf EV Pick-up
Alpha Motor Corporation

Vehicles that combine the looks of today along with the classic boxy lines of the past always seem to work well – the Alpha Wolf is no exception. I think it looks great, the proportions remind me of the classic VW Caddy or Rabbit (depending on where you live).

The steel rock sliders and bumpers give it a rugged look while suggesting that this little pickup might pack some proper off-roading tech under it.

Solar Panels in the back of an EV pick-up
Alpha Motor Corporation

Another tell-tale sign is the lights mounted on the roll bar and front bull bar – I guess night wheeling will be on the list with this cheapest EV pickup. 

Interestingly, in some of the photos a solar panel can be seen mounted on top of the bed. The energy a solar power will provide to the batteries will be minor; however, it may be used to power accessories like a fridge or power tools. 

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Alpha Wolf Interior

Alpha Wolf Dashboard
Alpha Motor Corporation

On the inside you will find seating for two; so, you will be limited in terms of storing gear in the interior. The rest of the cabin is nothing short of stunning though. The combination of futuristic simplicity with a touch of retro styling really makes it a great place to be. 

Cheapest EV Pickup Size

Blue EV Truck
Alpha Motor Corporation

As mentioned above, this isn’t a large vehicle. To put things into perspective, it is 22 inches shorter than a Ford Ranger and 20 inches narrower. The bed however is a very impressive 65 inches long, 59 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. Of course, the Alpha has no back seats so there is plenty of space available to extend the bed. 

Obviously, this doesn’t have an engine up front; hence, while you may be losing the rear seat space you would have with a normal truck – you gain an additional “frunk” where the engine used to be. 

I would say that for two passengers there would be enough storage space for a short overlanding trip – especially with a roof rack. 

Barely fitting in those tiny wheel arches are some 31-inch tires wrapped around 16 inch wheels – good news for the off-roading lovers out there. The bad news are that you will struggle to fit anything bigger in there.

Alpha Wolf Pricing

Truck Bed
Alpha Motor Corporation

The majority of electric trucks that are scheduled to go into production are very expensive. Alpha decided to provide the electric truck world with something more affordable. 

Prices start at $36,000 and go up to $46,000. Granted, this is smaller than the competition but when compared to the $67,500 starting price of the Rivian it sounds like a bargain. 

 When Will the Alpha Wolf Be Available?

Frunck of Alpha Wolf truck
Alpha Motor Corporation

Customer deliveries should begin in 2023. I would wait though…this is one of the first electric trucks and I imagine that in three years there will be plenty more on offer. Therefore, I wouldn’t buy one just yet.

What do you think? Would you buy an electric truck now? Or wait for the more capable ones coming up in the future? 

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