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Brace Yourselves! A Ford-Shelby F250 Super Baja Has Been Released

Blue Ford Shelby pickup in the desert

If you love trucks and have $126,000 to spare you might want to go ahead and hide all that money before reading this article about the new Shelby F250. I know I would have to, the want is strong with this one. 

Shelby engineers are known for their subtle creativity with performance. Or maybe not. I am not sure if there ever was a Shelby product without hood stripes, an obnoxious V8 and a Cobra stuck somewhere on the bodywork.

That’s great, their products tend to be aimed towards the 40-year-old man who deep inside is only 5 – although a bit wealthier. 

So, what have they gone out and done this time? Hmm, a Shelby F250. As if it wasn’t powerful enough already. No complaints though, more is always better. Or is it? 

What exactly have they done though? Plenty of things – and the best way to describe them would be… in your face. 

Shelby F250 Engine

ford-shelby f250

Powering this behemoth is a 6.7L Power Stroke V8. Although, this one was slightly tweaked to produce 475HP and 1050-pound feet of torque – “slightly” might not be the word I was looking for here. Want to tow your house? Find some wheels for it and you’ll probably be able to. 

Suspension on the F250

Suspension on the F250

Now, a truck like this will weigh quite a lot, so a very capable suspension system is needed to keep all the weight of the Shelby F250under control. Once again, it’s down to FOX to figure all that out and on paper, it looks like they did. 

Upfront you will find 2.5-inch FOX coil-overs paired with 2.5-inch adjustable reservoir shocks. The same-sized shock bodies with piggyback reservoirs keep everything under control at the back. BDS front radius arms and dual steering stabilizers provide the stability a truck this heavy needs.

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Wheels and Tires

wheel and tire

As is the theme with the rest of the truck, Shelby went big with the tires on their F250. It has 37-inch BF Goodrich KM3s wrapped around some sick custom-made 18-inch wheels. 

 Exterior Upgrades on the Shelby F250

shelby f250 exterior

You’ll definitely know what you’re looking at when you spot one of these on the street. A steel front bumper with tow points, a 40-inch curved light bar, and two smaller led drive lights complement the tough looks of this truck while also giving it an exceptional approach angle. 

Additional protection is provided by the steel rock sliders on each side of the truck. 

Another LED light bar is mounted on top of the super Baja chase rack system which can also hold two full-sized spare tires. 

Upfront there is a functional ram air hood and extraction vent, fender flares, and color-matched grill. 

Shelby Makes a Great Interior

shelby f250 interior

The interior also got the Shelby treatment. Black leather seats contrasted by red stitching and Shelby logos let you know that this is no ordinary F250. 

The dashboard is covered in carbon fiber accents and a serialized badge lets you know which production number your truck is. 

The gauges on the Shelby F250 are replaced and recalibrated due to the larger tires. 

All of this performance comes with a 3-year 36,000-mile warranty. So, there you go, I told you it’s a sensible family hauler. 

As mentioned above, this is not a cheap truck and only 250 examples will be made. Therefore, it will be a rare spectacle. 

I love it though, there’s something so American about it, its size, the insane engine, and even the way it looks. No surprise though, this is a Shelby F250. 

I get the feeling that these types of trucks are kind of like lifted supercars. They have fancy interiors, they look great, they make a ton of power and they are expensive. 

That’s amazing, it means there are more toys for kids like you and me. Although, I am poor, so I’ll have to sit back and watch the rest of the kids play – sob. 

What do you think about this insane creation? Let us know!