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Best Expedition Trailers of 2024

Each year, I take a long, hard look at the expedition trailer market and find the very best examples of what an expedition trailer should be. I’ve done it in 2021, 2022, and 2023, and this year, I’m as excited as ever before because I’ve found a crop of trailers that truly impresses!

Now, what does it take to be included on this list? Well, it’s simple, really:

  • Rugged off-road capabilities
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Smart designs that enhance the travel experience
  • Customization options for creating a truly personalized expedition trailer

There are a lot of trailers that tick all these boxes. But this list isn’t about identifying every possible trailer that can get the job done. I want to highlight the very best, so you have the cream of the crop to choose from when it comes time to select an expedition trailer for your needs.

So, with all that said, let’s dive right in and check out the very best expedition trailers of 2024!

Editor’s Note: Bookmark this article and check back frequently, as this is a dynamic list that we’ll update throughout the year.

Table of Contents

Best Expedition Trailers of 2024: Sasquatch Campers Highland 60

sasquatch campers 1

When you think of roughing it on an outdoor expedition, you might think of a no-nonsense, no-frills trailer that can be towed in all sorts of conditions on all kinds of rough tracks. And you’d be right! Many expedition trailers are built tough for off-road travel, but many of them also don’t have much in the way of amenities.

But the Sasquatch Campers Highland 60 is different…

This rig gives you the advantages of extreme off-road prowess and a bedroom space that’s plush, comfortable, and ready for any season of travel. And don’t think that since there’s space dedicated for your sleeping comfort that this trailer skimps on other necessities, like storage, a kitchen, or room for freshwater storage. This trailer has it all!

sasquatch campers 2

Let’s start our tour of the Highland 60 by discussing its off-road capabilities. It begins with a bespoke Bigfoot coilover independent suspension system that offers extreme capabilities off-road while giving you a pleasant towing experience. The Highland 60 features 17-inch black steel wheels (or an optional aluminum Method wheel upgrade package) with 32.5-inch 285/65R17 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tires with a full-size spare.

The trailer’s body rides on a 4×2-inch aluminum frame that’s lightweight and powder-coated to ensure rust is never a problem. The frame even comes with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind! The trailer also boasts electric brakes, a manual parking brake, and an Ark two-inch 360-degree articulating coupler that adds to its off-road capabilities.

sasquatch campers 3

The exterior of the Highland 60 looks every bit the part of “best expedition trailer.” Up top is a custom-designed aluminum roof rack with five T-track crossbars for attaching all manner of gear, including a rooftop tent, if you wish. The rack is elevated, too, providing storage space underneath. You can easily reach the rack using the trailer’s full-length bed-lined running boards.

sasquatch campers 4

The sides of the trailer have an Expedition side rack system that’s perfect for mounting your recovery gear and Rotopax. You’ll find four custom-made aluminum side boxes, too, for even more storage space – 20 cubic feet of the trailer’s industry-leading 70 cubic feet of storage, in fact. These boxes keep your gear out of the elements with weatherstripping and sealed compression latches. Each box has independently controlled LED lighting, too.

Speaking of lighting, you’ll find independently-controlled LEDs above both cabin doors and the kitchen door, plus LED flood lights in the rear bumper and underbody lights so you can easily see as you’re navigating camp at night. Heck, there’s even integrated lighting in the spare tire rack!

sasquatch campers 5

At the rear of the trailer is one of my favorite features – the kitchen. You can access the kitchen by opening the spare tire rack, and since the rack has a two-inch receiver hitch, you don’t have to remove your bike when you want to get into the kitchen. Nice!

Once you pop the kitchen open, you’ll find a treasure trove of amenities that make cooking at camp a breeze, like a spacious stainless steel countertop, a stainless steel sink with on-demand hot water and a fold-down glass lid, and a Furrion three-burner propane cooktop. 

You’ll also find a three-bay kitchen cabinet system with shelves and two drawers with dividers so all of your kitchen necessities have a neat, organized place to live (there is 11 cubic feet of storage space in the kitchen alone). With a GFCI-protected 120-volt outlet, a 12-volt port, two USB outlets, and a 12-volt power supply for a refrigerator, the kitchen comes powered up to be used on adventures of all types.

sasquatch campers 6

But that’s not all…

The kitchen offers a number of other standard and optional features that make it one of the best-equipped expedition trailer kitchens available:

  • 36-gallon water tank with a self-priming pump and an accumulator
  • LED kitchen lighting
  • An integrated rear door shelf with LED lighting
  • On-demand hot water for an outdoor shower
  • Optional ICECO VL65 refrigerator/freezer
  • Optional stainless steel fold-down prep table on the spare tire rack

If you’re like me and enjoy cooking, this kitchen is a dream come true!

sasquatch campers 7

Now, let’s take the tour inside, where you’ll find the four-season bedroom I mentioned earlier.

Again, you’ll find a level of quality and smart design that you don’t find in every expedition trailer. From the 60×75 memory foam mattress to the 6’8” of head-to-toe space to the fully insulated walls, roof, and floor, this is one comfortable cabin!

It’s not just insulated, though – this cabin comes with a Propex 6500 BTU heater and a MaxxFan Deluxe roof vent so you can control the cabin’s climate for a restful night’s sleep. You can stretch out, too, because your gear will be out of the way in the aluminum cabinet storage system that provides an additional nine cubic feet of storage space. 

The interior also features mesh side pockets for storing small items, two ceiling lights and two reading lights, and 12-volt and USB port ports on either side of the bed. This cabin isn’t just about the nice finishes and convenient features – it’s also durable.

The interior walls are covered with a sustainable wood alternative called ACRE, which is lightweight yet strong, water-resistant, and guaranteed not to crack, splinter, or rot. That’s just the kind of material you want in a trailer that’s going to be in rough-and-tumble environments!

sasquatch campers 8

From top to bottom, inside and out, the Sasquatch Campers Highland 60 is loaded for bear for whatever adventure you throw at it. Not only is this trailer impeccably designed and built, but it’s also durable, full of comfort and convenience features, and uncompromising when it comes to giving you the very best expedition experience.

But, don’t take my word for it! Follow the link below to explore the Highland 60 in more detail and learn about its other standard and optional features – there are simply too many to list!

Learn more about the Sasquatch Campers Highland 60

Best Expedition Trailers of 2024: SNO Trailers Alpine

sno trailers alpine side profile

SNO Trailers has achieved a remarkable feat with its Alpine model: combining exceptional functionality with a compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for off-road adventures. But how exactly has SNO Trailers managed to accomplish this?

Let’s dive into the foundational elements of the trailer first…

sno trailers alpine side profile

At its core, the Alpine rides on a Timbren suspension, which can be upgraded to a Fabtech fully integrated suspension complete with shocks and brakes. Add 17-inch Method wheels clad in 275/70/R17 all-terrain tires, ensuring robust performance across diverse terrain.

sno trailers 2023 best expedition trailers

Constructed from powder-coated steel, the frame guarantees long-lasting durability, further reinforced by SNO Trailers’ proprietary anti-rust base coating. Meanwhile, the aluminum body strikes a balance between lightweight construction and ruggedness, capable of withstanding the rigors of off-road exploration. With the inclusion of an optional max coupler hitch, the Alpine is primed to conquer your favorite trails with ease.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the functionality aspect of the trailer…

sno trailers alpine living area

One of its standout features lies in its intelligently designed layout, optimizing space usage for distinct sleeping, kitchen, and storage areas, setting it apart as one of the most functional trailers on the market.

On one side, an optional premium roof rack with integrated Prinsu accessory mounts beckons for an optional rooftop tent, while adjacent side boxes offer convenient storage for essential gear. On the opposite side, a well-equipped kitchen area awaits, complete with a fixed storage tray, stainless steel pullout, and additional side box storage for culinary essentials, accommodating up to a 75-liter powered cooler or portable fridge/freezer, Dometic stove, and stainless steel sink.

sno trailers alpine slide out

Storage solutions abound within the Alpine, with side boxes featuring internal drawers, dividers, and Molle panels, supplemented by a rear pullout for expanded capacity.

The Alpine’s functionality extends to its electrical system, boasting a comprehensive setup including a 100aH Renogy AGM battery with monitor, waterproof solar charge controller, NOCO genius battery charger, and various upgrade options such as a second battery and inverter. Additionally, the trailer comes equipped with a water tank and propane tank holders. You can add a Joolca HOTTAP Essentials Kit, too.

sno trailers alpine kitchen detail

Furthermore, SNO Trailers offers a plethora of optional add-ons to tailor the Alpine to individual preferences, from MAXTRAX recovery boards to a 270-degree awning for enhanced versatility and comfort.

Remarkably, all these features are packed into a compact trailer just over 12 feet long and 5’9” tall, weighing a mere 1,500 pounds when dry, ensuring compatibility with compact SUVs and small trucks. With a departure angle of 40 degrees, the Alpine is poised to follow your trail-rated vehicle wherever adventure calls.

sno trailers alpine in the woods

In essence, SNO Trailers has masterfully balanced off-road capability with unparalleled functionality. That’s precisely what you want in an expedition trailer!

Beyond that, SNO Trailers is committed to designing and building some of the best trailers on the market. Not only that, the company backs what it sells and offers superb customer service. Sounds like a great deal to me!

Best Expedition Trailers of 2024: Big Slack Off-Road Slacklander

big slack slacklander 1

The great thing about overlanding is that you can get far away from the crowds and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature without interruption. Of course, to do so, you need an overlanding setup that can actually get you to those off-the-beaten-path locations…

Part of that equation is having a solid, off-road-ready vehicle that can handle the rough stuff. But if you don’t want to use your vehicle as living accommodations, what do you do? You invest in a highly capable expedition trailer like the Slacklander from Big Slack Off-Road, that’s what!

big slack slacklander 2

Let’s start with the layout and design of this trailer…

You can add a roof rack to support a rooftop tent up top; that way, you’re up off the cold ground and have more protection from curious critters who might want to investigate you late at night. Elevating your sleeping area frees up room in your vehicle for added gear while also allowing you to dedicate the trailer’s storage space to the rest of your overlanding kit.

And man, the Slacklander has a lot of storage!

big slack slacklander 3

As you can see, this trailer offers storage all the way around. Each compartment is deep, too, so you can keep larger, bulkier items neatly organized and out of the way. And with lockable cam-style latches on each door, you can keep your gear under lock and key as well!

At the rear of the trailer is a space dedicated to your camp kitchen. Add your own kitchen components to create a personalized cooking space, or opt for features like a slide-out refrigerator drawer, a stove, and a sink added by Big Slack Off-Road. Either way, the rear-facing layout offers ample space to cook and serve killer meals!

big slack slacklander 4

When you walk around this trailer, you see lots of smart features that make your overlanding experience all the better. With electric trailer brakes, you have better control over slowing, stopping, and hill descents. The interior LED lights help you find the gear you need when it’s an early morning or late night. And with stand-on fenders, you can easily access gear you’ve stored on the roof rack.

big slack slacklander 5

This trailer is extremely customizable, too. Not only is it modular – so you can add amenities as you go – but Big Slack Off-Road offers lots of different options to make your trailer into the ultimate expedition machine.

For example, you can add a 15-gallon water tank with a pump and a hot water system so you can take showers while you’re adventuring. Opt for a lithium battery or a high-capacity deep-cycle battery so you have long-lasting power on the road. Throw in a solar kit, and you’ll have a way to charge the battery, even when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Other options include rock lights and backup lights for better visibility, a swivel jack with dual wheels for easier maneuverability, and a 270-degree awning for protected outdoor living space. Add other amenities like a Lock N Roll hitch, and you have the makings of a trailer that you can take on adventures near and far.

big slack slacklander 6

This trailer isn’t just about functionality and capability, though. It’s backed by the blood, sweat, and tears of a family-owned company whose number one goal is to make its customers happy. The Big Slack team tests and perfects every product they make; that way, you’re sure your trailer will do what you need it to do when it rolls off the lot. It makes you want to head out on an adventure, doesn’t it?!

Learn more about the Big Slack Off-Road Slacklander Overland Trailer

Best Expedition Trailers of 2024: Rustic Mountain Overland

rustic mountain overland 2

Rustic Mountain Overland has multiple interesting trailer models, but the one I want to highlight this year is something that embodies sheer uniqueness—a fusion of expedition trailer, toy hauler, and rugged off-road camper neatly packaged into one.

The Anzac GFC Moto Hauler boasts a sleeping platform with a GFC tent on top, while underneath lies a 48″ x 99″ tub, perfect for storing your motorcycle or other essentials. Equipped with an integrated L-track tie-down system, securing your cargo is a breeze.

rustic mountain overland 4

But what truly sets it apart is its four-sided locking storage area, ensuring the safety of your gear. Opening upwards, these doors not only grant easy access to your belongings but also provide sheltered outdoor space for relaxation at camp.

Yet, there’s more to this marvel. Accessible from within the trailer, the rooftop sleeping area and indoor storage space can double as seating, allowing you to enjoy your morning coffee comfortably—a feature known as the Go Fast Camper, enhancing the trailer’s versatility.

rustic mountain overland 1

The Anzac GFC Moto Hauler doesn’t skimp on features either. With a robust tongue box housing a Dometic CFX3-45 cooler powered by a Dometic PLB-40 battery, along with compartments for cookware, clothing, and gear, it’s designed for convenience.

rustic mountain overland patrol XCT on the trail

If you want a more compact option, Rustic Mountain Overland offers the Patrol XCT (shown above), an enhanced version of the Patrol XC. Sporting a tongue box, cargo basket, custom roof rack, and Timbren HD 2200LB axleless suspension, it’s ready for adventure.

Complete with 31-inch AT tires, Lock-N-Roll hitch, and textured powder-coated finish, the XCT promises durability and style. Customization options abound, including armor packages, bed liners, spare tires, and suspension upgrades.

Patrol XCT

In both cases, you’ll find a meticulously crafted, American-made trailer, designed to meet your needs without unnecessary bulk. With Rustic Mountain Overland, you’re not just buying a trailer—you’re investing in a superior customer experience from a dedicated family-owned business, from pre-sale to post-sale support. Because that’s how it should be!

Learn more about Rustic Mountain Overland

Best Expedition Trailers of 2024: SNO Trailers Remington R20

sno trailers r-20 2

If your expedition includes hunting, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better companion than the SNO Trailers Remington R20…

Based on the overlanding Baja trailer, the R20 can be towed with a side-by-side so you can explore off-the-beaten-path locations with ease. Like SNO Trailers’ other models, the R20 comes with a powder-coated steel frame with a proprietary anti-rust coating to ensure long-term durability. Speaking of durability, the aluminum body will give you years of dependable service.

Remington R-20 by SNO Trailers

The trailer rides on a Timbren suspension and boasts amenities like 17-inch Method wheels with all-terrain tires (including a spare with a spare tire rack). The Max coupler ensures the trailer won’t bind up while the 45-degree departure angle helps prevent the rear of the trailer dragging bottom when navigating deep cuts in the trail.

sno trailers r-20 9

This trailer has an impressive kitchen, too. Features include:

  • Stainless steel top kitchen pullout with fixed storage above
  • Large rear compartment with a slide pullout to accommodate a powered cooler or portable fridge/freezer
  • Two large side doors with Molle panels – one on each side door
  • Front utility box with an integrated notch design perfect for recovery boards
  • Camp Chef stovetop
  • Remington 70-liter cooler

sno trailers r-20 3

The wide body design of the R20 also means you get tons of storage. This includes two side boxes with two internal drawers, one internal divider, and two stainless-steel drop-down shelves. There are Switch-Pros panels in each box and two USB ports, too.

Other goodies include a 10-gallon water tank, two five-pound propane tank holders, and a robust electrical system with the following components:

  • 100ah Renogy AGM battery and Renogy battery monitor
  • Switch panel
  • Renogy waterproof solar charge controller and solar plug
  • NOCO Genius battery charger
  • On/Off battery switch
  • Charging port inside rear panel plus charging ports inside each side box

sno trailers r-20 6

SNO Trailers offers many different optional features as well. Add a custom trailer wrap or premium color match, a hand gun vault, or a 54-inch-long rifle vault. You can add a second battery, exterior LED lighting, and a portable hot water kit with a shower and shower mount, too. And that’s just a few of the available options!

The combination of SNO Trailers quality and the iconic Remington brand results in a trailer that’s ready to meet virtually any challenge on your adventures. Whether you’re camping, hunting, tailgating, or something in between, this trailer will serve you and serve you very well!

Learn more about the SNO Trailers Remington R20

Best Expedition Trailers of 2024: Patriot Campers

patriot gen2 x3 3

Patriot Campers has been a top name in the expedition trailer market in Australia for a long time. And with their recent entry in the U.S. market, it’s becoming a household name amongst adventurers here at home.

One of their most popular models is the GEN2 X3. This trailer represents the height of maneuverability and performance. It’s also stuffed with innovative and functional features that make your expeditions all the better.

patriot gen2 x3 1

Let’s start with the remote-controlled composite hard roof. Just press a button, and the roof opens and closes with ease. There’s no heavy lifting on your part, no long waits for the trailer to be set up.

Instead, the roof quickly folds out to reveal a tent that provides much more than a place to sleep. There’s plush seating throughout, giving you a getaway to hang out when the weather outside isn’t all that great. The slide-out dining table is perfect for having dinner or playing a quick game of cards before bed.

patriot gen2 x3 5

The GEN2 X3 also boasts an L-shaped kitchen layout including a roll-out fridge slide, a sink, a cutlery drawer, and a pop-up bench above the sink that offers additional counter space for preparing and serving meals. Add in loads of storage compartments, and you have a galley that’s ready to rock!

You can cook in the rain, too, thanks to the Australian-made canvas awning that covers the kitchen space. Heck, it’s a 270-degree awning, so it covers a lot of territory! The awning even comes with internal dimmable lights that you can adjust using an app on your phone. Nice!

patriot gen2 x3 2

Other goodies include the following:

  • REDARC 1500-watt inverter
  • REDARC Rogue Revision battery management system
  • Two 150ah batteries
  • Under-body lighting
  • Approximately 65 cubic feet of storage space with drawers, a utility shelf, and a storage area
  • Approximately 40-gallon water tank with water filter

patriot gen2 x3 4

Of course, the off-road capabilities of the GEN2 X3 are off the charts…

It has a 36-degree departure angle, 17-inch PCOR Signature wheels, and 33-inch mud-terrain tires. The X-Cruise suspension system comes with progressive rate airbags to level the trailer while offering highly stable and controlled towing experience.

In other words, Patriot Campers has done it again! The GEN2 X3 is yet another example of the innovation of this Australian brand.

Learn more about Patriot Campers

Best Expedition Trailers of 2024: Big Slack Off-Road Slack Wagon

big slack slack wagon 1

Camping, overlanding, and off-roading aren’t exactly budget-friendly undertakings. You need a lot of gear, and that gear typically isn’t cheap. So, it’s necessary to jump at the opportunity when you find equipment that offers loads of functionality and can improve your ability to tackle outdoor adventures without costing an arm and a leg. 

One such piece of equipment is the Big Slack Off-Road Slack Wagon…

It isn’t often you find a high-quality expedition-ready trailer with a starting price under $6,300, yet that’s exactly what the Slack Wagon is!

big slack slack wagon 5

At just 750 pounds empty, this little guy can be towed by just about any vehicle. But don’t let its low weight fool you – this trailer is here to rock and roll.

For example, it’s built on a Timbren axleless suspension connected to a two-inch tube frame with continuous frame members from the front to the rear. This fully welded design enhances the trailer’s performance and durability while also giving the stand-on fenders the necessary structure to allow you to safely access the roof rack or rooftop tent.

big slack slack wagon 2

The trailer features a cargo bed that’s 54 inches wide x 63 inches long x 15 inches deep, giving you plenty of room to load the trailer with your gear and hit the trails. It’s also easy to tow on even the narrowest trails because it’s just 79 inches wide from fender to fender.

But again, don’t let the Slack Wagon’s small stature fool you—this trailer can be completely customized to fit your needs for off-road and overland adventures. You can add your own DIY customizations or invest in options directly from Big Slack Off-Road.

big slack slack wagon 3

For example, you can add a roof rack system for extra storage or to support a rooftop tent. If you kayak, mounts for your boats are available, too. You can choose from three available awnings—straight, 180-degree, or 270-degree—and a shower room is also an available upgrade.

Heck, Big Slack Off-Road will even do a liquid paint color match to your tow vehicle!

big slack slack wagon 4

At the end of the day, having an expedition trailer is such a huge advantage, provided it does what you need it to do. The Slack Wagon certainly fits the bill. It’s a USA-designed and built rig from a family-owned business whose founders have extensive outdoor experience.

In other words, the Slack Wagon has been tested, tested, and tested again in the real world by experts who know how a trailer needs to perform in overlanding and off-road situations. That means when you drive away with your Slack Wagon in tow, you’ll be primed and ready for an adventure like no other!

Learn more about the Big Slack Off-Road Slack Wagon

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