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9 Best Fire-Starting Kits Worth Having

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We all love a cozy fire at camp…

It provides a nice space to cook or sit down and relax after a long day of overlanding. However, without the right tools starting a fire can become frustrating and tiring very quickly.

In this article, we will go through the nine best fire-starting kits you should always keep in your truck!

Best Fire-Starting Kits: UST Blastmatch Fire Starter

UST Blastmatch Fire Starter

Firestarters don’t get much easier to operate than the Blastmatch. It can be operated using just one hand! This can be extremely valuable in case one of your two arms is injured in an unfavorable situation.

The way it works is simple – inside lies a patented flint bar and a tungsten carbide striker. By pushing the outer shell of the kit downwards, the flint bar and carbide come in contact and targeted sparks are produced whether you’re in the dry, wet, or cold.

The outer shell is also waterproof and can lock into place to prevent accidental sparks from occurring. Just two features that make this one of the best fire-starting kits!

Learn more about the UST Blastmatch

Light My Fire FireSteel Army Magnesium Firestarter BIO

Light My Fire FireSteel Army Magnesium Firestarter BIO

The Light My Fire FireSteel was originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense. It won’t let you down regardless of the weather!

You can use it to light a fire or a stove. It will work at any altitude and in any weather, and even when the flint is wet – which is just what you want when you’re overlanding.

The flint is extra large for ease of use and the scraper includes an emergency whistle just in case.

To use it, simply scrape off the protective color of the fire stick, push the lighter down over the stick, and you’re good to go

This is a basic and compact starter kit yet one of the best fire-starting kits money can buy. It will take no space in your truck or bag; therefore, you should bring one with you! 

Learn more about the Light My Fire FireSteel Army Magnesium Firestarter BIO

Top Fire-Starting Kits: Exotac Nanostriker XL Fire Starter

Exotac Nanostriker XL Fire Starter

If outstanding quality and attention to detail are what you are looking for, then the Nanostriker XL is the way to go.

This Firestarter uses O-rings to keep it completely sealed from the elements. Furthermore, it is surrounded by a very pretty and durable aluminum outer shell giving it a premium finish.

When in contact with its exceptionally sharp striker, the replaceable ferrocerium and magnesium fire rod can produce sparks of up to 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This will make lighting up a fire easy! What you give is what you get though, the quality of this kit is reflected in its price tag.   

Learn more about the Exotac Nanostriker XL Fire Starter

CRKT Spark’N Sharp Fire Starter

CRKT Spark’N Sharp Fire Starter

If you want to take the minimalistic approach towards starting your fire, then look no further than the CRKT Spark’N Sharp fire starter.

This tiny tool won’t just light up your fire, but it can also sharpen your knife with a sliding plate that can double as a tungsten blade sharpener or a steel striker.

This tiny tool is only 2.8 inches long and weighs just 1.3 ounces, but it can be very versatile for your fire-starting kit. Additionally, everything is threaded onto a lanyard to ensure both pieces stay together while also making carrying it around even easier. 

Learn more about the CRKT Spark’N Sharp Fire Starter

Affordable Fire-Starting Kits: MSR Strike Igniter

MSR Strike Igniter

Tired of searching for your tiny black fire tool down the bottom of a pitch-black backpack? MSR has you covered!

Most manufacturers make their fire starters black; however, MSR decided to go with red. This way locating it in the darkness or a bag becomes much easier.

After finding your bright red starter, using it for what it is meant for will be a charm. The ferrocerium flint and carbide steel can produce sparks of up to 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It will last between 3,000 and 12,000 strikes and you also get a bottle opener for those cold beers around the fire, making this a great fire-starting kit and a handy tool for good times around the fire!

Learn more about the MSR Strike Igniter

SOG Flint

SOG flint

The SOG Flint looks a lot like the Nanostriker XL. However, this one has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

At the top, you will find an emergency whistle and at the bottom is a carbide-tipped glass breaker. Perfectly useful for when you roll that rig while being a bit too ambitious!

This little pencil-like fire starter also includes a compartment to store your steel wool tinder. If that wasn’t enough, it comes with a lifetime warranty for the added peace of mind as well! 

Learn more about the SOG Flint

Learn More:

Long-Lasting Fire-Starting Kits: Vargo Ultimate Fire Starter

Vargo Ultimate Fire Starter

The Vargo Ultimate fire Starter takes it a step further with a stainless-steel body that can lengthen from 5.9 inches to 18.2”. When fully extended, it can be used as a long straw to gently feed the fire with oxygen turning small sparks into a full-blown flame.

It will even ignite wet wood! By unscrewing the cap, you will find a ferrocerium rod that you can scrape alongside the integrated ferrocerium steel to create sparks. 

Learn more about the Vargo Ultimate Fire Starter

SOL Mag Striker 

SOL Mag Striker 

The SOL Mag Striker works a little differently…

Included in the kit are a steel striker, flint rod, and a side made from magnesium for scrapping.

After you have built your small pile of tinder and kindling, you shave a bit of magnesium in it. The magnesium is easily ignited by the sparks produced from the striker and your fire is up and burning in no time!

Although a bit bulkier, this fire-starting kit will always be reliable when it comes to getting your fire going.

Learn more about the SOL Mag Striker

Zippo Emergency Fire-Starting Kit

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

If flint and steel aren’t your thing, look no further than the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter.

Their emergency fire kit includes five small paraffin wax-coated, cotton spark tinders. When the cotton is fluffed it catches fire easily by using the familiar Zippo flint spark wheel. The little cotton wheels can be poked through a stick to transfer the small fire to your tinder or kindling. The kit comes with five cotton tinders that can be stored in a waterproof container at the bottom of the kit. 

The biggest drawback of this kit is that you will need spare spark tinders regularly. The opinions on this one are mixed, but if this looks more convenient to you then go ahead!

Learn more about the Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

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