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5 Types of Off-Roaders – Where Do You Fit?

 photo by chokchaipoomichaiya via iStock

Just like with any hobby, in the case of off-roading and overlanding, we have different types of people who enjoy driving through different terrain. 

Some have stock vehicles and others highly modified ones. 

In today’s article, we are going over five of the most common types of off-roaders to help you understand in which one you fit best.

Adventurers Who Run Stock Vehicles

overlanding suv

 photo by piola666 via iStock

These are the types of off-roaders who love getting out camping in nature, but do not feel the need to tackle tough tracks. 

The company of friends and a campfire is enough. However, if they do happen to have a more off-road-ready vehicle from the factory they can tackle trails that are a bit tougher to drive. 

Stock vehicles are the ones that have no suspension upgrades, but might have tires and recovery points to provide more grip and safer recoveries.

Types of Off-Roaders: The Overlander 


 photo by maxrlx via iStock

Overlanders usually have vehicles with great capabilities and a lot of storage space.

These are people who love going out in remote areas to get away from the world and have fun with friends.

The terrain they drive on can be challenging or just normal dirt roads. 

Vehicle modifications usually involve bumpers, tires, lift kits, additional fuel storage, and some sort of electrical setup to keep everything charged when off-grid.

This type of off-roader seems to be becoming the most famous of all as more and more people are starting to take part in this type of driving.

The Build For the Hobbyist

Jeeps in a line

 photo by 1000kbps via iStock

These are the types of off-roaders that are built to be able to hit the tough trails but still behave on the road. They usually have tires along the sizes of 35-40 inches, lower gearing in the transfer case and differentials, lockers front and rear, and lift kits of more than 4 inches that mostly focus on suspension travel and articulation.

People who build these trucks might use them to drive around town on a Friday, hit the off-road park on Saturday, and go to the mall on Sunday.

Versatility and capability are the keys here. 

Types of Off-Roaders: The Fully Built Trucks

Types of Off-Roaders The Fully Built Trucks

 photo by ferrantraite via iStock

The fully built trucks are the crazy builds. The ones with the roll cages, one-tone axles, lower gearing, lockers, and big V8s. They are built by the kinds of people who love to have fun and push the limits of what is possible in a 4wd. 

In most cases, these trucks cannot be driven on the road and are required to be towed to the off-road parks. 

They may be expensive and difficult to create and maintain but there is no doubt they are a tonne of fun to watch and drive. 

The Racing Class

rock crawling

 photo by avid_creative via iStock

Finally, we have the types of off-roaders who also love speed and adrenaline. This results in trucks that often have more than 800hp, are built from scratch by steel tubes, have racing suspension, and are built with competition in mind.

Such builds can have eye-watering prices, but the results are worth all the effort and money as they push off-road technology and driver ability to the limits.

What do you think? Have we left any common type of off-roader behind? 

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