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5 Family Tent Camping Tips

Image by monkeybusinessimages via iStock

Family tent camping is more than just a holiday. It’s an adventure filled with shared experiences that bring families closer to nature and each other. It’s about waking up to the morning chirp of birds, witnessing the glorious sunset, and breathing in the freshness of the great outdoors.

However, translating this dream into reality always requires meticulous planning. From choosing the ideal camping site to setting up a cozy shelter, every aspect demands attention. Especially when the camping party involves children, the challenge intensifies.

Today, we want to reveal five essential family tent camping tips. So, let’s leave the city noise behind and prepare to step into the wilderness, blending the thrill of exploration with the warmth of family bonds. Your memorable journey starts here.

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Find a Family Tent Camping Site 

Camping site with camping tents on summer field sunset sky during camping holidays

Image by splendens via iStock

Choosing the perfect campsite is key to a memorable family tent camping trip. It’s not just a place to sleep, but the launchpad for all your adventures. Websites like recreation.gov and iOverlander can be a goldmine of information, offering a wealth of options with detailed features and camper reviews.

But remember, not all campsites are family-friendly. Some cater solely to adults, so always check campsite regulations before booking. Look for sites that not only welcome children but also offer kid-friendly amenities and activities for a fun-filled trip.

The amenities you want will further guide your campsite selection. Do you require clean restrooms, picnic tables, fire rings, or play areas? By identifying your needs, you can quickly narrow down your options and find the best fit.

Lastly, consider the campsite’s location. A site near trails, lakes, or viewpoints can add an extra layer of excitement to your camping trip. So, research well and choose wisely for a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable family tent camping experience.




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Get a Tent Large Enough for the Family 

MSR Habitude from BTR OutfittersImage Credit: BTR Outfitters

Your tent is your home away from home. When family tent camping, size matters. A small, cramped tent can dampen spirits, whereas a spacious one, like the MSR Habitude, offers room to comfortably sleep six. This tent is designed to handle the rigors of primitive camping, making it perfect for outdoor adventure families.

The Habitude 6 comes with a high ceiling and vertical sidewalls, ensuring everyone can move about comfortably. Whether lounging or standing to change, space is never an issue. A wide entry door facilitates easy entry and exit, a detail that often gets overlooked.

MSR Habitude inside from BTR OutfittersBuilt to endure rough use, this tent features robust fabrics, super-sturdy pole geometry, and smooth-glide YKK stainless steel zipper sliders. It sets up quickly, even with just one adult and a small helper, thanks to hubbed poles, large, color-coded pole clips, and a simple design.

With plenty of space, ease of setup, and quality construction, the MSR Habitude is an ideal option for your family tent camping trips!

ZeroBreeze Mark2

Summer family tent camping can get hot, but you can always turn on your ZeroBreeze Mark 2 as a solution. This portable air conditioner helps maintain a comfortable tent temperature, making those summer nights much more enjoyable. With its 2300 BTU cooling power, you can keep your large family camping tent cool, regardless of the summer heat outside.

Bring an Additional Shelter for Family Tent Camping 

Image Credit: Amazon

When it comes to family tent camping, space to unwind is critical. While a large family camping tent is great for sleeping, having an additional shelter can significantly enhance your outdoor experience. Enter the CLAM Quick-Set Pop-Up Outdoor Camping Gazebo – a lightweight, portable shelter designed to protect you from the elements.

This 6-sided pop-up canopy is spacious enough to accommodate up to 8 people, or a picnic table and a few camping chairs. In less than 45 seconds, it can provide a haven where the family can eat, play games, or just hang out without feeling crammed.

Built with no-see-um mesh screen and an extra-wide skirt, the CLAM Gazebo keeps the bugs out, making it perfect for picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities. Its robust 210 denier Poly-Oxford fabric and roof with taped seams ensure that this canopy is not just stylish, but protective.

The added convenience of built-in corner grommets for staking down from the inside, hub pull straps for easy setup, and I-bolts to secure external tie-down straps make the CLAM Gazebo a valuable asset for your family tent camping adventures. Indeed, a little extra shelter goes a long way in ensuring a comfortable and memorable camping experience.

Make Meal Prep Easier When Family Tent Camping 

tire table 14

While the adventures and activities are a massive part of family tent camping, let’s not forget one of the cornerstones of any camping trip – the food! Meal prep in the great outdoors can be a unique challenge. You need to pack light, yet ensure everyone is well-fed and satisfied.

This is where the Tire Table comes in. This ingenious device, which mounts directly to your vehicle’s tire, provides a stable, solid surface for preparing and serving meals. The fact that it requires no tools or hitch to install makes it a convenient addition to your camping gear.

tire table 8

Made from rust-resistant, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, the Tire Table is lightweight yet sturdy, capable of holding up to 50 lbs. Whether you’re making sandwiches for lunch or grilling steaks for dinner, this table ensures your food prep goes smoothly.

Its compact design and retractable leg for additional support make it a functional and practical solution for your family tent camping meal preparations. The Tire Table truly takes the hassle out of meal prep, allowing you to focus more on enjoying the meal with your family.

Keep Your Kids Entertained

Family with children in the evening on camping near campfire

Image by LuckyBusiness via iStock

In the grand expanse of nature, it’s easy to think that the kids will always find something to entertain themselves. But sometimes, the novelty can wear off, and you’ll need to come prepared to keep those little minds engaged and happy.

Start by packing a mix of games, books, and portable art supplies. These items can be a lifesaver during downtime or if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Moreover, board games are a great way to promote family bonding, and books can encourage quiet, individual time.

But don’t limit your entertainment to within the tent. Plan for outdoor adventures too! Hiking, bird-watching, scavenger hunts, or a simple game of tag could run out their energy and make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Lastly, remember, the key to family tent camping is to make it fun and memorable. The activities you plan can cultivate a love for nature in your kids and create memories that will last a lifetime. So keep the entertainment varied and everyone engaged – and you’ll have the best family tent camping experience possible.

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