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5 Advantages of Camping in a Lightweight Teardrop Trailer

Modern camping is no longer just about roughing it in the wild. Today, it’s about blending the thrill of nature with the comforts of home. The lightweight teardrop trailer is a testament to this evolution, offering campers a unique blend of convenience and adventure. The Boony Stomper by Sunnyside Offroad stands at the forefront of this revolution. 

Choosing the right camping gear can make or break an expedition. With myriad options available, the decision can be overwhelming. However, understanding the distinct advantages of a lightweight teardrop trailer can simplify the choice.

This week, we’ll delve deep into the benefits of the Boony Stomper. From its nimbleness on the trail to its customizable features, we’ll uncover why it’s becoming the go-to choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

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A Lightweight Teardrop Trailer is More Nimble

Polaris Pulling A Boony Stomper

Navigating challenging terrains often requires equipment that can adapt and respond. Bulky trailers, though spacious, frequently falter when faced with narrow paths or rough trails. This is where the Boony Stomper’s design shines, offering a solution to the common challenges posed by difficult terrains.

Weighing in at just 720 lbs with a 100 lb tongue weight, the Boony Stomper is a marvel of engineering. These lightweight specifications ensure that the trailer is not just easy to tow but also remarkably nimble. Whether you’re maneuvering through dense forests or ascending steep mountain roads, the trailer responds with agility.

Furthermore, its dimensions of 119 inches in length and 74 inches at its widest provide a perfect balance. It’s compact enough to traverse tight spots, yet spacious enough to ensure comfort and utility. This balance is pivotal, especially when navigating terrains where every inch matters.




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You Can Still Haul a Lot of Gear in a Lightweight Teardrop Trailer


A common misconception is that lightweight trailers compromise on storage space. However, the Boony Stomper defies this notion, proving that a compact design doesn’t mean skimping on storage. For campers who love to be prepared, having ample space for gear is non-negotiable, and the Boony Stomper delivers in this aspect.

Inside, the lightweight teardrop trailer boasts spacious interior cabinets that are thoughtfully designed. These cabinets ensure that every essential, from cooking gear to personal items, has its designated spot. The self-latching doors add an extra layer of security, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and intact even on the bumpiest of rides.

For those who believe there’s no such thing as too much storage, the Boony Stomper offers even more. Campers have the option to add a custom roof rack, perfect for larger items or equipment that might be used frequently. Additionally, the tongue box provides another layer of storage, ensuring that every piece of gear has its place.

A Lightweight Teardrop Trailer Still Has Plenty of Amenities

Boony Stomper camping in the woods

Lightweight often gets misconstrued as lacking in amenities, but the Boony Stomper is set to debunk that myth as well. Just because it’s streamlined doesn’t mean it’s bare-bones; on the contrary, the Boony Stomper is packed with features designed for modern campers.

Step inside, and you’re greeted with a finished interior that feels both cozy and functional. The linoleum floors are easy to clean after a day’s adventure, while the carpeted walls and headboard add a touch of luxury. It’s evident that every detail, from the layout to the choice of materials, has been meticulously thought through to enhance the camping experience.

Beyond aesthetics, the trailer’s features are all about functionality. The DOT-approved LED lights ensure visibility and safety during nighttime adventures. The 2” SAE-rated, class 4 locking ball coupler ensures a secure connection to your vehicle, while the internal frame wiring protects the trailer lights from potential damage.

This Lightweight Teardrop Trailer Also Has a Robust Off-Road Suspension 

boony stomper suspension

The essence of an off-road adventure lies in the unpredictability of terrain. From rugged trails to uneven paths, each journey presents its unique challenges. While the Boony Stomper’s lightweight design aids in maneuverability, its true prowess is magnified by its robust off-road suspension, ensuring a smooth ride regardless of the terrain.

Central to this superior ride quality is the custom-fabricated, long-travel, independent trailing arm suspension. This isn’t just any ordinary setup; it’s engineered to adapt and respond to the most challenging terrains. The inclusion of load-adjusting shocks further refines the ride, absorbing jolts and ensuring stability even on the roughest grounds.

You Can Customize This Lightweight Trailer to Your Heart’s Content 

blue Boony Stomper with a doggo

The beauty of the Boony Stomper lies not just in its standard offerings but also in its adaptability. Recognizing that each camper has unique preferences and needs, Sunnyside Offroad ensures that the Boony Stomper isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it offers a canvas that campers can customize to their heart’s content, tailoring their trailer to match their individual adventures.

For those who prioritize comfort, options like the custom fit 6” dual-density foam mattress promise restful nights in the wild. For tech-savvy campers, the Jackery Portable Power Station add-ons provide the convenience of electricity, ensuring that devices remain charged and functional even off the grid. These features underscore the trailer’s adaptability, catering to a broad spectrum of camper preferences.

Beyond comfort and tech, the Boony Stomper also offers functional upgrades. Some standout add-ons include the CVT Pioneer Series Awning, available in 55″, 79″, and 99″ sizes, ensuring shade and shelter. The Folding Side Table offers utility, especially when cooking or dining outdoors. 


Where is the Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper Built?

The Boony Stomper is meticulously crafted in Reno, Nevada. Being US-based means it adheres to the highest quality standards, promising a product that’s both durable and high-performing.

What is the base price of a Boony Stomper?

Offering a blend of quality and features, the Boony Stomper is priced at a competitive base rate of $10,250. This cost reflects the trailer’s superior build and its array of amenities, making it a valuable investment for camping aficionados.

What other amenities can you add to a Boony Stomper?

The customization options for the Boony Stomper are diverse and tailored for convenience. The Interior Cargo Nets, including cell phone holders, help in organizing personal items efficiently. For those seeking power solutions, the External AC Power Port and USB Charging Port ensure devices remain charged, enhancing the overall camping experience.

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