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4 Essential Tips for Camping in the Rain

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It is a wonderful, soothing feeling to lie in a warm sleeping bag and listen to the sound of raindrops falling on your tent roof. Camping in the rain can actually be really fun and doesn’t have to make you feel miserable. A little know-how of camping in the rain will turn a wet weekend into a surprisingly beautiful experience that you’ll remember fondly.

Would you like to know how to turn your tent into an oasis of well-being and what activities you can do to have a good time while it’s pouring outside? Let’s jump into our easy-to-follow tips for camping in the rain and make your wet camping trip an enchanting adventure!

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Take Care Choosing Your Campsite

tent in a misty forest

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No matter how green the grass and how soft the moss is, never set up your tent in a dip. During heavy rain, an impressive amount of water can collect even in small depressions. In principle, it’s not bad if the place is a bit sloping, so the water can flow in one direction. Better to sleep on a slight incline and be dry! 

It is also best to choose a spot with sandy soil, if possible, so the rainwater can seep away and doesn’t accumulate beneath your tent. Finding a spot with an incline will help, but a spot with well-draining soil will make your experience all the better.

Surprisingly, trees are not a good place to be in the rain. Long after the rain has stopped, drops of water keep falling on the tent. A place where the sun can shine on your tent is ideal so that it dries (and warms up) quickly.

If you’re in an established campground, try to strike a balance between a spot that’s secluded and away from other campers with one that’s near the restroom. No one likes to camp too close to the bathroom, but when you have a rainy stay ahead of you, a shorter walk to the bathroom will be appreciated! 

Tips for Camping in the Rain: A Good Multitool is a Must

forrest tool 3

Whether you’re camping in the rain or not, a good multitool is a must-have item. In rainy situations, you can use a tool like the Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit to dig trenches for diverting rainwater away from your tent.

In fact, the MAX Toolkit offers an array of tools that are useful in camping situations. Use the 3.5-pound Hudson Bay Ax Head to chop wood and the shovel to dig a fire pit. The pick and broad pick would be ideal options for trench digging, too.

Additionally, the MAX Toolkit comes with a Mattock Blade, Combination McLeod, and a rake and hoe fastener as well. See the MAX Toolkit in action in our video above.

In addition to the attachments mentioned above, the MAX Toolkit comes with six lock pins for securing attachments to the 34-inch composite polyglass handle, an embossed leather ax sheath, and a Cordura carrying case.

forrest tool company max ax with sheath

In other words, this is a beast of a tool that’s easy to handle, supremely functional, and doesn’t take up much room in your vehicle. It’s the perfect companion for your overlanding and off-roading trips!

Expand the Footprint of Your Living Space

tips for camping in the rain - bring a tarp

Wouldn’t you like to spend the grey, wet days in a cozy place and enjoy nature in good company? Then here’s the best tip for you; create an outdoor living room. Set up a camping table with some chairs. Fairy lights and the warm light of candles create a homely atmosphere.

Large tarps and tarpaulins can provide the necessary rain protection outside. We recommend using this Amazon Basics tarp to take care of it all. It’s 8 ft by 10 ft and comes with reinforced corners and edges for long-lasting durability. 

When camping in the rain, many campers rely primarily on waterproof tent walls. But it is at least as important that you protect yourself from water that can come from the bottom. Therefore, you can place another Amazon Basics Waterproof Camping Tarp under your tent before setting it up. Doing so helps keep your tent dry and keep you happy!

Tips for Camping in the Rain: Bring Entertainment

tips for camping in the rain - bring entertainment

Photo by Rawpixel via iStock

You should never have to sit in the tent all day and stare at the walls. There are so many interesting things you can do with your friends and family in the tent. You just need the right tips for camping in the rain and execute them well.

As a basic solution, you can bring card games to play on the tent floor if you enjoy them. Classic games like Battleship also won’t take up much space in your luggage and are loved by both old & young. We also love playing the trivia game I Should Have Known That in the tent on long, rainy evenings.

Though the first thoughts of a rainy weekend of camping might be of how miserable you’ll be, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you take these tips for camping in the rain to heart, you’ll be prepared for the wet and still have a great time!

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