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4 Critical Parts to Upgrade for Off-Roading

Photo by FOTOGRAFIA INC. via iStock

Trucks can perform decently off-road straight from the factory. However, with a few off-roading accessories, they can be personalized to perform even better based on your own specific needs. 

These parts usually fall under the categories of storage, navigation, durability, and off-road capabilities. 

To help make your modification process easier, this article discusses four parts to upgrade for off-roading with your 4WD. This will give you a good base to create the truck of your dreams! 

Table of Contents 

Parts to Upgrade For Off-Roading – Secure And Easily Accessible Storage. 

cargo dog wrangler pic2

The first item on our parts to upgrade for off-roading list is a storage solution that will help you make the most out of the space available in your truck. One of our favorite products to do so is Cargo Dog.

This is a product made for Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators, two of America’s most famous adventure trucks. What we love about this product is that it provides additional storage space that is completely incognito. The more we can hide away our gear, the less of a chance we have of that gear getting stolen. It is also lockable, which further increases security.

cargo dog 2

Cargo Dog can be installed so discreetly because it sits flush with your Jeep’s floor (and it’s also covered with carpet). This makes it look like an original part of the vehicle rather than an aftermarket upgrade. 

Now, since this is a product that sits down low, it needs to support the weight of gear on top of it. This has been taken into account because Cargo Dog is built to last with heavy-duty materials. Its robust build will keep anything you have stored inside protected while also giving you a stable base for storing additional gear on top. Installation is also a breeze, as shown in the video below:

The layout of this storage system makes for a great space to store anything from clothing to spare parts and tools. The flat design makes finding stuff inside easy, while the tough structure gives the system the strength needed to carry heavy items like spare parts. Each compartment even has lighting to make it that much easier to find what you need!

And with the option to cover 40%, 60%, or 100% of the rear seat area, you can customize this system to meet your specific needs.

cargo dog 1

At the end of the day, investing in off-roading gear for your vehicle should be about adding functional, reliable, and well-built items that improve your ability to travel safely and comfortably. That’s exactly what Cargo Dog does for you!

This is a made-in-the-USA product that’s beautifully designed and integrates seamlessly into a Wrangler or Gladiator. You can even get your own and save some cash by using our coupon code 4WD10 to get 10 percent off! 

Parts to Upgrade For Off-Roading – Suspension

Fox Suspension

Image Credit: Fox

Next on our parts to upgrade for off-roading list is the suspension.

When off-roading, the suspension system of our vehicles takes a beating. Therefore, we need to make sure that the necessary upgrades have been carried out. These upgrades will improve off-road abilities and durability, drastically reducing the chance of getting stranded while off-roading. 

But how does an upgraded suspension system work in this instance? Well, aftermarket units come with larger shock absorbers that can take more oil. This increases their load capacity and their cooling abilities. When off-roading, these key differences mean that you can carry more weight over rough roads without experiencing suspension fade. 

An upgraded suspension unit from a brand like FOX also comes with stiffer springs that reduce body roll while increasing the payload. Overlanding requires gear like tents, a kitchen setup, and a storage solution like the Cargo Dog above. We first need to ensure our vehicle can safely handle the additional weight to install these accessories. 

Parts to Upgrade For Off-Roading – Tires

BF Goodrich all-terrain

Tires are an item on our parts to upgrade for off-roading list that go hand in hand with the suspension. In fact, tires might be even more important. The obvious reason to upgrade a 4×4’s tires is to gain more traction; however, that is certainly not the only reason. 

 Off-road tires also provide enhanced puncture resistance – an attribute that normal road-based tires do not typically provide. Off-road tires, especially mud terrains, have thick sidewalls that can take hits from sharp rocks without ripping apart. When driving through remote areas, this is an invaluable asset. 

 Our tires of choice are BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrains. This tire has been on the market for years and is tried and tested in every possible environment. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

 When choosing between a mud-terrain and an all-terrain, the main point to keep in mind is that the mud-terrain will be louder and will last for fewer miles on the road but will perform better off-road. The all-terrain is the exact opposite. If you want to hit really tough trails, mud-terrain tires are worth it. If not, an all-terrain will be just fine.

Parts to Upgrade For Off-Roading – Winch

Warn Winch

The final item on the parts to upgrade for off-roading list is a winch.

Now, a winch isn’t always necessary. However, if you are doing a lot of solo traveling, we highly recommend you equip your vehicle with one. You will be surprised by how helpful a winch can be in many different sticky situations. It may be an expensive product, but in dangerous situations, it will pay for itself tenfold. 

Why is that? Well, a winch can get you out of the obvious, like deep mud or sand.

However, it can also help clear a road of fallen trees, get a mate unstuck, or even stop your truck from rolling over. There are countless situations where a simple mistake can put us on the edge of rolling over, and a winch is the only controlled recovery method that can put you back on four wheels safely. 

In our opinion, the best brand to go for is Warn. Their years of experience and superb customer support are worth the premium price. 

Final Thoughts

Offroad car 4wd closeup photo of big wheel

Photo by molchanovdmitry via iStock

There are many parts to upgrade for off-roading before you hit the trails. But from our point of view, the four outlined above are some of the most essential.

By upgrading these components, you will have a great base to continue building upon that will serve you well for years. Remember, you don’t need to install everything at once. You can start with the most important items based on your specific use and make additional upgrades as time (and budget!) allow. 

Head over to the forum section of our site to ask or answer more gear-related questions for off-roading!

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