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3 Upgrades for Your Off-Road Trailer

Many off-road trailers these days come packed to the gills with incredible features. I know that’s the case with my TurtleBack Expedition trailer

But if you have a bare-bones off-road trailer and want to give it a bit of an upgrade, I’ve got some suggestions for you.

Upgrades for your off-road trailer run the gamut from better wheels and tires to outdoor showers to improved LED lighting to articulating hitches – and much more. But which ones would I add to my rig?

Let’s find out!

Upgrades for Your Off-Road Trailer: An Articulating Hitch

articulating trailer hitch

Likely the first thing I would invest in for my off-road trailer is an articulating trailer hitch like the one pictured above.

With a good articulating hitch, you won’t have to worry about the herky-jerky motion of the trailer while you’re on the trail. It will make towing the trailer much easier and it will help minimize wear and tear on the hitch, the receiver, your tow vehicle, and the trailer.

What makes hitches like this so valuable is that they offer traditional left-to-right movement along with up and down articulation. You also get 360-degrees of rotation. With that kind of movement, you can tackle the toughest trails and the tightest turns with confidence.

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Get an Awning While You’re at It

off-road trailer upgrade awning

Off-road trailers aren’t exactly fifth-wheel land mansions where you can spread out and relax with your friends. Sure, my Torro Offroad Skylux tent that’s on top of my trailer has a king mattress in it, but that doesn’t mean I want to cozy up in there with my best bud Bobby, either.

Having an awning gives you extra “living space” where you can hang out with your buddies, eat dinner, or watch a thunderstorm roll by, all while being protected from the elements. Whether you need some shade or need to keep dry or something in between, an awning will prove to be one of the best upgrades for your off-road trailer.

Better still, you can get awnings in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some awnings even convert into an enclosed annex room, which is handy for blocking the wind when winter camping or having a changing room when you’ve been playing in the creek.

You can add mosquito netting, get an awning that extends around your trailer for even more protection, and you can even get awnings without poles or tie-downs (like the one shown above), provided you’ll be in low wind areas. The possibilities are endless!

Upgrades for Your Off-Road Trailer: An Outdoor Shower

shower tent

There’s nothing quite like getting dirty on the trail – mud in your hair, grit in your teeth, and your clothes caked with dirt.

Of course, going to bed with all that gunk all over you isn’t nearly as cool…

My Turtleback Expedition trailer has an outdoor shower and it is one of my favorite features of the trailer. It’s not only great for me, but when my son comes along on my adventures, it’s nice to get him washed up and clean before bedtime.

But you don’t just have to use the outdoor shower for showering. You can use it to spray the sand off your feet when you’re camping in the desert. You can also rinse off any gear that’s gotten dirty over the course of the day.

And, yes, outdoor showers often come with a shower stall like the one shown above so you get some privacy along with your shower!

Like I said earlier, there are a myriad of upgrades you can make to your trailer to make it more functional and capable. But for me, these are three of the best ones money can buy!

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