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2023 Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $150

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The great thing about shopping for someone that loves outdoor activities is that you can find incredible gifts at many different price points…

This guide dives into holiday gifts under $150, and as you’ll see, there’s no shortage of gifts that will bring a smile to your loved ones face whether they love camping, overlanding, off-roading, or a combination thereof.

Sure, there’s still several months until the holiday season arrives, but you might as well get started early, right?! Let’s see what suggestions we’ve found this year for your favorite outdoor enthusiast!

Holiday Gifts Under $150: JumpMedic Hard Shell First Aid Kit

jumpmedic hard shell first aid

One of the most important items you can have in your overlanding and off-roading gear is a high-quality first aid kit. The operative word here is “high-quality,” which, unfortunately, many first aid kits are not.

Unlike cheap kits you can get online that include a bunch of fluff, the JumpMedic Hard Shell First Aid Kit is chock full of crucial items that will prove their weight in gold in any emergency, whether you’re in the kitchen, camping in your RV, or exploring remote wilderness trails on your side-by-side.

jumpmedic hard shell 1

In addition to typical supplies like a mylar blanket, rolled gauze, and medical tape, this first aid kit features antiseptic spray, transparent dressings, and trauma shears. You’ll find an arm splint, a finger splint, and multiple sets of medium and large-sized gloves.

Moreover, JumpMedic has included items like a BleedStop, an ABD pad, and a cold pack. There’s a thermometer, various sizes of gauze, and multiple pain relief medications, too. The list goes on!

jump medic holiday gift guide under $150

These items (and many, many more) are neatly organized in a hard shell case that’s 9.5x8x4.5 inches in size and 3.5 pounds when fully stocked. Heck, there’s even a 7x5x1 inch loadable JumpMedic Mini First Aid Kit that can be stocked with items for quick trips!

In other words, JumpMedic has thought of everything with this kit, which makes sense because the company’s founder and owner has been a firefighter and paramedic for more than 12 years! 

jumpmedic holiday gifts under $150

This holiday season, you have an opportunity to give a gift that truly keeps on giving – and can make a significant difference in the health and safety of your loved one. Sure, there are cheaper kits out there, but when it comes to being prepared for emergencies, cutting corners is not something you want to do. This is a you-get-what-you-pay-for situation, to be sure!

Note that this kit is extremely popular and is currently on a 60-day backorder.

Learn more about the JumpMedic Hard Shell First Aid Kit

Holiday Gifts Under $150: Tire-Rite Severe Duty Performance Digital Air Inflator

tire rite under $150 gift guide

A high-quality tire gauge is one of the most essential tools in your overlanding and off-roading rig. And when it comes to quality gauges that can handle the rough-and-tumble environment of overlanding and off-roading, Tire-Rite is a prime choice.

This IP54-rated air/hydraulic digital gauge measures tire pressure from 0-300 PSI with +/-.1 accuracy. The auto-locking design with high-precision threaded fittings offers an airtight seal, while the patented one-finger release locking DREAM Auto-Air Chuck makes operation a breeze. In fact, just depress the handle all the way to inflate the tire, then depress it halfway to deflate the tire. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

tire rite inflator

What’s more, Tire-Rite has outfitted the gauge with a blue backlight with auto shut off and a Continental ContiTech F5 Hybrid hose. The unit runs on AAA batteries (which are included), giving you more than 3,600 hours of usage. On top of all that, the gauge measures PSI, kPA bars, and kgf/cm2.

tire rite digital inflator

If your tires have water in them, if you’re in the mud and muck, the rain or snow, this gauge is ready to get the job done because it’s specifically built for extreme weather situations. And all this is in a 10 × 4 × 4-inch package that weighs just 1.5 pounds.

In other words, it’s a compact, functional, well-made gauge that you can easily throw in your vehicle for use when you’re on the highway, touring difficult wilderness trails, and all points in between!

Learn more about the Tire-Rite 

Holiday Gifts Under $150: MSR Quick 2 Cook Set From BTR Outfitters

71bu7VRchZL. AC SL1500

Every camping and overlanding enthusiast needs a good cook set, and for that, it’s tough to beat the products from MSR…

MSR has been in this business for a long, long time and has perfected its gear to be reliable, durable, and functional – just what you want! The Quick 2 Cook Set certainly ticks all these boxes for your loved one’s cooking needs while camping.

This is a complete cooking and eating system, meaning it pulls double duty for camping cooking needs. The set includes the following:

  • A 1.5-liter hard-anodized nonstick pot
  • A 2.5-liter hard-anodized pot
  • An aluminum strainer lid
  • Two DeepDish plates
  • Two insulated mugs
  • A Talon pot handle

5181E9sh8SL. AC SL1000

Of course, MSR designed this system to be compact, so it all nests together to save space. On top of that, you can choose either a nonstick or an uncoated pot, depending on your needs.
With deep dishes to contain hearty camp meals and insulated mugs to keep your cocoa or other drinks nice and warm, the MSR Quick 2 system is everything you need to eat and drink well on your adventures (and your loved ones on their adventures, too!).

Learn more about the MSR Quick 2 Cook Set From BTR Outfitters

Holiday Gifts Under $150: Tailgater Tire Table

tire table 30

One of my personal favorite overlanding accessories is my Tailgater Tire Table. I have the large version, and it is an outstanding addition to my camp setup because it offers space to cook, eat, work, and play.

If you don’t need a bigger table, the Tailgater regular steel table is a great option. At 1.5″D x 29″W x 23″H, you still get ample space for whatever you need to do, but in a smaller form factor than the large table.

Tailgater Tire Table by an SUV

As with all Tire Tables, deploying the table is as simple as hooking it onto a tire and deploying the support leg. It takes a few seconds to get setup, and after that, you have a rock-solid surface for getting tasks done.

Of course, the black steel construction makes the table ultimately durable for long-term use. Put hot pots on top of it without worry, and leave it out in the rain and snow without concern that the table will suffer ill effects.

What’s more, though it only weighs 13 pounds, it can hold up to 50 pounds. As something that’s well-made, portable, and has multiple uses, this is a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season!

Learn more about the Tailgater Tire Table

Holiday Gifts Under $150: Goal Zero Venture 75 Portable Charger Power Bank

410YaiDoFTL. AC SL1001

Portable power is a must for camping and overlanding these days, but not everyone needs a generator or full-on power station. Instead, something like the Goal Zero Venture 75 Portable Charger Power Bank does the trick!

This handy little gadget offers 19200mAh of power that enables you or a loved one to power multiple devices at the same time while you’re camping or overlanding. The unit has two USB-A outputs that produce 15W maximum power, which is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, and other small electronics.

61BZAuIbGrL. AC SL1001

The power bank is ready to go for camping in adverse conditions, too. Its rugged build ensures durable performance on rough-and-tumble trips, while the weatherproof design means you can use it in the rain and snow without concern that it will fall victim to the elements. There’s even a protective sleeve for the power bank to enhance its resistance to weather, and the waterproof port plug makes the unit rustproof, waterproof, and weatherproof, too!

But since this is a Goal Zero product, it isn’t just a power bank…Instead, Goal Zero has incorporated a 50-lumen flashlight so it pulls double duty for you around camp!

Learn more about the Goal Zero Venture 75 Portable Charger Power Bank

Holiday Gifts Under $150: Front Runner Typhoon Bag from BTR Outfitters

front runner typhoon

If the loved one you’re shopping for this holiday season needs a little extra space for gear, the Front Runner Typhoon Bag from BTR Outfitters should be on your radar…

While some folks need a rocket box or hitch-mounted storage box for their extra gear, others might not need quite that much space. Not only does the Typhoon bag fit the bill for carrying extra supplies, clothing, or other necessities, but it does so while being completely waterproof and dustproof.

Using it is simple…just roll the bag to fit the size of the contents, attach it to the roof rack of the car, and off you go!

front runner typhoon 2

Better still, this bag is adaptable, so you can scale it up to 90 liters of gear capacity. Plus, it has an integrated tray that makes packing gear a simpler process (and protects the bag from chafing on the roof rack).

Other features include grab handles, an integrated air-pressure release valve, IP66 weather rating, and it folds down into a compact size for easy storage. In other words, it’s the ideal option for outdoor adventures of all kinds!

Learn more about the Front Runner Typhoon Bag from BTR Outfitters

Holiday Gifts Under $150: Tops Knives Desert Fox

tops knives desert fox 2

Overlanding and camping require that you have a solid knife (or several), and for me, Tops Knives is tops when it comes to high-quality blades.

The Desert Fox is a small EDC/survival blade that gives you or a loved one a great little knife for tackling all sorts of tasks, like woodwork, food prep, skinning, and other camp chores.

The knife’s slim profile means it’s easy to carry and, if need be, to conceal, too. Its weight – just 4.2 ounces (or 6.3 ounces with the sheath) helps in the carry and conceal departments, too.

tops knives desert fox

This fixed-blade knife is 6.75 inches long and features a 2.75-inch 1095 RC 56-58 steel blade. The paracord-wrapped handle offers excellent grip and durability while also giving you needed cord in survival situations. Also included is a black Kydex sheath to protect the knife.

Not all overlanding tasks require a huge blade. The Desert Fox is a prime option for such tasks!

Learn more about the Tops Knives Desert Fox

Holiday Gifts Under $150: Devos LightRanger 800

devos lightranger 800

Yet another fantastic holiday gift idea for less than $150 is the Devos LightRanger 800.

This portable light offers up to 800 lumens of brightness and an adjustable height from about 33 inches up to eight feet. With an illumination area of up to 40 feet in diameter, this light is an ideal companion for around camp when the sun goes down!

Of course, the light is also collapsible and lightweight (it weighs just 3.5 pounds), so it’s easy to pack up for outdoor adventures, tailgating, backyard parties, and so forth.

devos lightranger 800 2

The light offers up to three hours of runtime on its maximum setting and a whopping 30-hour runtime on its minimum setting. When the 5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery runs out, you can charge it via USB-C in four hours. Nice!

The LightRanger is IPX6 waterproof, so that you can use it in inclement weather. And with all the necessary accessories – the lantern, adjustable pole, tripod base, charging cord, and carry bag, this little guy is ready to rock from the get-go!

Learn more about the Devos LightRanger 800

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