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2022 Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $500

Photo by CreativaStudio via iStock

Here we are at the end of August, so it’s time to start talking about buying gifts for the holiday season.

Is it too early? Nope! It’s never too early to start thinking about the gifts you want to give your loved ones this year.

So, to help you figure out some possibilities, we’ve listed some of our favorite overlanding and off-roading items to consider as 2022 holiday gift ideas.

ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator

alp-generator-in-useHaving a small generator like this on hand when you’re out camping or overlanding gives you peace of mind that you’ll have reliable, clean power in case your primary system fails. Of course, if you don’t have huge power needs, this little guy can be your primary power source too! Get a load of these specs:

  • 1000 starting watts; 850 running watts
  • Two AC 120v outlets
  • Two USB ports
  • Built-in emergency LED light
  • Parallel ports for doubling up on power
  • Pure Sine Wave technology
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18” x 9.5” x 15”
  • Compatible with one-pound and 20-pound tanks
  • Three-hour runtime on a one-pound tank; 60-hour runtime on a 20-pound tank
  • 52 dBA ultra-quiet operation
  • One-year limited warranty
  • EPA & CARB Approved

alp-propane-generator-with-jeep As you can see, this generator packs all the punch you need for having emergency power, charging your electronic devices, or running a small heater to keep your trailer or tent warm. And since it runs on propane, it’s much cleaner than gas-powered generators – both in terms of burning fuel and because you don’t have to worry about the fumes and leaks of gas cans!


It’s smaller than many of its gas-powered counterparts as well – at just 18” x 9.5” x 15”, this thing can easily fit in your vehicle or trailer without taking up a ton of space.

With quiet, clean, and long-lasting performance, this is one of the best gifts for overlanding and off-roading money can buy.

Learn more about the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator

Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit

forrest tool 4


One of my favorite additions to my overlanding kit in 2022 is the Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit.

Why? Well, that’s simple – these folks know how to make great gear that’s durable, reliable, and multi-functional. That’s precisely what I want in overlanding gear – and it’s what your loved ones will want in their holiday gifts as well!

This kit gives you tons of functionality with features like a shovel, a pick and broad pick, and a Mattock blade.

forrest tool company max ax with sheath

You also get a combination McLeod, a rake and hoe fastener, and a 3.5-pound Hudson Bay ax head with a striking surface.

The composite polyglass handle is 34 inches long, so it’s the ideal length. The handle feels great in your hands and gives you the control you need to wield the tool to get work done.

Add to the mix six lock pins, an embossed leather ax sheath, and a Cordura carrying case.

max ax by forrest tool company

Aside from all the handy tools you get, Forrest Tool company gives you something that’s each to use, easy to carry, and easy to store. Again, features you want in an overlanding or off-roading recovery tool!

Additionally, the MAX toolkit is made in the USA, which as a small business owner and veteran, I really appreciate.

Made-in-the-USA products ensure that our money stays here at home, pays American workers, and keeps American-owned businesses open and thriving. What’s not to like about that?!

Forrest Tool Company Max Axe With Bag

On top of all that, the MAX toolkit is trusted by the U.S. military, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for our adventures! Also of note is that military members get a 25 percent discount on the Forrest Tool Company website, linked below.

At the end of the day, giving a great gift isn’t just about giving a high-quality item. You also want it to be something that your loved one can actually use for their benefit.

The MAX toolkit is something that will provide your love one years and years of reliable service, so it truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Learn more about Forrest Tool Company and buy the MAX Toolkit on Amazon.

Tackle Tuff Premium Recovery Kit



One of the most essential pieces of gear you need for overlanding and off-roading is a good recovery kit. And for that, the Tackle Tuff Premium Recovery Kit is hard to beat!

What I like about this kit is that it has tons of recovery gear that’s bundled into a small, easily portable package.

Tackle Tuff Snatch Block

There’s a 30-ton capacity snatch block and two 3/4-inch shackles, each of which has a 15-ton capacity. Both the snatch block and the shackles are made from forged carbon steel. Furthermore, these components are thoroughly tested to ensure their capability of performing in any recovery situation.


Additionally, this kit comes with a 30′ x 3″ recovery strap with a 5-ton capacity and a 10′ x 3″ tree saver strap with a 5-ton capacity. Both straps are made from 100-percent nylon and have reinforced eyelets to give them additional strength and improved load capacity.

The kit even comes with kevlar reinforced gloves to help you spare your hands during the recovery process!

All this gear comes in a premium carry case, which just so happens to double as a dampener bag. Talk about useful overlanding gadgets you can give for the holidays!

Learn more about the Tackle Tough Premium Recovery Kit

Aiden James Custom Gear Plate for 2005+ Toyota Tacoma Short Bed

Bed Gear Plate By Aiden James Customs 1

As we all know, overlanding and off-roading require that we take a good amount of gear – gear that takes up a lot of space and tends to get disorganized.

You can solve both issues for that special someone on your list by giving them a custom bed gear plate by Aiden James Customs. 

With this gear plate, you’ll have virtually endless secure mounting options for the majority of overlanding items you wish to install in the bed of your truck. 

bed gear plate by Aiden James Customs

This bed gear plate offers mounting points for all sorts of gear – Dometic fridges, TemboTusk slides, and even Pro Eagle jacks – all of which are important items for many overlanding and off-roading enthusiasts. 

The plate installs in the back of a Tacoma in under four minutes, too, so not only is it a great gift up front, but it doesn’t require you or your loved one to invest a ton of time installing it!

Bed Gear Plate By Aiden James Customs 3

It’s constructed from the highest quality Baltic Birch and comes with a 3mm-thick weather-resistant Rhino Lining to give it incredible durability. All the hardware to install the plate is included as well.

So right out of the box, you have an overlanding mod that gives you loads of functionality without any fuss or muss. 

Your loved one can attach the gear plate to the Tacoma bed, attach their favorite overlanding accessories, and hit the road knowing that they can keep their gear organized and secure whether they’re on or off-trail. Now that’s a great holiday gift!

Learn more about the Toyota Tacoma Custom Gear Plate

Cutco 6-Piece Kitchen Tool Set with Holder

1792C.webp Scaled

With a $500 budget, there are so many excellent gifts you can give. But if the person for whom you’re shopping is a cooking enthusiast, it’s hard to beat the gift of a Cutco kitchen tool set.

I recently hopped on the Cutco train, and boy, am I glad I did. I love to cook, and the Cutco gear I have has proven to be an invaluable addition to my kitchen.

I have the Cutco Signature Set With Steak Knives and Block, which I got from the “Cutco Lady,” Dorothy Dunn, after I met her at the California Powersports Expo.

I didn’t go to the Expo to buy kitchen accessories, but I was so impressed with the Cutco brand and with Dorothy’s knowledge of the product that I called her up a few weeks later to get my hands on the Signature Set. Now I’ve added the 6-Piece Kitchen Tool Set with Holder to my collection.

As you’ve probably guessed, this set exudes the same quality as the Signature Set (and all other Cutco products, for that matter).

There are six pieces in the set, including:

    • A slotted turner
    • A basting spoon
    • A slotted spoon
    • A ladle
    • A mix-stir
    • A potato masher

The set also includes a gorgeous oak holder that’s available in a cherry or honey finish.

1792WR.webp Scaled

Each accessory in this set has a stainless steel head and a highly-engineered thermo-resin handle that’s available in a classic or pearl finish.

Given the materials used and the Cutco commitment to quality, you can bet that these tools will last for years and years, whether they’re used at home in the kitchen or out in the wilds while you’re camping.

Clearly, this set of tools will help you create all sorts of meals, from mashed potatoes to soups and stews to pancakes and everything in between. And having well-made kitchen tools will make the process of whipping up those meals so much more enjoyable! You can focus more on what you’re making and less on finding the right accessory to make it.

Even if the person on your holiday shopping list isn’t much of a chef, they can still get a lot of use out of this six-piece set. It can be used for simple meals at home, meal prep before a long overlanding trip, or to help prepare and dish up meals while they’re on the road. 

If you want to give a gift that offers decades of reliable service, then Cutco has what you need!

Learn more about the Cutco 6-Piece Kitchen Tool Set with Holder

Tembo Tusk Camp Basin Table Kit

tembo tusk table 3

When you’re camping, one thing you can always use is additional table space for prepping meals and cleaning up afterwards. That’s precisely what the Tembo Tusk Camp Basin Table Kit provides.

This American-made product is made from bamboo plywood and metal for durability without adding a ton of weight. The table is denied to fit into various drawer systems to provide the space you need while also being supremely functional.

tembo tusk table

The table can be used by itself, or it can be attached to a Tembo Tusk Camp Table via the existing hooks and hoops on the ends of the tables. You can arrange them end to end or side by side to fit your specific needs.

Of course, this table also comes with a collapsible sink to make cleaning up after dinner an easier task!

tembo tusk table 2

You can adjust the table’s legs from 20 inches up to 36 inches. The legs also offer adjustability to accommodate uneven ground, that way you always have a level surface to get your work done. And with a table surface that’s 15″ x 30″, you get plenty of space!

Also included in this kit is a bag for transporting the table. The bag is constructed of dual-layer material and includes leg storage, full wrap 1/2-inch padding, and a zippered pocket on the front for your utensils.

In other words, Tembo Tusk has thought of everything!

Learn more about the Tembo Tusk Camp Basin Table Kit

Tembo Tusk Adjustable Leg Skottle Grill Kit

adjustable kit

I love to camp, and I love to cook. When I can combine the two, I’m in heaven! I’m assuming you (or someone on your holiday shopping list) are in the same boat.

If that’s the case, the Tembo Tusk Adjustable Leg Skottle Grill Kit is an ideal gift this holiday season!

The Skottle comes equipped with a powerful 10,000 BTU burner. That’s more than enough firepower to get some awesome camp meals going. Another benefit of the Skottle is that it makes cooking incredibly easy…

The grill comes pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to rock right out of the box. The flavor of the food you cook will only get better with time, too.

Skottle Grill Cooking

As you can see above, the Skottle offers plenty of cooking space – it’s 18 inches wide – so you can cook multiple things all at the same time. Yet, the Skottle is still compact, so it won’t take up a ton of space in your vehicle or trailer. That’s a winning combination!

The adjustable leg kit gives you the flexibility to work at a comfortable height. The legs collapse down to 20 inches for easy transport and have hard stops at 29 inches and 36 inches. Likewise, there are infinite adjustments available on the legs to account for uneven ground.

All this comes in a BlueRidge Overland Gear Carry Bag that has straps on the outside specifically for slotting in the shorter grill legs. It makes it super easy to pack up and take the Skottle wherever you need to go!

Learn more about the Tembo Tusk Adjustable Leg Skottle Grill Kit

Sunflare XPLOR 105-Watt Solar Panel

flexible camper solar panel kit from Sunflare

Not that long ago, solar panels were big, bulky, and rigid – features that were not conducive to camping, overlanding, and other mobile outdoor activities.

But things have changed…

Now you can give the gift of off-grid power that will stand up to the rigors of outdoor adventures without adding a ton of weight.

Sunflare product shot

For example, the XPLOR series of solar panels from Sunflare are ultra-thin and lightweight. You can give the gift of a 105-watt panel that’s roughly 47 x 33 inches in size, 1.7mm thick, and weighs just 6.5 pounds.

This small solar panel packs a mighty punch, though…

With this particular XPLOR solar panel, you can power a 43-inch smart TV for 1.5 hours, a 100W laptop for 3.5 hours, or 10 CFL lights for 3.5 hours. Obviously, this is a great option if your loved one’s camping or overlanding setup isn’t electrical-heavy.


It’s easy to install, too – it’s mounted with double-sided tape, so the process takes just a few minutes to complete. Again, it’s a great gift that doesn’t require a huge time investment!

This installation system has been road tested at speeds of more than 80 mph, too, so there’s no worry about the panel flying off as your loved one is heading down the road.

Solar power is clean, quiet, and efficient – a great combination for outdoor adventures.

If you’ve got someone on your holiday shopping list that needs a power boost, this is it!

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

Learn more about the Sunflare XPLOR 105-Watt Solar Panel

SMRT 2M Straight Awning

SMRT 2M Straight Awning

An awning to accompany a rooftop tent can make overlanding trips even more comfortable. After all, it’s kind of tough to hang out in a rooftop tent, so some protected outdoor living space is a nice addition.

In this case, the SMRT 2M Straight Awning attaches to a SMRT rooftop tent quickly and easily. 

When fully extended, this awning offers 52.6 square feet of coverage and measures 76.5 x 99 inches long.

SMRT 2M Straight Awning

Like SMRT tents, the awning is made from 280g ripstop polyester/cotton canvas tent material with a 1,900 mm PU coating and a UPF 40 rating that resists weather, mold, and mildew. It is also breathable and quick drying.

The SMRT awning offers stainless-steel hardware and an aluminum frame that again provide durability and longevity. 

smrt tent awning 2022 holiday gift guide under 500

With the awning, you also get collapsible twist ‘n’ lock aluminum poles that adjust to varying heights when opened. These poles are super easy and quick to set up, too.

When your favorite overlanding enthusiast is ready to leave camp, the awning packs away into a slim package (80 x 5 x 3.5) and is protected by a water-resistant travel bag.

It really is the best of all worlds – it’s a durable, well-made product that’s easy to set up and easy to take down. What more could you ask for in an overlanding holiday gift?!

Learn more about the SMRT Tent 2M Straight Awning

Camp Chef Pro60X



If you want to give a gift that will impress now and in the future, the Camp Chef Pro60X will certainly do the trick…

Out of the gates, this thing impresses with dual 30,000 BTU burners, matchless ignition, and a three-sided windscreen. There’s also a variety of mix-and-match 14-inch accessories to give chefs all the flexibility they need to cook a wide range of foods. Use the one-burner grill box, the one-burner griddle, the 12-inch cast-iron skillet, and the five-piece chef set to make anything from pizza to steaks.

91RLWUG8n1L. AC SL1500

This new and improved version adds loads of other features that make it an even better investment. There’s built-in leg levelers to ensure chefs have a perfectly level cooking surface. There’s also two side shelves, so chefs get the prep space they need while having the flexibility of folding the shelves down when they aren’t needed.

The Pro60X also has folding steel legs to improve portability.

9106lqAhC9L. AC SL1500

With a 14 x 32-inch cooking surface, the chef on your list can go to town and make great food in their backyard, at camp, and many points in between.

I’ve used my Pro60X while camping many times, and it’s been a champ! I can cook for tons of people and do so quickly, easily, and efficiently.

The chef on your holiday gift list will love having the capabilities of the Pro60X!

Learn more about the Camp Chef Pro60X

Lava Box Krakatoa FireBreather

krakatoa gift guide

Another great gift idea for the 2022 holiday season is the Lava Box Krakatoa FireBreather.

What is this thing, you might ask? It’s simple – it’s a portable fire pit!

Having a portable fire pit is a lifesaver because so many areas have fire restrictions. If fires have to be contained, this sucker will do the trick.

krakatoa gift guide 3

The Krakatoa FireBreather comes with 20 hades stones, a long lighter, and a 20psi regulator with a 48-inch hose to connect to a propane tank (not included). The FireBreather has an ultra-tough burner and comes inside an enclosure that looks like a vintage ammo can. How cool is that?!

At approximately 17 inches long x 7 inches wide x 15 inches tall, this fire pit is the epitome of portable. Tote it around in the back of your car, grab it when it’s time to settle in by the fire, and light it up!

krakatoa gift guide 2

Don’t think that this small fire pit can’t put out some heavy-duty flames, though. In fact, the flames can reach several feet tall!

Even when the fire pit is on maximum, it cools down quickly so it can be stowed away safely for the night.

If you have someone on your list that does a lot of dispersed camping where there are no fire rings, this bad boy will make an excellent gift.

Learn more about the Lava Box Krakatoa FireBreather

Tops Knives Camp Creek Fire Edition


The Camp Creek Fire Edition from Tops Knives is a hunting and camping knife.

Now, I don’t hunt, but I do a lot of camping, so having an ultra-sharp knife around camp is extremely important. That’s true for any overlanding or off-roading enthusiast, so this is a great gift option for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

This is a fixed-blade knife. The overall length is about 9.38 inches, while the blade is 4.5 inches long.

The blade is about 0.130 inches thick and is made of CPM S35Vn RC 58-60 steel. The tumble finish on the blade gives it excellent durability (and it looks great, too).

The knife also has a G10 handle (in red and black) that gives you a nice, solid grip. The grip is also nice and smooth on your fingers.


The Camp Creek Fire Edition has a less pointy tip, so it’s a great blade if your loved one needs something for skinning hides. The larger belly on the blade also enables long, smooth cuts, which is perfect for whittling wood for fire starter.

This particular model weighs just 7.9 ounces, too, so it’s a lightweight knife that is multi-functional. Aside from hunting and fire-making purposes, it can be used for cutting paracord, slicing vegetables, and everything in between.


Plus, since it’s a Tops Knives blade, you can rest assured that this knife will offer reliable performance for decades to come!

When you head out into the wilderness, you want gear that’s reliable. You want the same for the overloading or off-roading enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, too.

Learn more about the Tops Knives Camp Creek Fire Edition

weBoost Drive X RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit


The best part of getting out with my truck and trailer is the prospect of spending time outdoors, away from it all, and taking a little time to unplug from the world. A lot of us undertake adventures specifically for these types of adventures!

But we live in a connected world, and having access to a reliable cellular signal is important for those of us that need to do a little work while we play. Besides, having a strong cellular signal is useful for emergency situations, even though the hope is you don’t need rescuing.

That’s where the weBoost Drive X RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit from Wilson Amplifiers comes in…

weboost drive x

This booster provides 4G coverage (and is 5G ready) for multiple devices with a desktop indoor antenna and a spring-based RV antenna. The boosted signal is ideal for using the phone, sending texts, streaming videos, and checking email.

It can be used on all U.S. cellular carriers and with any mobile phone. Better still, since this unit is designed for RV use, so it can be used while your rig is in motion or while you’re parked at camp.

weboost drive x on rv

This device is FCC-certified and carrier-approved. And since there’s no monthly fees, it’s a gift that you pay for one time, and your loved one gets to use for years and years to come.

If you ask me, the best holiday gifts are the ones that you can use over and over again – something with utility that doesn’t just take up space in a closet or on a shelf. That’s precisely what you get with the weBoost Drive X – a fantastic gift idea that keeps on giving!

Learn more about the weBoost Drive X RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit from Wilson Amplifiers

SMRT Tent Shower Room

smrt shower room

When you’re tent camping, you might not always have access to a place to get cleaned up. But with the SMRT Tent Shower Room, you can give the overlanding enthusiast on your shopping list just that!

The great thing about this shower room is that it pulls double duty. If your loved one doesn’t need a shower, they can set this room up and use it to change clothes. It’ll be a much easier process in this room than trying to change in the backseat of the car!

smrt shower room 2

Additionally, this shower room is super simple to set up – it only takes about 15 seconds to get the room together and about 30 seconds to take it down. The entryway has a zipper along nearly the entire height of the room to provide easy entry and exit.

Inside, there’s pockets for soap and other essentials. The shower curtain is made from two materials – the upper section is 280g ripstop canvas and the lower section is waterproof PVC-coated polyester. The rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame and stainless-steel hardware ensure long-term durability.

smrt shower room 3

This shower room doesn’t come with a water source, so you’ll need to add your own. However, what it does provide is an easy-to-set-up, spacious, and private space for your loved one to get cleaned up and ready to go for another day of adventuring.

Plus, with a price well under $500, you can give an awesome gift without blowing your entire budget!

Learn more about the SMRT Tent Shower Room

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