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2021 Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $100

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Holiday shopping for your fellow off-roading and overlanding enthusiasts can be a big task. After all, most of us already have most of what we need, and we are often very opinionated about what gear we like to use.

Nevertheless, you’ve got to get your mates something this holiday season, so why not consider one of these ten fantastic holiday gifts for overlanders, each of which is less than $100.

Overland Gear Guy Backcountry Utensil Organizer

overland gear guy holiday gifts for overlanders

People that overland and camp understand that space is at a premium and that being organized is paramount.

This Backcountry utensil organizer from Overland Gear Guy is the perfect gift that gives the overlander in your life the space and organization they need.

No longer will they have to rummage around looking for cooking utensils. Instead, this organizer offers multiple attachment points and different types of attachments for all their cookware.

overland gear guy

The beauty of this organizer is that it rolls up, so when it’s time to hit the road again, you just roll up the organizer with the utensils inside, store it away, and off you go!

At just 16″ x 20″, this organizer is compact, yet the smart design gives you loads of storage. Your favorite outdoor enthusiast will love it!

Learn more about the Overland Gear Guy Backcountry Utensil Organizer

Holiday Gifts for Overlanders: 67 Designs Series 55 Rail System Rear Seat Pack

67 designs

If the person you’re shopping for has a Jeep Gladiator, they might enjoy this Series 55 Rail System for their rear seat.

This innovative product from 67 Designs allows you to mount items like a phone or tablet so rear passengers can enjoy movies without looking down at their device.

Not only does this put your passengers’ heads and necks in a more comfortable position, but it is also super easy to install – about five to ten minutes is all.

This pack contains a Series 55 rail, a mounting pack, and a nano arm and is ready to go to help give rear passengers a more comfortable experience while overlanding!

Learn more about the 67 Designs Series 55 Rail System Rear Seat Pack

KC HiLites Pro6 Gravity Light Bar Stabilizer

kc hilites holiday gifts for overlanders

If the person you’re shopping for has a KC HiLites Pro6 Gravity light bar, you can gift them a light bar stabilizer this holiday season.

This item provides stability and vibration dampening for the Pro6 Gravity light bar that measures 32″ to 50″ in length.

The design enables it to be adjusted to get the right vertical angle and position in relation to the light bar.

It includes all the mounting hardware for ease of installation.

I’m all about giving gifts this year that are useful…and this one certainly fits the bill!

Learn more about the KC HiLites Pro6 Gravity Light Bar Stabilizer

Holiday Gifts for Overlanders: RotopaX RX-1.75-Gallon Gasoline Pack

51RVjWKlwgL. AC SL1200
Extra fuel on an overlanding trip is an absolute must, and to carry it, you want something that’s durable and reliable. That’s what you get with the RotopaX gasoline pack…

This is a 1.75-gallon container that you can mount to any vehicle. You just need a flat surface for mounting, so the roof of your vehicle, the back door, in a truck bed…all are good options.

Though the Pack Mount is not included, it does come with a spout. Additionally, these made-in-the-USA packs are slim and easy to handle – which is what you want when you’re working with fuel!

Learn more about the RotopaX RX-1.75-Gallon Gasoline Pack

Briter Products Waterproof Rear Camera

briter products gifts for overlanders under $100

With a $100 budget, you might think that your options for gift-giving are limited. But think again…

Not only is the Briter Products waterproof rear camera well under the $100 threshold, but it’s also a practical and functional gift that your loved one can use over and over and over again.

To assist in backing up to a camper or backing into a campsite, this camera is waterproof and made of sturdy metal construction.

The camera, which has a ⅓-inch Sony CMOS sensor, has a 120-degree viewing angle and can be tilted more than 180-degrees as well.

And if you get to the campsite a little late, no worries! This camera has 18 infrared LEDs that enable night vision so you can see in the dark. There’s even optional audio capabilities as well!

I’m all about making overlanding and camping easier, and I’m also all about giving gifts that people can use for a long period of time. This waterproof rear camera ticks both boxes!

Learn more about the Briter Products waterproof rear camera

Holiday Gifts for Overlanders: CampLand Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Table

518ePX4U7BL. AC SL1001

Whether your loved one likes to camp for a night or two or they love longer adventures, having a packable, durable table that gives them more space for things like meal prep and eating will be a welcome gift.

This table is waterproof and stain-resistant, in addition to being easy to clean up.

Speaking of easy, it takes just a moment to unpack it and setup, and taking it down is equally as easy!

The table will hold up to 66 pounds, too, and it’s also height adjustable. It’s simply the ideal gift idea for making camp life a little easier.

Learn more about the CampLand Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Table

ALL-TOP Nylon Heavy Duty Tow Strap

81iXQaG0OrL. AC SL1500

Having the right rescue and recovery gear is paramount for overlanders and off-roaders alike.

And one of the central components of a good rescue and recovery kit is a heavy duty tow strap.

This 30-foot strap is made of 100 percent Nylon N66 and has a genuine elasticity of 22 percent.

It has reinforced eye loops plus neoprene protector sleeves and premium stitching that give it incredible strength. In fact, the breaking strength is 35,000 pounds.

Add in a lifetime warranty and you have the makings of a great holiday gift idea for overlanders.Learn more about the ALL-TOP Nylon Heavy Duty Tow Strap

Gifts for Overlanders: Tyger Auto Shovel

71D0cgb8K2L. AC SL1500

Another piece of recovery gear that is a must is a good shovel.

This auto shovel by Tyger is made from military-grade solid carbon steel and aerospace-grade anodized aluminum. The result of this is that this shovel is both strong and lightweight.

It’s easy to set up too – it has an instant switch that allows you to unfold the shovel and quickly get to work.

If you’re tall like I am, you can get an extension handle to give your back a break with a little more length on the handle.

This shovel is easy to store away until you need it…and when we’re talking about overlanding or camping, a shovel will be needed sooner rather than later!

Learn more about the Tyger Auto Shovel

Southwest Disk Rio Grande 24-Inch Discada

rio grande

For me, one of the best parts of camping or overlanding is getting to camp and cooking up a great dinner. And you can do just that with the Rio Grande 24-inch discada from Southwest Disk.

You can cook a ton of food in this disk – it’s 24 inches across and has a semi-flat bottom that’s about 10 inches across.

This disk is cleaned and seasoned before it’s shipped, so your loved one won’t have to mess around with seasoning it. Instead, they can open it and begin enjoying it right away!

When you’re cooking in camp and there’s all sorts of gear and other obstacles around, you want a safe and secure place to cook. The Rio Grande provides exactly that!

Learn more about the Southwest Disk Rio Grande 24-Inch Discada

Gifts for Overlanders: Amazon Gift Card

61YszqdmgIL. SL1333

Who doesn’t like a gift card?

The issue I spoke of in the introduction – that overlanders and off-roaders are hard to shop for – is negated if you get them an Amazon gift card.

Sure, a gift card isn’t exactly the sexiest gift, but in my book, it’s better to give someone something that they will definitely use and offers them the opportunity to get something they actually want, as opposed to getting them a gift that will find its way to the back of the storage room.

Get the overlander on your list a $100 Amazon gift card and say happy holidays with all kinds of possibilities for what they can purchase.

Learn more about Amazon Gift Cards

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