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What are Soft Shackles? And Why Do You Need Them in Your Kit?

As the world of vehicles and off-roading is advancing, so does recovery equipment. Over the past few years, there have been drastic improvements in the strength and safety of the products we use off-road, and one of those changes is the soft shackle. 

There are lots of reasons why you should switch your steel shackles to soft shackles. Many of those reasons are covered in the video below by Ronny Dahl

This article discusses soft shackles, what they are, why you need them in your recovery gear kit, and much more. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents 

What are Soft Shackles?

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First, what are traditional shackles?

Traditional shackles, or D-rings as some people like to call them, are U-shaped metal loops with a quick-release pin that are mostly used as connecting links in rigging systems like cranes, boats, and off-road recoveries. 

In off-road recoveries, they are typically used as a way to connect a snatch strap to a recovery point on a vehicle’s steel off-road bumper. Some people also use them as a connecting piece to pair two different snatch straps that will provide more reach. However, that is a perfect example of a dangerous usage of a normal shackle because if a strap breaks, the shackle can damage cars or lead to injuries. 

A soft shackle has the same function as a traditional shackle, but instead of steel, it is made from synthetic rope, which is light, strong, and won’t do harm if it breaks. Due to the design of soft shackles, they also offer much more space within the loop and are far easier to handle with wet and cold hands.

Our Soft Shackle of Choice 

We have been users of Tackle Tuff products for a long time now, and can reassure you that these products have your back when you need them most off-road. Because of this, it would only make sense to choose their all-new soft shackles as the product of choice. 

These shackles have a 22-ton max breaking strength and a 7-ton workload limit strength; therefore, you can be sure that they will withstand even the toughest of recoveries. 

Since synthetic rope can be damaged when dragged on rocks, the Tackle Tuff shackle features a protective cover that is not often seen in similar products. It’s thoughtful design choices like this that speak to Tackle Tuff’s commitment to giving you the best gear for off-road recoveries!

What to Look for in a Complete Recovery Kit

Tackle Tuff Ready-Made Recovery Kit

Tackle Tuff also makes a great full-sized recovery kit with all the items that are most frequently needed off-road. The premium kit includes:

  • A 60,000 Lbs (30 Ton) Breaking Strength Capacity Snatch Block
  • A pair of shackles with 60,000 Lbs breaking strength capacity
  • A 30’ X 3” recovery/tow strap
  • An 8’ X 3” tree-saver strap 
  • Kevlar reinforced gloves
  • A tactical carry bag that doubles as a line dampener

The importance of a kit like the above cannot be stressed enough. Something like this ensures that all your recovery gear is of the correct type and rating.

Tackle Tuff Recovery Kit in use

All straps and shackles in this kit are built to withstand the forces of off-road recoveries. You also get gear like snatch blocks which enable you to perform more complex recoveries such as a double winch line pull. 

The snatch blocks are made from forged carbon steel, and the straps are made from nylon with reinforced eyelets for added strength and load capacity. In other words, Tackle Tuff uses only the finest materials to create their recovery gear. When crunch time comes, you need high-quality tools for a safe and expeditious recovery!

Tackle Tuff recovery kit

The carry bag that doubles as a line dampener will ensure you stay safe even if a winch line happens to fail. You should also consider that all the above gear can be stored in a single location, making it much easier to find everything when you need it.

Also, purchasing a kit like this saves you the hassle of finding and purchasing every single item individually. So, not only is this kit well put together, but it’s also a time and money-saver for you! 

Final Thoughts

We firmly believe that it’s time people start to slowly move away from steel shackles for off-road usage. The soft shackle variants are a no-brainer. They are lighter, safer, more versatile, easier to use, and in some cases, can even be stronger. 

Remember, safety and ease of use are the names of the game when it comes to off-road gear! Get a tour of some of our favorite recovery items in the video above.

If you have questions regarding soft shackles or any other off-road or overland-related topics, head over to the forum section of our website!

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