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Tops Knives Releases High Impact, Perhaps the Largest Full-Tang Hatchet on the Market

I’ve been using Tops Knives products for a while now. I have multiple knives from these guys, as well as a hatchet. So you can imagine my joy to hear that they are releasing a new, badass hatched call the High Impact.

Obviously, when you set out on overlanding or off-roading adventures, there’s a ton of gear you need to have with you. One such thing is a good, reliable knife. Another is a quality hatchet that you can use for clearing trails, chopping wood, and so forth.

Well, given Tops Knives’ reputation, the High Impact hatchet is going to be everything you want and need.

top knives high impact hatchet
Tops Knives

It’s a full-tang, full-sized hatchet at just over 20 inches in length and 3/8-inches thick. Made of 1075 high carbon steel, this sucker has some weight behind it (about 3.5 pounds, in fact), so you can tackle all kinds of projects around camp while keeping a good, sharp edge.

The High Impact has a tan canvas Micarta handle that’s thick for a good grip. The rounded edges and contouring help give you improved grip as well, while also make it a more comfortable user experience. The double-stitched blade cover is a nice touch as well.

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top knives high impact features
Tops Knives

This hatchet is big enough to swing with both your hands, but it’s still small enough and light enough that you can work with it one-handed. It’s the perfect size – larger than most hatchets and smaller than most full-sized axes.

Personally, one of the things I like most about my Tops Knives hatchet and knives is the ergonomics. The handles on these things feel like they were made specifically for your hand.

top knives high impact specs
Tops Knives

Secondly, Tops Knives does a great job of crafting tools that feel balanced. Their hatchets, for example, don’t feel overly top-heavy. Instead, they feel like an extension of your arms as you work with them. They are truly a joy to use.

If you’ve been looking for a new hatchet to add to your overlanding or off-roading gear, you might want to give the High Impact a look.

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