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Tips for Installing and Using Off Road Air Compressor

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Off-road adventures are more than just a journey; they’re an exploration into the unknown where off road air compressors become essential. These devices are not just about adjusting tire pressure; they’re about enhancing your off-road experience, ensuring your vehicle performs optimally on any terrain.

Imagine traversing rugged landscapes, where your tires are your primary contact with the ground. The right tire pressure can mean the difference between an exhilarating adventure and a challenging situation. Off road air compressors offer the flexibility and self-reliance every off-roader values.

In this article, we dive into the world of off road air compressors. We’ll explore their benefits, compare different types, and highlight essential features. We’ll also use MORRFlate’s  TenSix PSI Pro Gen2 air compressor as a reference, exemplifying how these devices enhance your off-roading experience.        

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Advantages of Having an Off Road Air Compressor Installed on Your Vehicle 

MORRFlate with bag

Image Credit: MORRFlate

An onboard off road air compressor is essential for real-time adaptation to diverse terrains. It allows you to adjust tire pressure swiftly, ensuring your vehicle performs optimally whether navigating rocky paths, sandy stretches, or muddy trails. This capability is crucial for both vehicle efficiency and safety.

The integrated nature of onboard compressors offers unparalleled convenience. Without the need to unpack or set up, as with portable units, you save valuable time and effort. Quick tire pressure adjustments become a seamless part of your journey, keeping you in rhythm with the changing off-road conditions.

Models like the TenSix PSI Pro Gen2 stand out with their versatile installation options. Features such as threaded filter caps allow for mounting the compressor in various orientations, optimizing space within the vehicle. Equipping your vehicle with a TenSix ensures a level of preparedness and self-reliance that’s indispensable in off-road adventures. 

Onboard Air Compressor vs Portable Off Road Air Compressor 

MORRFlate in use in the snow on a Rubicon

Image Credit: MORRFlate

Choosing between an onboard and a portable off road air compressor hinges on your specific off-roading preferences and vehicle requirements. Onboard compressors, integrated within the vehicle, provide a consistent and reliable source for air compression. Their main advantage lies in their ever-ready presence, eliminating any need for setup or additional storage space.

Portable compressors, on the other hand, shine in their versatility and ease of transport. Ideal for occasional off-roaders or those with multiple vehicles, these units can be easily transferred and used as needed. The trade-off here is in the time and effort required for setup and storage. Portable units are a good match for those seeking a flexible, non-permanent air compression solution.

airing up with morrflate tensix psi pro gen2

The TenSix PSI Pro Gen2 offers a unique solution, functioning effectively in both capacities. It can serve as a permanent, onboard fixture for regular use, while also being portable enough for occasional needs across different vehicles. This dual functionality addresses the needs of a wide range of off-roaders, from the dedicated to the casual, providing a versatile and efficient air compression solution.

In making your choice, it’s important to weigh your off-roading frequency, vehicle setup, and the level of convenience you desire. Whether opting for the permanence and readiness of an onboard system or the flexibility of a portable unit, the key is to select an air compressor that aligns with your off-roading lifestyle.

Features to Look for in an Off Road Air Compressor

Image Credit: MORRFlate

When choosing an off road air compressor, it’s essential to consider features that enhance functionality and durability, particularly for rigorous off-roading use. The CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating is crucial, with a higher CFM indicating faster tire inflation. The TenSix PSI Pro Gen2 delivers an impressive 10.6 CFM at 0 PSI, ideal for quickly inflating large off-road tires.

The duty cycle is another critical factor. It determines how long the compressor can operate before needing a break to cool down. A high duty cycle, like the 80% at 0 PSI of the TenSix PSI Pro Gen2, allows for more prolonged use, crucial when inflating multiple tires or dealing with larger vehicles.

morrflate tensix psi pro gen2

Automatic PSI settings like TenSix’s “Set Your Pressure” feature add immense convenience. The ability to inflate multiple tires simultaneously can greatly reduce downtime. The TenSix PSI Pro Gen2 excels here as well, especially when paired with MORRFlate’s Multi Tire Hose Kits, demonstrating its practicality for off-roading scenarios.

The Gen2 upgrades exclusive to MORRFlate add further value. These include a stainless steel outlet hose for improved heat dissipation, a purge valve to release internal pressures, resized aluminum heat sinks for better fitting and efficiency, internal aluminum cylinders for enhanced heat dissipation, thermoconductive paste for improved heat transfer, and new piston rings made of material that’s more resistant to wear and heat. 

How to Use an Off Road Air Compressor

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Image Credit: MORRFlate

Effectively using an off road air compressor can greatly enhance your off-roading experience. First and foremost, familiarize yourself with your compressor’s features. Understanding how to adjust settings like the PSI is crucial. With automatic PSI settings like TenSix, you can set your desired pressure and let the compressor do the work.

When using your compressor, consider the terrain and adjust your tire pressure accordingly. Remember that lower pressure increases traction on softer surfaces, which is ideal for sandy or muddy conditions, while higher pressure is better for harder, more stable ground. 

A useful tip is to regularly check and maintain your compressor. For models with safety features like a thermal cutoff switch and purge valve, such as the TenSix PSI Pro Gen2, it’s still important to monitor the unit during use to prevent overheating. Proper maintenance also includes allowing the compressor to cool down after use and storing it safely, ensuring it’s ready for your next adventure.

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