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The Ultimate Overlanding Battery

Jumping into the world of overlanding, I quickly realized the importance of a reliable power source. That’s when I discovered Ultimatron‘s 100ah lithium batteries and they’ve been powering my adventures without a hitch. Imagine having a battery that not only matches your overlanding spirit but also elevates your experience with its unbeatable performance. That’s what I’ve found with these batteries. 

Switching to Ultimatron was like hitting the jackpot for my overlanding needs. Their endurance and efficiency have been nothing short of revolutionary. These batteries have supported me through thick and thin, becoming a cornerstone of my travel setup. 

After 1.5 years with Ultimatron’s lithium batteries, I’m here to share the ins and outs of why they’re the ultimate overlanding companion. Let’s dive into the journey of how these batteries have transformed my adventures.

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Why I Switched from AGM Batteries to Lithium Batteries

As I discuss in my video above, the transition from AGM to Ultimatron lithium batteries was driven by a desire for not just improvement but transformation in how I power my overland travels. The decision came down to several key factors that set lithium batteries apart in the realm of portable power solutions.

Firstly, the energy density of lithium batteries is a game-changer. Lithium technology allows for a higher storage capacity within a smaller footprint. This meant more power for less space, a critical advantage when every inch of storage counts on long expeditions. 

Efficiency under load is another area where Ultimatron shines. Unlike AGM batteries, which can struggle with high-demand applications, lithium batteries maintain their voltage output more consistently. This has been crucial for operating high-drain devices like fridges and cooking appliances smoothly and reliably, ensuring comfort and convenience even off the grid.

Lastly, the speed of recharge has significantly impacted my overlanding routine. Ultimatron batteries charge faster than AGM batteries, meaning less downtime waiting for batteries to replenish and more time exploring. That fits perfectly with the dynamic nature of overlanding while complementing solar setups ideally, making sustainable travel more feasible.

This Overlanding Battery Has a Built-In Heater

Ultimatron Lithium Battery Top

As winter’s chill finally loosens its grip, I can’t help but marvel at how my Ultimatron batteries, with their built-in heaters, have powered through the frost without a single hiccup. It’s been two full winters now, and these robust companions have been by my side, tackling the cold with ease. 

The heater feature is a lifesaver, automatically kicking in when the cold threatens, ensuring my overlanding adventures stay warm and powered. While the world outside my trailer turned into a winter wonderland, inside, my gear hummed along, thanks to the constant, unwavering supply of power. 

Reflecting on the adventures these batteries have seen me through, it’s the peace of mind that stands out. Knowing that even as temperatures dipped below zero, I wouldn’t wake to find my power source tapped out. 

It’s this assurance that has emboldened my winter expeditions, pushing me to explore further and with more confidence than ever before. Ultimatron’s heated batteries haven’t just powered my gear; they’ve powered my passion for cold-weather overlanding, making every icy morning a bit easier to greet.

This Overlanding Battery is the Perfect Size

ultimatron lithium battery

In the world of overlanding, where every inch and pound matters, the size and weight of your gear can significantly impact your journey. That’s precisely why Ultimatron’s 100ah lithium batteries have become an indispensable part of my Turtleback Expedition Trailer. Combined, two of these batteries deliver a solid 200ah of power, all packed into a setup that’s impressively compact and lightweight. 

Each battery’s dimensions, measuring roughly 12.9 inches in length, 6.8 inches in width, and 8.3 inches in height, along with a weight of just about 25.8 pounds, ensure they snugly fit into my trailer’s allocated spaces. 

This efficient utilization of space allows me to bring along more of the essentials and comforts that make extended trips into the wild that much more enjoyable. The lighter weight of these lithium batteries, compared to traditional options, also translates to better fuel efficiency for my vehicle—a welcome benefit on long expeditions.

It’s Nice to Monitor My Batteries on my Phone

ultimatron 1

With the built-in battery management system (BMS) and Bluetooth connectivity, Ultimatron batteries have real-time access to crucial data like charge levels, health status, and temperature readings. This high-tech feature allows me to stay one step ahead, ensuring my batteries are always in top condition, ready to take on whatever the road throws at us.

Having this information at my fingertips means I can make informed decisions about power usage on the go. Whether I’m deep in the backcountry or camped out under the stars, I can easily check my phone to see how much energy I have left or if my batteries need a little extra attention. 

Moreover, the ability to monitor my batteries without having to physically check them adds an extra layer of safety and convenience, particularly in harsh weather conditions. No more trudging through snow or rain to get a battery reading. Instead, I can stay cozy inside my trailer, making adjustments to my power consumption as needed, all from my phone.

I Have Peace of Mind With a Five-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

ultimatron lithium battery review

The five-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with Ultimatron’s 100ah lithium batteries is like a solid handshake – it’s a promise of quality and reliability that’s hard to find these days. Knowing that I’m covered for a good half-decade gives me an incredible peace of mind. It is a testament to the trust that Ultimatron places in their products and their commitment to their customers.

But here’s the kicker – in the 1.5 years I’ve been using these batteries, I haven’t encountered a single issue. Not one. It’s almost as if the warranty is just a bonus, given the batteries’ stellar performance and reliability. They’ve been through the wringer, from scorching desert heat to the frigid cold of winter expeditions, and have come out on top every time. 

The warranty also speaks volumes about the longevity of these batteries. In a world where we’re used to things wearing out and needing constant replacements, it’s refreshing to have a product that’s built to last. This durability aligns perfectly with the overlanding ethos of sustainability and self-reliance, principles that are at the core of all my adventures.

In essence, Ultimatron’s five-year warranty is more than just a safety net – it’s a reflection of the quality and durability of their batteries. It complements the batteries’ robust performance, creating a power solution that I can count on, trip after trip. With Ultimatron, I’ve found more than just a battery; I’ve found a reliable partner for my overlanding journeys.

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