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Sparks Overland D2 Trailer Review

A while back, we published our annual list of the best expedition trailers. One of the trailers on that list is the Sparks Overland D2.

What the Sparks Overland D2 brings to the table is a very high level of customization. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trailer with as long a list of options as you find with the D2.

In this Sparks Overland D2 trailer review, I’ll explore the many different customizations you can choose from and give you a detailed look at this trailer’s many other specs, features, and amenities.

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Sparks Overland D2 Trailer Review – Basic Specs and Primary Options

sparks overland d2 4

The Sparks Overland D2 starts as a rolling chassis with a standard axle and wheels that weighs just 700 pounds. From there, you can add whatever options and features you like in order to build a truly custom trailer for your specific needs.

Alternatively, if you just need the rolling chassis and you want to add your own touches to the trailer,  you can do that too. Whether you need something bare bones or something that’s outfitted to the max, Sparks Overland has you covered with the D2 trailer.

For example, you can have the D2 trailer delivered with Rhino Lining or a powder coat. Alternatively, Sparks Overland is happy to color match your vehicle as an option.

You can add a Joolca hot water system with a 40-gallon hot water tank, a stainless steel chef’s kitchen, and a rooftop tent.

sparks overland d2 3

Likewise, you can add a 4×6-foot full-length slide to the trailer, a Bluetti solar system, and a roof rack. Other primary options include a shower awning, a 270-degree awning, and a firewood/spare tire box.

That’s not all, either! Other options include an off-road package, a wheel jack, a fridge, and a diesel heater, too.

In other words, Sparks Overland gives you plenty of major options to choose from that allow you to outfit the D2 trailer with precisely what you need for your outdoor adventures.

Sparks Overland D2 Trailer Review – Customizable Features

sparks overland d2 5

The Sparks Overland D2 offers further customization options beyond the optional features listed above.

For example, you can choose to add an independent axle less suspension, LED work lights, and a max coupler hitch. Sparks Overland also offers:

  • Leveling jacks
  • Exterior storage compartments
  • Storage box
  • 5-gallon Life Saver pressurized water filtration system
  • LED lighting package
  • 200-watt solar panel with battery control box

sparks overland d2 left open

This trailer comes with up to 70 cubic feet of interior space and 3,600 pounds of cargo capacity, too. You can even add a folding fire pit and two aircraft aluminum folding chairs to the mix!

If you love to cook, a great option is the chuck box kitchen, which gives you all the amenities you need to whip up incredible meals for you and your camping buddies. The optional 65-quart solar or 12-volt fridge/freezer is a great option for those of you that love to cook as well.

Sparks Overland D2 Trailer Review – Off-Road Prowess

sparks overland d2 trailer

The Sparks Overland D2 is purpose-built for exploring off-grid locations. With the ability to get 31″ up to 35″ tires with an identical spare, you can size the tires just right to get the off-road clearance you need to get to your favorite locations. You can even get wheels and tires that match your vehicle.

The aforementioned axle less suspension and rugged build, combined with excellent ground clearance, make the D2 trailer an ideal candidate for exploring the great outdoors.

sparks overland d2 trailer

The small footprint of the trailer combined with a light dry weight and GVWR means this trailer will be a dream to tow whether you’re on the highway or on a rough two-track in the mountains.

In fact, Sparks Overland is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and with so much rugged territory nearby to test these trailers, you can bet that they can handle just about any terrain you can throw at them!

Sparks Overland D2 Trailer Review – A Truly Bespoke Experience

sparks overland d2 open rear

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but the best part of this trailer is that everything is customizable. There’s extreme value in the ability to create a bespoke trailer for your needs. You can get a trailer that has exactly what you want and need, rather than settling for a trailer that’s a close fit.

Not only does this mean that you get all the features you want, but it also means that you don’t have to pay for features you don’t want. Why spend money on things that you don’t need or won’t use?

Furthermore, by giving you the ability to include what you want in your trailer, Sparks Overland also makes the trailering experience much better. Without the added weight of features that you don’t want, the trailer’s overall weight is kept to a minimum, making it a more maneuverable rig that’s easier to tow on-road and off-road.

Sparks Overland D2 Trailer Review – Made in the USA

sparks overland d2 1

As I mentioned before, Sparks Overland is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, so they design, build, and test their trailers right here at home. Not only that, but Sparks Overland also makes their own awnings and rooftop tents, so you’re sure that your D2 trailer setup is made to the highest quality standards.

Since Sparks Overland is based in the U.S., you also get to reap the benefits of American ingenuity and innovation. For example, the water tank on the D2 trailer is mounted inside the frame to keep the trailer’s center of gravity low. Combined with the light weight of the trailer and its compact size, you benefit from a vastly-improved towing experience.

sparks overland d2 rear open

This is a family-run business that has a rich history in the automotive industry, so the made-in-the-USA benefits are combined with years and years of experience building vehicles. The end result is simply a fantastic trailer that has the capability, the options, and the price tag (it starts at just $11,000) for outdoor adventures of all kinds!

Visit the Sparks Overland website to get all the details about the D2 trailer.

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