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Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024

Is there a better way to camp than in a rooftop tent? More specifically, a hardshell rooftop tent?

For me, there’s no equal for the functionality, ease of use, and durability of a hardshell rooftop tent. I’ve had a hardshell tent for years and have tested many others, and have been impressed over and over again with their comfort and utility. Many hardshell rooftop tent companies also offer tons of features, amenities, and add-ons that turn their tents into veritable hotels, too!

The question is, what are the best hardshell rooftop tents?

Well, that’s a loaded question, because there are a lot of really good tents out there. But, we’ve taken the time to research some of the top picks in the industry and have outlined each one below for your convenience.

Editor’s note: Bookmark this page and check back often as this list is dynamic and will grow with time.

Table of Contents

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: BundutecUSA BunduTop Electric Rooftop Tent

bundutecusa 1

If you’re considering investing in a rooftop tent for your 2024 camping adventures, the BunduTop electric rooftop tent is a prime choice…

For starters, a rooftop tent offers several advantages over ground tents – you’re up off the cold ground, you’re away from predators, and there’s virtually no setup (especially when your tent sets up at the push of a button!). But the folks at BundutecUSA have elevated (pun intended!) the rooftop tent camping experience by adding so many features to the BunduTop model.

bundutecusa exterior 2


Each BunduTop tent comes standard with interior LED lighting, 12-volt and USB outlets, and interior storage pockets to keep your phone and other small items organized and out of the way. The tent also has a circulation fan (a second fan can be added), a four-inch high-density foam mattress, and a 50-amp Anderson solar plug connection. There’s also a double-sided aluminum slide ladder with its own carrying bag. Nice!

You can get these base features in three different-sized tents:

But, true to BundutecUSA form, they offer custom sizes, too! You can tailor your tent to any size up to 116 inches long and 63 inches wide.

bundutecusa 3

Beyond that, the tent is constructed to give you a 360-degree view of your surroundings from any side. So, whether you’re taking in the rugged vistas of Southern Utah, the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, the rolling hills of Oklahoma, or points in between, this tent won’t obstruct the magnificent view.

Perhaps the best feature of this tent is that it’s designed with maximum heat reflection in mind. Even when the tent is under direct sunlight, it will repel an impressive amount of heat so you can take an afternoon nap and still be comfortable. The aforementioned circulation fan helps keep the tent’s temperature comfortable, too.

It’s also worth noting that the BunduTop’s aluminum frame is built into the bottom of the tent. This not only strengthens the tent but also gives you more options for mounting it, including on a roof rack or directly on your vehicle’s load bars.

bundutecusa 4

As if all that’s not enough, BundutecUSA offers a host of add-on features you can include to make your rooftop tent experience even better…

For example, you can add one of several awnings (shown above), an annex, or a suite to create a protected and private living space for cooking, eating, or lounging after a long day of adventuring. You can also add various solar panel configurations, a 40-amp MPPT solar controller, and a 20-foot power cord with an Anderson plug and ring terminals. 

bundutecusa 5

This tent is made of Riptech canvas, which is exceptionally durable. When it’s closed, the roof (made from a raw aluminum sheet for maximum heat reflection) forms a complete seal around the tent, making it waterproof and dustproof. As I mentioned before, the roof raises and lowers at the push of a button, so there’s no time-consuming process of getting your tent ready to go for the night. But no worries—you can manually raise and lower the tent if it malfunctions.

In other words, this thoughtfully designed, packed-with-features tent has been tested in all sorts of environments to ensure it’s the best darn rooftop tent for your needs. It’s backed by a one-year warranty for mechanicals, material, and manufacturing defects, plus a second year that covers repairs. That kind of peace of mind makes this tent one of the very best for 2024!

Learn more about the BunduTop Electric Rooftop Tent

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: 4×4 Colorado Alto Elite

4x4 colorado alto elite on tacoma

I don’t know about you, but as a guy who’s over six feet tall, rooftop tents tend not to be all that roomy, especially when my family is camping with me. And without room to stretch out and relax, I get a poor night’s sleep, and then my family has to deal with my bad attitude the next day!

So I was more than intrigued when some buddies of mine picked up a 4×4 Colorado Alto Elite hardshell rooftop tent. Why? Well, it’s simple – this thing has a king-sized bed! With a bed platform that measures 82.7 x 70.8 inches, my son and I actually have some room to get a comfortable night’s rest.

4x4 colorado alto elite closed

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

A rooftop tent that fits a king-sized mattress must be huge when it’s closed, too. That’s just not the case! At 74.8” long x 52.5” wide x 10.1” tall, this tent closes down to a surprisingly small footprint that minimizes wind resistance and drag. That’s just what you want in a rooftop tent!

4x4 colorado alto elite mattress

So, back to my buddies. They raved and raved about their tents, so when I saw that 4×4 Colorado would be at Overland West, I made it a point to visit their booth and get more details about the Alto Elite. To say that I understand my buddies’ enthusiasm for their tents is an understatement – this tent is simply an incredible feat of design and engineering.

Aside from its king-sized bed, the Alto Elite boasts high-quality 600D Oxford canvas that’s breathable and water-resistant. This material is thicker than the typical polyester used for tents, and with waterproof zippers and a rainfly, you have a recipe for a weatherproof area to take shelter. The thickness of the tent material also means it’s quieter on windy days. Bonus!

As you can see in the video above, inside the tent, you’ll find an absolutely enormous door for easier ingress and egress. There are two large windows on either side of the tent, a narrow window above your head and a rainproof skylight above you, offering  360 degrees of windows.

With 4×4 Colorado’s patented bracket system, you get epic views through those windows while also enjoying more headroom inside the tent. In fact, this is the only fold-out tent with 360-degree windows, so if it’s the view you’re after, this tent is for you!

4x4 colorado alto elite stowing the ladder

The list of amenities goes on, too:

  • High-grade telescopic ladder
  • Two exterior shoe and accessory organization bags
  • LED strip lighting on the exterior and interior
  • Interior organization pockets
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Diesel heater port

In addition, 4×4 Colorado offers an industry-leading two-year warranty for repair or replacement of defective parts. An extended three-year warranty is also available.

4x4 colorado alto elite at camp

The best part, though, is that the Alto Elite is priced well below others in the same category. That means this tent is a unicorn – an extraordinarily rare blend of high design, functionality, top-grade materials, and an excellent price.

But that’s what you’d expect from a company that prides itself in its work and the customer service it provides to its clients. These folks talk the talk and walk the walk. Their tents and other gear are backed by decades of outdoor experience, and it shows!

Learn more about the 4×4 Colorado Alto Elite hardshell rooftop tent

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5

Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5 exterior

Every once in a while, you see a piece of outdoor gear that makes you stop and think, “Huh…why didn’t I think of that?!”

The Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5 is certainly one of those moments. Not only does this tent look like a million bucks, but it backs up its good looks with innovative design features that maximize the usable space inside the tent. If you’ve camped for any amount of time, you know that space is at a premium, so a tent from a company that’s figured out how to give you more space without expanding the footprint to ridiculous sizes is well worth a look.

At 88.5 x 55 x 7 inches when closed, this hardshell rooftop tent collapses nicely to provide the least drag and wind resistance while you’re on the road. But, thanks to an ingenious design whereby the roof hinges, you get 36 percent more space and headroom than in a typical rooftop tent.

Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5 passenger side

As a result, you get just over 51 inches of headroom at the peak of the roof, 86.5 inches of length, and 53 inches of width. You can comfortably sleep two people over six feet tall inside this tent – which is not something all rooftop tents can claim!

This tent is engineered to be bombproof, too…

The top and bottom shells are lightweight, durable honeycomb aluminum, while the hardware and components are aluminum and stainless steel. The side rails and frame are also aluminum, giving you a tent that can stand up to the rigors of use in all sorts of environmental conditions without worry of rust.

Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5 interior

The tent fabric is 300d nylon ripstop, which, combined with a water-resistant treatment, gives you a comfortable, dry interior space where you can hunker down when the weather outside isn’t all that great.

The durability of the materials extends to the unique hinged roof, too. The hinge uses rubber gaskets to operate, and these gaskets are designed to be replaceable after significant usage. The tent fabric mentioned above is also replaceable—just zip in the new fabric, and you’re good to go!

Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5 ladder

Speaking of being good to go, this tent comes with everything you need to hit the trail:

  • Ladder
  • Mattress with anti-condensation mat
  • Six sets of mounting brackets
  • Two sets of ladder mounts
  • Three keys for lockable latches

Not only that, but the tent comes with one upper track and two lower tracks for mounting accessories, such as a Rapid T-Slot Loop for hanging accessories, a Cross Mount system to mount gear on top of the tent, and a Shoe Bag Storage System for keeping your shoes protected without taking up space inside the tent.

Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5 shoe bag

Inside, you’ll find all sorts of goodies that make your camping experience all the better. On the one hand, there are multiple storage pockets for keeping small items out of the way. On the other hand, there are clear windows for stargazing, which come complete with roll-up covers when you want to get some shut-eye.

The interior also features high-quality zippers with smooth action that enables you to get into and out of the tent with ease. Additionally, the secondary mesh doors allow you to enjoy the view without letting bugs in, while the primary door has a waterproof coating to ensure the wet weather stays outside where it should be! 

Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5 on Gladiator

Also inside is a 2.5-inch-thick mattress with a zip-off cover for easy cleaning. The mattress features a waterproof coating for durability, too. All this is in a tent that is designed and manufactured by the engineering team at Intrepid Camp Gear. That’s really important because these folks aren’t just engineers – they’re avid rooftop tent users. That’s why this tent is so impressive – with smart design features and rugged materials, this tent is purpose-built to last by people who have been there, done that.

As I noted earlier, every once in a while, you come across gear that’s just so impressive it stops you dead in your tracks. Well, the Geo 2.5 tent is one of the few items that really blew me away at this year’s Overland West expo. If you’re ready to elevate your camping experience, this tent should be on your shortlist!

Learn more about the Intrepid Camp Gear Geo 2.5

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: Outland Motorworks Bonny, Cattywampus, and Yonder

outland motorworks bonny exterior

Outland Motorworks’ claim to fame is that you can have three times the adventure without spending three times the money. In other words, these folks noticed that overlanding gear was really expensive and wanted to correct the market a bit by developing high-quality, rugged, cost-effective rooftop tents, awnings, and related gear. So, that’s what they did!

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s investigate a few of their top models…

First up is the Bonny rooftop tent. Roughly the size of a queen bed, this tent comes with an all-aluminum hard shell and a base with stainless steel hardware. The body fabric is 280G polycotton ripstop that’s not only covered with a waterproof PU coating but is also resistant to UV rays and mold.

outland motorworks bonny close up

But that’s not all! Bonny comes with all sorts of features that make it a high-value rooftop tent:

  • 58” x 84” sleeping area with a 1.5” high-density foam mattress and a quilted removable and washable fabric cover that comfortably sleeps two adults
  • Anti-condensation mat
  • Six large interior pockets (including a clear pocket for a tablet) and two large shoe bags
  • No-See Um mesh screens
  • Clear removable windows
  • Skylight
  • The aluminum base is sandwiched between a plastic honeycomb, which provides improved insulating properties while also eliminating squeaks when rolling over in the bed. You can add an optional insulation wall kit, too
  • Black aluminum telescoping, adjustable ladder
  • Compatible with the optional Outland Motorworks Bonny Annex and Awning (both of which are made from UV and mold-resistant, waterproof 420D nylon) 

Other thoughtful features included with this tent include strut braces (which are great for those windy days), two roof bars for storage or adding solar panels, and USB-powered interior LED lighting that’s both dimmable and color adjustable from amber to bright white.

outland motorworks bonny interior

At 49” wide x 60” long x 10.5” high when closed, this tent has a low profile that reduces drag while you’re driving. And with open dimensions measuring 85” wide x 60” long x 49” high, you get all the space you need to comfortably rack out. The tent is installed with just two pieces of C-channel and a few stainless steel brackets and fasteners, so you can have Bonny ready for your next Overlanding adventure in a flash!

Next, let’s investigate the Cattywampus rooftop tent

outland motorworks cattywampus exterior

This wedge-style hard shell tent is the perfect addition to your setup if you need something that’s quick and easy to deploy and pack up. Setup takes mere moments, which is ideal for those of you who get to camp late at night and want to hit the sack quickly. Then, when the sun comes up and you need to hit the road, the Cattywampus obliges you to get out of camp quickly with a fast process of packing it away – in a minute or less!

outland motorworks cattywampus interior

This tent sleeps two adults in a sleeping area that’s 55” wide and 82” long. The 2.5” high-density foam mattress offers you the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep, while the removable and washable quilted fabric cover makes cleaning a breeze.

The tent’s body fabric is the same waterproof and UV/mold-resistant 280G polycotton ripstop as the Bonny tent, but the aluminum shell has a textured gel coat roof for added durability. The Cattywampus also features an aluminum base sandwiched between plastic honeycomb to keep you warmer on those cold nights and to reduce squeaking when moving around in bed. The included anti-condensation mat and optional insulation wall kit also help make this tent a comfortable space to get a good night’s sleep.

outland motorworks cattywampus window overhangs

Other specs and features include the following:

  • Dimmable and color-adjustable (amber to bright white) USB-powered interior LED lighting
  • Six large interior pockets (including a clear pocket for a tablet) and a large shoe bag
  • Clear, removable windows with No-See Um mesh screens
  • Black aluminum telescoping, adjustable ladder
  • 420D nylon rain fly that’s waterproof, UV-resistant, and mold-resistant
  • Strut braces for windy days
  • Two roof bars for extra storage or solar panels
  • 57’’ wide x 84’’ long x 7’’ high when closed
  • 57″ wide x 84″ long x 49″ high when open
  • 175 pounds empty
  • Installs with two pieces of C-channel and stainless steel brackets and fasteners

outland motorworks cattywampus with annex

Additionally, the Cattywampus comes with side door and window overhangs that keep the rain out while the windows are open. In fact, this is the only wedge-style tent with this feature! Like the Bonny, the Cattywampus is also compatible with optional Outland Motorworks accessories like an annex (shown above), a rear awning, and a side awning. These attach to the door and window overhangs, ensuring you have all the shade and shelter you need!

And while the Bonny and Cattywampus options are both budget-friendly, Outland Motorworks has an even more budget-friendly option: the Yonder rooftop tent.

outland motorworks yonder 1

This soft top tent (consider this a bonus option in our rundown of the best hardshell tents) comfortably sleeps two adults and a kiddo or doggo on a 2.5” high-density foam mattress. You can access the tent via a ladder with an overhang above it so you can climb into bed without being out in the elements. Better still, this tent comes with a bunch of unique features:

  • Sleep under the stars with the tent’s Skylight above you
  • Keep small items like your phone and keys neatly organized in the four interior DoHicky Sacks
  • Store your gear off the ground in the Thingamajigger Hammock
  • Get your boots clean with the Clod Hopper Poke

outland motorworks yonder interior

You can even add an optional annex with a floor to make this bad boy even more functional for your next adventure. Plus, one person easily sets up this tent in about three minutes! 

So, you can see why Outland Motorworks is on our list of the best tents 2024. These tents are smartly designed, impeccably made, durable, and easy to set up. Above all, they’re affordable, so you can go adventuring without worrying if you have enough money left over for gas!

Learn more about Outland Motorworks

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: iKamper Skycamp 3.0

ikamper skycamp 1

When you think of rooftop tents, iKamper is probably a brand that comes immediately to mind – and with good reason! The iKamper line of tents includes some fantastic options, and with the company’s long-standing pedigree, you can rest assured that the tent you invest in will last you a good, long while.

I especially like the Skycamp 3.0 because it’s been refined over the years based on real-world feedback. That means this tent has been updated using details provided by folks that have used previous Skycamp models, so the end result is something that’s the height of comfort, functionality, and durability.

In fact, you might describe the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 as a fortress of comfort and resilience…

Its foundation, the floor, epitomizes durability and insulation with its honeycomb aluminum panels. These panels not only withstand the rigors of outdoor terrain but also ensure a cozy interior by effectively trapping warmth.

ikamper skycamp 2

The tent fabric, a breathable 300gsm poly-cotton blackout canvas, wraps the sleeping quarters, offering a sanctuary from the elements while allowing for ample airflow. Designed for all seasons, this fabric adapts to the varying temperatures and climates, ensuring a comfortable stay year-round. As rainclouds loom overhead, the Skycamp 3.0 stands unfazed, thanks to its rainfly fabric. Crafted from waterproof polyester 75D ripstop with an eco-friendly DWR coating, it repels water effortlessly, keeping the interior dry and snug even amidst a downpour.

ikamper skycamp 3

Inside, a comfortable sleeping space awaits with a mattress built for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. The 9-zone, 2.5″ insulated polyfoam mattress ensures restful sleep, contouring to your body’s curves for unparalleled comfort.

Encasing this tent is a robust hard shell case, constructed from dual-layer, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) with 1″ air insulation. This case not only shields the Skycamp during transportation but also serves as an additional layer of insulation, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

You’ll also enjoy features like:

  • Upgraded zippers
  • A Skyview window for taking in a view of the stars
  • Interior quilted insulation to reduce condensation and increase warmth
  • Thick, 300gsm poly-cotton canvas that blocks out light

ikamper skycamp 4

Despite its formidable build, the Skycamp 3.0 is remarkably accommodating, offering space for up to four people. With a footprint of 82 ¾” x 77 ¼” (44.3 sq ft), there’s ample room to stretch out and unwind after a day of adventure. When it’s time to retreat, the Skycamp closes to a modest 13.5”, easily storable and transportable. Its weight of 165 lbs (75 kg) makes it manageable for setting up camp in remote locations.

In other words, the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 goes beyond the boundaries of conventional hardshell rooftop tents. Instead, it brings durability and luxury together, offering all the best features to make your adventures that much more comfortable.

Learn more about the iKamper Skycamp 3.0

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: Roofnest Condor

BTR Outfitters Roofnest Condor XL


As discussed in our Roofnest Condor review, this tent redefines camping convenience with its compact yet spacious design. When closed, it measures 48 inches wide by 60 inches long, making it suitable for a range of vehicles, including smaller cars and truck bed racks. Upon opening, it expands to a generous 60 inches by 83 inches, providing ample space for two adults and a child or pet.

Constructed with durable materials including ASA/ABS plastic for the shell and a polyurethane-coated blend of polyester and cotton for the walls, the Roofnest Condor offers exceptional weather resistance and insulation, ensuring durability and comfort in any conditions. With a height of 12 inches when closed and weighing 135 lbs, it maintains a low profile for easy driving while still offering a spacious interior for relaxation.

The Roofnest Condor is designed to enhance the camping experience with its thoughtful features and amenities. Inside, a custom-shaped 2.36-inch foam mattress with a waterproof cover ensures a restful night’s sleep, while a sturdy 7.5-foot telescoping ladder provides easy access to the tent.

Ventilation is provided through two windows and a main door with dual canvas and mesh zip closures, allowing airflow while keeping insects out. A skylight with mesh and canvas options offers stargazing opportunities, while a clear plastic viewing window integrated into the tent cover provides an immersive outdoor experience.

Interior LED lighting powered by USB battery adds to the ambiance, while detachable pockets help keep camping gear organized. The inclusion of a 4×4 ground mat and Roofnest privacy tent extends the outdoor living space and enhances convenience and comfort.

In other words, Roofnest has thought of virtually everything with this tent – comfort, convenience, utility…you name it! And since it’s available from BTR Outfitters, you can buy this tent with the confidence that the BTR Outfitters team will back what they sell.

In fact, if you have questions about this tent, rooftop tents in general, or other outdoor gear, contact them, and they’ll be happy to give you the guidance you need to make the right investment for your outdoor adventures!

Learn more about the Roofnest Condor

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: Sparks Overland Atlas 4

sparks overland atlas 1

The Sparks Overland Atlas 4 rooftop tent stands out as a top choice if you seek the ultimate in comfort and adventure. This fold-out style hardshell rooftop tent redefines the camping experience, allowing you to elevate you outdoor trips to new heights, both figuratively and literally.

The Atlas 4 rooftop tent offers an abundance of space, comfortably accommodating up to four adults. This generous capacity ensures that you and your family or friends can stretch out and relax without feeling cramped.

sparks overland atlas 2

When closed, the tent maintains a compact profile, measuring just 55 inches wide by 74 inches long, facilitating easy transport atop a vehicle or trailer. Upon opening, it expands to a large 74 inches by 93 inches, providing ample room for a restful night’s sleep beneath the twinkling stars.

sparks overland atlas 3

What truly sets the Atlas 4 apart is its compatibility with Sparks Overland’s complete line of accessories, including a 270-degree awning. This feature empowers you to create a versatile outdoor living space perfect for cooking, dining, or simply basking in the beauty of nature. Moreover, the tent has been meticulously designed to accommodate a solar panel and additional storage, ensuring that you have everything you need for extended excursions off the grid.

sparks overland atlas 5

The Atlas 4 goes above and beyond the basics by including a detachable interior LED light that effortlessly plugs into any USB battery. This thoughtful addition ensures that you have ample light whenever needed, enhancing the overall comfort and convenience of your outdoor experience. Such attention to detail makes the Atlas 4 an even more enticing option, promising unparalleled comfort and convenience during your wilderness adventures.

With its perfect blend of spaciousness, versatility, and comfort, this tent empowers you to explore new horizons and create unforgettable memories while enjoying the freedom of the open road. What’s not to like about that?!

Learn more about the Sparks Overland Atlas 4

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: 23Zero Armadillo A3

23zero armadillo 1

The 23Zero Armadillo A3 is crafted to meet the demands of overlanders, explorers, and campers who prioritize durability and comfort in their outdoor pursuits. With its rugged 14-gauge fully-welded aluminum hard shell, this tent is more than just a shelter; it’s a fortress against the elements, designed to withstand the toughest of trails while providing a cozy sanctuary regardless of weather conditions.

The Armadillo A3 is built to endure the rigors of off-road adventures, too, featuring a robust aluminum hard shell that’s both trail-hardened and aerodynamically optimized. Its semi-textured, high-gloss black coating not only adds to its rugged aesthetic but also enhances its resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that it stands strong against the challenges of the wilderness.

23zero armadillo 2

One of the standout features of the Armadillo A3 is its exclusive Light Suppression Technology (LST) fabric, which creates a cool, dark haven for superior sleep quality even in the brightest of conditions. This innovative fabric minimizes heat and sunlight, preserving a comfortable sleeping space no matter the time of day or external environment.

Inside the Armadillo A3, campers are treated to plush comfort with a 2-inch rebound foam mattress clad in a breathable quilted layer. Large windows equipped with bug mesh and expansive doors offer generous airflow and stunning views, all shielded by weather canopies. For added convenience, the tent comes with a 24” USB LED light with a dimmer for nighttime ambiance, while dual T-Slot rails on the top provide additional storage capability for extra gear or solar panels.

23zero armadillo 3

Efficiency is key when setting up camp, and the Armadillo A3 delivers with its user-friendly opening and closing mechanism, allowing for quick and efficient setups and takedowns. Mounting the tent on any rig, from sleek crossovers to robust 4x4s, is a breeze, thanks to its flexible deployment options.

23zero armadillo 4

Each Armadillo A3 tent comes ready for adventure, complete with a ladder, gear bags, a snow pole, window poles, and a mounting kit to get you started right away. For those needing more space, an optional annex can be purchased, providing added room for storage or privacy.

In other words, the 23Zero Armadillo A3 is more than worthy of inclusion on this list because it offers a blend of durability, comfort, and convenience that’s hard to find. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended overland expedition, this tent is ready to accompany you on your outdoor adventures, providing a reliable and comfortable home away from home.

Learn more about the 23Zero Armadillo A3

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: CVT Mount Hood

cvt mount hood 1

The CVT Mount Hood stands tall as a testament to quality craftsmanship, durability, and innovation, earning its place as one of the best hardshell rooftop tents available in 2024.

The CVT Mount Hood comes in small, medium, and large, allowing you to choose the tent that best suits their needs. Whether embarking on solo adventures or camping with family and friends, there’s a Mount Hood tent size that fits the bill. Despite their differences in size, all variants maintain a low profile when closed, measuring a mere 8.25 inches in height, ensuring minimal wind resistance during travel.

cvt mount hood 2

Constructed with durability in mind, the CVT Mount Hood features a sturdy aluminum floor that provides a reliable foundation for restful nights. The 3-inch mattress, coupled with a poly/cotton mattress cover, offers plush comfort, ensuring a rejuvenating sleep experience even in the most rugged terrain.

The CVT Mount Hood is designed to withstand the elements, too. It’s equipped for year-round adventures, earning its status as a four-season tent. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, this tent is ready to provide shelter and comfort in any environment, allowing adventurers to explore nature’s wonders regardless of the weather forecast.

cvt mount hood 3

The Mount Hood boasts a clamshell design, allowing for effortless opening and closing. This innovative design not only streamlines setup and takedown processes but also maximizes interior space, providing campers with ample room to relax and unwind after a day of exploration.

Crafted with quality materials, the CVT Mount Hood ensures durability and longevity. The tent body fabric is made from 280g ripstop poly/cotton rip-stop canvas, offering excellent resistance against tears and abrasions while providing reliable protection from the elements. Additionally, the inclusion of no-see-um mesh mosquito screens ensures that pesky insects stay outside, allowing campers to enjoy uninterrupted slumber.

Learn more about the CVT Mount Hood

Best Hardshell Rooftop Tents of 2024: OVS Sidewinder

When it comes to hardshell rooftop tents, the OVS Sidewinder offers superb craftsmanship and innovation, earning its place as one of the best options available in 2024. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing premium materials, the Sidewinder offers unparalleled durability, comfort, and convenience.

At the heart of the OVS Sidewinder lies its sturdy frame, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. This material strikes the perfect balance between strength and lightweight, ensuring that the tent is both durable and easy to transport.

Complementing the aluminum frame is the tent’s body, which is made from 600D RipStop Polyester Cotton and 120G Environmentally Fadeless Breathable Gaze materials. This combination creates an airy and spacious interior, ideal for restful nights under the stars.

Measuring 91 x 55.5 x 8 inches closed, the Sidewinder expands to a generous 91 x 55.5 x 48 inches when opened. The internal sleeping area, measuring 86 x 50 inches, comfortably accommodates two to three people, providing ample space for a restful night’s sleep. Despite its spaciousness, the Sidewinder remains relatively lightweight, weighing in at 185 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

The OVS Sidewinder is packed with features designed to enhance comfort and convenience. Inside, you will find a large, comfortable mattress made from 2-inch high-density foam, covering the entire sleeping area. Hidden under the mattress is a built-in ¾-inch anti-condensation mat, reducing moisture for a more comfortable sleeping environment. An internal loft provides additional storage space for small items, keeping the sleeping area clutter-free.

Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Roof Top Tent corner

Externally, the Sidewinder boasts windows and doors that can be rolled up for easy access and ventilation. Two air vents on the sides of the tent increase airflow and help regulate temperature on hot summer nights. An adjustable ladder ensures easy access to the tent, while a storage rack provides additional space for gear and equipment.

To top it all off, the OVS Sidewinder comes with a four-year warranty, offering peace of mind for adventurers pushing their limits in the backcountry. This warranty ensures that campers can enjoy their outdoor adventures without worrying about problems with their tent, making the Sidewinder a reliable and trusted companion for years to come.

Learn more about the OVS Sidewinder

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