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4 Must-Have Jeep Gladiator Camping Accessories

Embarking on an off-road adventure demands not only a sturdy, rugged vehicle but one that can adapt to the rigors of the wilderness while providing the comforts of home. The Jeep Gladiator fits this bill perfectly with its robust design, superior off-road capabilities, and ample cabin space, making it a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts.

However, to transform your Jeep Gladiator into a veritable home on wheels, there are several essential accessories you need to consider. These not only enhance the functionality of your vehicle but also significantly upgrade your overall camping experience. 

This article will guide you through the must-have Jeep Gladiator camping accessories that will truly elevate your outdoor adventures, from adding critical storage space to ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep under the stars.

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Jeep Gladiator Camping Accessories: Upgrade Your Storage With Cargo Dog 

cargo dog 2

Camping trips involve carrying a plethora of items – from clothing and food to camping gear and outdoor accessories. With all this gear to stow, storage becomes an indispensable aspect of your Jeep Gladiator camping experience. While the Gladiator already boasts significant storage space, it can be further enhanced with a smart and efficient accessory – Cargo Dog.

The Cargo Dog for Gladiators is an ingenious storage solution that not only provides extra room but also brings a sense of organization to your Jeep. Designed specifically for the Gladiator, it offers secure and concealed storage that frees up more cabin space for you and your companions.

cargo dog 1

Weighing in at just 54 lbs, this compact unit is around 15 lbs lighter than the seats in a Jeep. It is discreetly tucked away in the rear seat footwell area, rendering it virtually unnoticeable. Despite its unassuming placement, it is a powerhouse when it comes to storage capacity.

cargo dog 3

What makes this product even more desirable is its versatility. Beyond its primary role as a storage unit, the Cargo Dog also converts your Jeep’s rear cabin into a flat sleeping area. All your gear remains safely tucked away, yet readily accessible when needed.

And here’s a bonus – with our own 4WD10 coupon code, you can get a 10 percent discount on your purchase. So, make your next overlanding experience a smooth one – choose Cargo Dog and redefine your Jeep Gladiator camping experience!




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Invest in a Power Station

inergy power station overland west

A few days ago, I returned from Overland West, where I had an opportunity to meet lots of awesome people, see some cool gear, and hang out with my son. It was a great weekend, despite fairly terrible weather.

While I was there, I got my first opportunity to field test some new gear I recently got in the mail – the FLEX 1500 Power Station, two 1000-watt FLEX Batteries, and two 100-watt Ascent solar panels, all of which are from Inergy. First impressions? Oh man – this is some really good stuff whether you camp with your Jeep Gladiator like I do or not!

Since I’ve only had these items for a few days, this won’t be a comprehensive review – that’ll come later. But for now, let’s do a broad overview of what these Inergy components bring to the table…

inergy power station

First up is the FLEX 1500 Power Station. This bad boy has features like a 1,500-watt pure sine wave inverter with 3,000 watts surge, an MPPT charge controller that works in parallel or series configurations, and a console LCD so you can quickly and easily check on the power station’s performance.

On front, there are all sorts of power ports – six 110-120V AC outlets, two 60W USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and two 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC outputs. There are even two 15A cigarette lighter ports with 13.8V regulated DC output! All this is in a unit that’s 14″ x 8″ x 8.9″ and 29 pounds. Not bad, right?

inergy flex battery

The FLEX Batteries have their own interesting set of features…

Each battery offers 1,000 watts of power, and they can be run in series or parallel. The batteries are stackable, too – you can stack up to five of them together. And since the batteries have automatic balancing, they connect with whatever Inergy accessory you’re using to provide safe and effective operation.

On top of that, you can attach multiple stacks of batteries if you need a lot of power. In fact, you can connect up to 96 of these things if need be. I don’t need that much power, so two batteries will suffice!

ascent solar panel

One of the best features of the FLEX 1500 Power Station and FLEX Batteries is that they can be charged using shore power, your car, and solar power. The key word here is “and” – you can use all three power sources at once to minimize charging times!

For the solar aspect, I have two 100-watt Ascent solar panels, which fold in half for easier transport. When folded, these panels are just 25.59″ x 19.88″ x 2.36″. They only weigh 22 pounds, too, so you get the advantage of solar charging without the hassle of a huge setup.

All the way around, these Inergy products have proven to be extraordinarily innovative, highly functional, easy to use, and extremely reliable. But, again, we’re just in the initial stages of testing, so be sure to check back for more detailed reviews. First impressions are very, very good, though!

Jeep Gladiator Camping Accessories: Get a Top-of-the-Line Fridge

ecoflow glacier

When embarking on a camping adventure, having fresh food and cold beverages can significantly enhance the experience. That’s why investing in a top-notch fridge like the EcoFlow Glacier is essential for Jeep Gladiator campers.

The EcoFlow Glacier is a power-packed, highly efficient portable fridge designed to keep your food and beverages at the ideal temperature. Its dual-zone, dual-control design allows you to use it as a fridge, a freezer, or both at once. This means you can keep your steaks frozen and your drinks cold at the same time, all within a single unit.

ecoflow glacier 2

This fridge doesn’t just maintain temperature, but it can also make ice. Thanks to a robust 120W compressor, the Glacier can produce 18 solid ice cubes in just 12 minutes. Perfect for chilling your beverages on a hot summer day in the great outdoors.

One of the Glacier’s standout features is its quick cooling mode, which cools the interior from 86°F to 32°F in roughly 15 minutes. When it comes to noise, it’s relatively quiet, with the refrigeration function generating less than 42dB.

Portability is another significant factor that makes the EcoFlow Glacier a standout choice. Equipped with a plug-in battery that has a large capacity of 298Wh, it can run for up to 40 hours, ensuring your food stays fresh and your drinks remain cold.




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Add Some Shade With a 270-Degree Awning 

smittybilt awning

Venturing out in nature with your Jeep Gladiator provides a thrilling experience, but it’s also essential to have a haven where you can escape the sun’s intense rays or sudden rain. This is when the Smittybilt Overlanding 270-Degree Awning becomes useful.

The Smittybilt Overlanding 270-degree Awning is a highly versatile accessory designed to provide ample shade and protection from the elements. Offering 270-degree coverage and a substantial 120 square feet of shade, it ensures you always have a cool, shady spot to rest and relax.

smittybilt awning 2

Setting up this awning is a breeze. Thanks to its quick-release secured tensioning straps, you can have your shade set up in seconds. It comes with nine tie-down points for securing drop-down legs and controlling water run-off, providing maximum versatility during diverse weather conditions.

The awning is built to last, featuring a rugged construction with a lightweight extruded aluminum backbone system and self-contained telescopic twist-lock poles. Encased in a 1000G heavy-duty PVC travel cover, the awning is well protected during travel.

An added bonus of the Smittybilt Overlanding Awning is its adaptability. It features a 10-gauge expandable zipper for accessory wall enclosure fitment, and optional walls can be zipped into place to provide additional shade and protection. This makes it an excellent choice for those who need adaptable shade solutions on their camping adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

lighting placement

Can You Sleep in the Bed of a Jeep Gladiator?

Definitely! Not only can you sleep in the bed of a Jeep Gladiator, but with the addition of a rooftop tent, you’re in for some luxury camping under the stars.

Can You Camp in a Jeep Gladiator?

Absolutely, and you’ll love it! The Jeep Gladiator, with its expansive storage capabilities and compatibility with a variety of camping accessories, becomes your ultimate camping companion.

How Much Can a Jeep Gladiator Haul in the Bed?

Impressively, a Jeep Gladiator can haul up to a whopping 1700 pounds in the bed! That’s more than enough for all your essential camping gear, and then some.

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