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Must-Have Offroad ATV Trailer Accessories

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This article was last updated on May 9, 2024.

Adventurers use ATVs for many different reasons – some for fun, and others for work. Some even use them for both. 

Regardless of what you want to use your ATV for, chances are you will need to occasionally haul it to a certain location. 

To make your life easier, we have a list of accessories specifically focused on ATV trailers that should make loading and securing your ATV far quicker (and safer!). 

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Pros Of Offroading with an ATV

man riding atv

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Taking an ATV on your offroad camping adventures can open up a whole new level of exploration and fun. 

First of all, if you know you will be heading to a publicly-accessible campsite that is just down an easy dirt road, you can do so in a normal car or SUV instead of taking the gas-guzzling truck or overlander. Simply head there in comfort, unload the ATV, and explore the area. 

If you are heading into remote areas, you can take the proper offroader and use the ATV to explore certain areas that are not accessible by a normal vehicle due to size limitations. Because of the small size and their light weight, ATVs can pretty much go anywhere. 

However, the most important reason one would want to take an ATV offroad is that it’s fun!

You can blast down dirt roads, through mud, and up steep hills while all your problems fade away. It may be dangerous, but to many, the fun to be had is worth it!

Cons Of Offroading with an ATV

Driving quad bikes

photo by THEPALMER via iStock

Well, the obvious con with taking an ATV on your adventures is that your vehicle is heavily loaded. Therefore, it uses more fuel and will not be able to drive tough trails due to the added weight of the trailer and ATV. 

As mentioned earlier, it is also dangerous. You are better off tackling ATV adventures with your friends rather than alone, just in case something goes wrong. 

Furthermore, in cold and rainy weather, long days on the ATV can become miserable fast. When you’re wet from head to toe, the last thing you want is a cold wind on your face.

Finally, when exploring with an ATV, you are somewhat limited to the natural area near where you’ve parked your vehicle and ATV trailer. ATVs won’t do long hours on the highway, so you can’t just get on the road and head to a different location. You need to go back to basecamp, reload the ATVs, and then head out.

Now let’s review a few offroad ATV trailer accessories that will make your life a little easier when hauling a trailer full of gear.

Offroad ATV Trailer Accessories – Elf Offroad


The Elf Offroad universal mounting clamps are the best offroad ATV trailer tiedowns I’ve seen on the market. 

These genius mounting clamps come in large and small sizes and can hook onto any iron surface without the need for drilling. 

You simply attach the straps to the Elf Offroad clamps and extend the straps across the load you need to secure. As you tighten the strap, the clamps move forwards and clamp down to create a super-strong hold.

Therefore, rather than drilling holes into random areas on your offroad ATV trailer, you just place these clamps where you want them and tighten down the load. Talk about convenient!

Elf Offroad Universal Mounting Clamp

With the Elf Offroad universal mounting clamps, you can also have the peace of mind that they will stay where you mounted them without breaking.

The clamps are made from billet 6061 aluminum to ensure longevity and safety. This makes them lightweight but strong. The small clamps have a working load limit of 600 pounds each and a break strength of 1,800 pounds each.

Elf Offroad Universal Mounting Clamps

If you use the larger clamps (shown above), you can strap a load of up to 2,000 pounds while having a break strength of 7,200 pounds. 

The Elf Offroad clamps solve a very common problem faced by anyone who uses an offroad ATV trailer to haul toys or any other item – having a strap in the right place. These clamps are strong and easy to use while also being budget-friendly. You can’t go wrong with that!

Offroad ATV Trailer Accessories – 48.5” Black Steel ATV Trailer Ramps

48.5” Black Steel ATV Trailer Ramps

Next on our offroad ATV trailer Accessories are trailer ramps. These are a must-have when it comes to loading an ATV onto a trailer. 

These specific ones made by Rage Powersports are great for loading an ATV up to 1,600 lbs into a trailer. 

They include two safety tie-down straps to prevent the ramps from kicking out when you apply throttle to load the ATV onto the trailer.

The mesh surface provides traction and helps clear some of the dirt and mud from the ATV tires. 

With heavy-duty steel construction, you can be sure that the Rage Powersports ramps will serve you well for many years. 

Offroad ATV Trailer Accessories – ARKSEN 30 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Pick Up Tool Box

ARKSEN 30 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Pick Up Tool Box

The third accessory on our offroad ATV trailer accessories list is a heavy-duty toolbox for the bed of your truck or RV that will make storing all your ATV gear far easier. 

This box will come in handy for storing tools or your wet and muddy clothes after you are done with your ride. 

The box door and hinge are made from aluminum, reducing the overall box weight and protecting against corrosion.  

The overall dimensions of the box are (L) x 13″(W) x 9.64″(H). 

This is the perfect ATV accessories storage solution for any trailer or pickup truck bed. 

Final Thoughts 

person riding an ATV

photo by RonTech2000 via iStock

Using an ATV on your adventures may be fun but it requires preparation. 

With the three accessories mentioned above, you will be able to transport your ATV easily and safely. 

If you have any further questions regarding offroad ATV trailer accessories or for any other overland or offroad-related topic, head over to the forum section of our page!

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