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What was your first off-road truck?

Moab Jeep

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New here like everyone else. Let's make some small talk to get to know one another.

Mine was a 1982 Ford Bronco that was so rusted out, but it was still a bad to the bone ride. Had good times with that truck.

What about you? What was your first off-road truck?


First off-road truck? Boy, you brought me down memory lane on this one. It was a green and black 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser. While I had problems with this truck, I wish I kept it. It would be worth some bucks today!

Ken S

Ford Ranger! That was a 1985. What a truck that was. My first truck experience that got me hooked.

Time Keeper

First truck? International Scout. What a truck that was, but I had constant problems with my driver side door window. It always kept falling down!